Adidas Gazelle has become a classic model after being on the market for more than two decades. The clean look of the sneakers is one of the main reasons for the wide consumer audience. This model, preferred by many young people boasts quality and quite durable materials. Inverted leather in different colours and clean white rubber sole. Of course, the three classic ribbons with a serrated end representing the brand’s logo cannot be missed.

Understandably for a classic model, the Adidas Gazelle is most popular in white with black stripes and black with white stripes. However, the manufacturer is not satisfied with this and offers many colourful options. Red with white stripes, blue with green stripes, yellow with white and many more, see our gallery. In addition to the wide variety of colours, the model is available for both men and women and children.

The inscription Adidas Gazelle, which is proudly marked on the outside of most sneakers, is golden, but depending on the colours it can also be white. In the same way, you can see the logo of the German manufacturer of sportswear on the heel.

For the delicate half of our audience, we would recommend the Adidas Gazelle Vintage “Semi Flash Lime”.

The style remains true to the original as this series is also produced with inverted leather, as well as the presence of three serrated stripes of Adidas. The choice of sneakers with this colour is suitable for anyone who wants to add spring freshness to their wardrobe. But at the same time to enjoy the classic Adidas sneakers reminiscent of a football in the 90’s.

Are Adidas Gazelle sneakers comfortable?

Although the soles of the sneakers are not made of special materials such as adiPRENE, they are comfortable enough to be worn every day. But if we have to talk about real convenience we would mention the Nike Adapt Auto Max.

If you liked Adidas Gazelle and you want to get a pair of those beautiful sneakers, see where you can buy them.


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