Some time ago, we all thought that HD TVs showed the clearest picture that could exist. But that’s because 4K TVs weren’t available on the market then. The good thing is that today you can make a great choice for a 4K TV at an affordable price. A model that will display much clearer and more detailed images than a standard Full HD TV.

In addition, thanks to the high resolution of all 4K TVs on the market, models with Ultra HD screen (from 49 to 75 inches and even larger) are available.

The 4K TVs screens are LED, OLED and QLED, and the more common are the models with LED screens. They usually have a thin bezel, can be placed on furniture, TV unit or easily mounted on the wall using a wall bracket.

Our pick for the best 4K TVs

Today, most 4K TVs are Smart TV regardless of the brand and screen size. This is undoubtedly a popular feature of the users as it can be connected to the Internet either wirelessly or by cable. As you know, on smart TVs you can instal apps for watching movies and TV series, applications for watching live TV, as well as playing games and surfing the Internet.

We have prepared a ranking with the best 4K TVs that are worth buying. In addition, we suggest you take a look at our purchase guide to help you make the right choice.

1. 65 inch LG OLED65CX5LB 4K TV

Image credit: LG

If you want a 4K TV with the best possible picture at the moment, the LG OLED65CX5LB is a model that offers this at a reasonable price.

65-inch TV offering a breathtaking picture. The incredible combination of OLED contrast combined with HDR technology makes the images on the screen look vivid and real.

In addition to the impressive picture, this 65-inch LG TV has Dolby Atmos to reproduce the clearest and most crystal clear sound possible.

This 4K TV is not one of the cheapest Ultra HD models. However, if you are aiming to buy one of the best TVs, then this one is definitely worth the investment.

2. TV Samsung 65″ UE65TU7100 Ultra HD

Image Credit: Samsung

Samsung offers a lot of 4K TVs on the market. We’ve added a few models to our list that we encourage you to take a look at. Samsung UE65TU7100 Ultra HD has a processor that controls the colours of the screen, making them extremely vivid. In addition, many picture enhancing technologies enhance contrasts. This achieves a realistic picture that looks as great as in the real world.

This is a Smart TV that is suitable for use as a home theatre. Installing and managing apps is easy and intuitive. It has a slim and modern design with a very thin, inconspicuous frame around the screen.

3. 49 inch Sony 49XH8596 Android Smart TV

Image credit: Sony

For the best price/quality ratio we have chosen this 49 inches 4K TV from Sony. This model has an LED screen with an incredibly clear picture. The 4K HDR X1 processor takes extra care of image enhancement.

TV Sony 4K 49XH8596 with Android TV, a system that allows the installation of thousands of apps for streaming movies and series, playing games and much more.

Its design is quite clean and elegant, and the support of a voice assistant will allow you to control the TV and apps with voice commands.

4. 50 inch Samsung QLED 50Q60T TV

Image credit: Samsung

The 50-inch model from Samsung is one of the most affordable QLED 4K TVs on the market right now. It is able to provide an image as close to reality as possible. Featuring dual LED technology that automatically adjusts the backlight to colour depending on what you’re watching. So it can be said that it offers a better contrast than most 4K TVs at this price.

Another interesting technology offered by this Ultra HD TV is MultiView. This is a feature that splits the screen in two, placing the channel you are watching on one side while displaying the mirror image from your smartphone’s display on the other.

5. 55 inch Smart Android TV Sony KD55XF9005BU

Image credit: Sony

This 55-inch TV is made by one of the most reliable electronics manufacturers. In addition to offering an impressive ratio of colour and contrast, it is at a pretty good price.

Sony BRAVIA KD55XF9005BU has a screen size of 55-inches and its design is simple, as more and more users like. Its slim bezel and minimalistic feet give it style and make it quite elegant. At the back of the feet, you will find smart cable management that hides and organize the connected cables to the TV.

The TV has 4 HDMI inputs, which are designed for 4K multimedia devices, Blu-Ray players and game consoles. Thanks to the 4K HDR processor X1 Extreme, which includes powerful real-time image processing, you will enjoy excellent colour and clear highlighting movements.

Also, this 4K TV has Sony’s popular technology, which guarantees real colours and deep density of dark areas in the picture. This makes it possible to reproduce brighter and darker images at the same time without nuances.

This Sony smart TV has an Android operating system that supports Google assistant (voice commands). It also has a variety of audio technologies for better sound.

6. 4К TV Samsung The Frame QLED QE55LS03TA

Image credit: Samsung

Here is another 4K TV from Samsung with a screen size of 55 inches. This model is quite different from the others. Featuring Art Mode, a setting that turns your tv into beautiful artwork when the TV is not in use. You can also customize the TV to display your favourite photos.

Another impressive feature related to the “Art Mode” of the TV are the built-in sensors for automatic dimming. They recognize the lighting in the room and adjust the brightness and colour levels of the screen accordingly. In addition to these sensors, this 4K TV also has a motion sensor. It turns off the TV when no one is in the room and turns it back on in picture mode when someone enters the room.

Its resolution is up to four times higher than standard HD TVs. Thanks to this, the images are clearer and more detailed, which would appeal even to people who do not like watching tv.

The frame can also be customized, with the manufacturer offering a different style so you can choose the perfect frame according to the decor and style of your room.

7. 55 inch Sony BRAVIA OLED KD55AG8BU TV

Image credit: Sony

Sony BRAVIA OLED KD55AG8BU has an extremely beautiful and elegant appearance. With a gorgeous display and an excellent Android TV interface, it will make you love it. Thanks to the impressive anti-motion motion with X Motion Clarity, powered by X1 Ultimate Picture Processor, Sony BRAVIA OLED KD55AG8 offers more than just 4K picture.

You’ll also be impressed by Acoustic Surface Audio technology, which offers better sound than ever. Technology that makes sound audible from the screen.

As you already know, Sony uses Android TV for the operating system and the latest version is available for this model. Undoubtedly, after testing it, the Sony BRAVIA KD55AG8BU will become your favourite OLED TV.

8. Good TV for gaming SAMSUNG Q80T QLED

Image credit: Samsung

If you are looking for a TV for gaming with precise colours, then SAMSUNG Q80T QLED is the model for you. The proposed contract is not the best we’ve seen, but that’s because Samsung added “Wide Viewing Angle” to improve the viewing angle. Game lovers will love the good refresh rate, which is 120Hz. The TV also supports FreeSync, a technology that is convenient for gaming Xbox X, Xbox One or PC.

In general, if you are looking for more real colours similar to reality, choose LG or Sony, but if you like to play games, consider Samsung.

9. Philips TV 65OLED934 / 12

Image credit: Philips

Philips 65OLED934 / 12 is one of the top models that the manufacturer offers on the market. This is a first-class 65-inch TV with many features and capabilities that you can have at a lower price compared to other leading brands. Philips knows how to make images look real, and the 65OLED934 / 12 proves it with superb dynamics and colour.

The design of this 4K TV is also impressive. The screen has a minimal frame with a nice metallic effect, and the table stand is actually a soundbar with the support of Bowers & Wilkins. The sound system is 2.1.2 channel with included subwoofer and bass port to the rear.

The presence of LED lights on the rear panel is typical for Philips. Ambilight is a technology that creates a lighting effect by transferring colours to the wall behind the TV.

Philips 65OLED934 / 12 has four HDMI ports, which are version 2.0 with HDCP 2.2. This makes the TV compatible with Ultra HD Blu-ray players, the latest game consoles such as the Xbox One, and most 4K HDR streaming services.

You will also find 2 USB ports with the ability to record to a compatible USB device.

The TV comes with a full size remote control that has a handy keyboard on one side.

10. Samsung 55Q90T TV

Image credit: Samsung

If you are looking for a 55-inch TV, but you are not a fan of Sony, Philips or LG TVs, then we offer you a good alternative. Samsung 55Q90T QLED is one of the best TVs offering competitive OLED quality.

Samsung’s quantum technology is not inferior to OLED, offering a high quality picture.

Thanks to the available HDR10 + technology, the images have accurate colour, deep contrast and improved brightness to achieve breathtaking details. It also adjusts the colour and contrast scene by scene, contributing to a more dynamic and realistic picture that seems to leave the screen.

Samsung 55Q90T QLED has many more great features that you will not find in other smart TVs. With the presence of Real Game Enhancer + technology, the TV builds additional purity of fast movements in games. And the important thing is that this happens absolutely automatically without any manual settings.

With Ambient Mode +, you will be able to turn the TV into a decor. With a few simple steps, the Samsung 55Q90T can copy the wall behind it, making it literally invisible.

Watch your TV practically disappear into the walls of your home. Ambient Mode + mimics the wall behind it and elevates your space, turning the screen into decor, artworks, weather, today’s titles and more.

11. TV Panasonic LED Smart TX-50HX800BZ

Image credit: Panasonic

Panasonic LED Smart TX-50HX800BZ is a model that supports both HDR formats Dolby Vision and HDR10 +. That is, technologies add dynamic metadata that carries instructions for improving images frame by frame.

Of course, the Panasonic TX-50HX800BZ LED TV offers great picture quality, but you can’t expect the brightness offered by the OLED and QLED models in our list.

Connections include three HDMI, two USB ports, as well as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connection for a soundbar or wireless headphones. Although it has 2 x 20-watt audio with the presence of home cinema sound and Dolby Atmos you can enjoy good enough sound.

12. TCL 55EP658 55-Inch 4K Smart Android TV

Image credit: TCL

For all who are looking for a cheap 4K TV, we recommend this model with Android TV. In addition to its low price, it can often be included in AO deals.

Some time ago, the older models of the manufacturer TCL offered a bad picture, while the new TVs from the company have improved quality and easy access to content thanks to Android TV.

Although the TCL has a decent HDR, you can’t expect a high dynamic range like Samsung or LG. However, the TV offers quite decent quality and options for the price at which it is sold.

Which is the best 4K TV?

We can simply say that a specific model cannot be chosen as the best TV. The reason for this is the various features and functions that are good in one environment and not in another. However, the choice of OLED or QLED TV is definitely preferable to LED models. To be clear, we have prepared some information about the three technologies.

Image credit: Samsung

Why buy a 4K TV?

Due to the launch of new technologies, most new TV models manufactured by the most popular brands are 4K Ultra HD. This type of TV occupies an increasing share of the market, which leads to a drop in their prices. Therefore, the best option, if you are looking for a new TV, is to choose 4K. But it’s no secret that most of the available video formats are still in HD resolution. 4K TVs are great when it comes to displaying content. Many models have the ability to improve the quality of the HD picture by making it more detailed. Whether you watch movies, TV series or sports, buying a 4K TV will not make the wrong choice.


If you need a quick answer then we would recommend OLED and QLED, but of course only if your budget allows it. The prices of LED TVs are decreasing every day, while the models with OLED screens are still at a high price. But then is it worth the investment in an OLED TV?

Cheap 4K TVs use LED lighting, these are long strips of LEDs located behind the screen at the back of the TV. Thanks to that all the pixels on the screen are lighting up.

Speaking of screens, we must say that this type of TV uses good LCD panels, which have been on the market for a long time. Only the way of lighting has changed.

Unlike them, OLED screens are created from pixels that are illuminated individually. With this technology, a significant difference in colours has been achieved compared to LED models. A difference that you can’t miss. Of course, everything good comes with its price. The good news is that after the price reduction of the well-known LED TVs comes the turn of OLED. The reason is that the manufacturers don’t stop developing new technologies such as quantum dots.

Quantum dots are very small and fine particles that in combination with other technologies, are able to emit impressive colours for their small size. With a variety of vibrant colours, they have the ability to create a dynamic picture thanks to the high brightness that can be achieved.

In fact, the quality of a QLED screen can be compared to cleaning a dirty window. As soon as you wipe the glass the world becomes more colourful and clear.

What makes 4K TV more special?

Buying one of the best 4K TVs you will have the opportunity to see all the details of the picture with impressive clarity. The level of depth and detail is much higher than TVs with lower resolution. We cannot deny the fact that well-known companies such as LG, Sony and Samsung offer entry-level models of 4K TVs which naturally have a difference with the models of a few thousand pounds. In general, 4K TVs are only available with large screens as the smallest is 40 inches and you can find models up to 120 inches. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of the good picture quality, it is good to choose a larger screen.

What is the difference between 4K Ultra HD and Ultra HD?

First, we have to say that 4K refers to the screen resolution. The difference between 4K Ultra HD and regular standard HD is huge. But speaking of the difference between 4K Ultra HD and Ultra HD we must say that it is not big at all. Due to this fact, you can often find their use together.

To make the difference between 4K and Ultra HD clear, it is good to look at their history separately. In short, 4K is the professional standard for film production and cinema and Ultra HD is the standard for showing and broadcasting.

The term 4K comes from film studios that standardize production specifications and digital video materials with 4K content and a resolution of 4,096 at 2160.

For Ultra HD we must say that it is the next-generation screen resolution, which is actually 3,840 by 2160. As you can see, the difference is minimal and we must add that many of the 4K TV models on the market are actually Ultra HD (3,840 per 2160). There are also models that have 4,096 on the 2160 screen, but most have a standard for displaying and broadcasting (3,840 on 2160).

  • Full HD resolution 1920 x 1080
  • Ultra HD resolution: 3840 x 2160
  • 4K resolution: 4096 x 2160

Image credit: Samsung

Suitable distance according to screen size

Regardless of the type of TV you own, it needs to be away from you to enjoy a quality picture.

The good news is that due to the good quality of the 4K resolution there is no need for a too long distance between the viewer and the TV. To notice the detailed details of the picture, a shorter distance is recommended compared to Full HD TVs.

50 inch TV: between 1.5 and 2 meters

If you are using a TV with a 50-inch screen, it is recommended that the distance be between 1.5 and 2 meters. If you provide at least 2 meters you will have the opportunity to approach whenever you want.

55 inch TV: between 2 and 2.5 meters

Choosing a larger screen will also require a little more distance. The recommended distance is between 2 and 2.5 meters. In other words, you’ll only need another half meter for a larger 4K TV.

60 inch TV: between 2.5 and 3 meters

The larger the screen, the farther away the TV should be. For 60-inch TVs, the required distance is about 2.5 to 3 meters.

70 inch TV: at least 3 meters

Anyone who likes to watch movies on the big screen will need to sit about 3 meters away from the TV. It is advisable to follow these recommendations to make your experience unforgettable.

When to Buy a 4K TV?

New models come out every year. This usually happens around spring, so keep this in mind if you want to get one of the latest models. In addition, at the same time, you will be able to take advantage of discounts made on models from the previous year.

You will also find very good offers on TVs during the Black Friday deals. This is one of the events of the year when you can buy a TV with a discount of up to a few hundred pounds. Despite the big discounts, research the model and its specifications before placing your order.

You can also find good-quality TVs during the Christmas sale. In addition to cheap models, you will also find TVs offered by the most popular brands, but don’t expect too big discounts.

Image credit: Samsung

Is it worth buying a cheap TV?

The prices of budget TVs can be quite attractive, especially when compared to the prices of well-known brands of 4K TVs. Cheap models are not always of poor quality, but be careful with your choice. Although they offer some of the latest technologies, many of them can disappoint you.

Productivity varies a lot between budget TVs. Nevertheless, you will also find cheap TVs on the market that offer excellent picture quality at a low price. Of course, this is a small part of the many models, so if for one reason or another you want to buy a cheap TV don’t rush and do the necessary research.

Companies like LG, Samsung and Sony are leading TV manufacturers, but that doesn’t mean their cheap models are a better choice than the cheap brands.

Connect a soundbar

TVs have good built-in speakers for their daily use. They deliver quality sound for watching the news and an easy understanding of dialogue. But for watching movies and listening to music, the sound of the TV can be improved with an additional home theatre system or thanks to the soundbar.

If the room does not allow you to place a home theatre, then adding a soundbar will be the best solution for you. A soundbar is a type of speaker that is usually placed under or over your TV to enhance its sound. It is easy to set up and takes only a few seconds. Overall, you can find a quality soundbar at a decent price.

Of course, sound effects such as good channel separation are not possible with this type of speakers but they are still able to create a good sound field around you.

Bluetooth connectivity: Today, most 4K TVs come with Bluetooth. If the soundbar model you have offers Bluetooth connectivity you will be able to make the connection between the devices wirelessly. You can also connect your Bluetooth headset and walk around the house listening to music or your favourite show without disturbing other family members.

HDR technology

Thanks to the human pursuit of excellence, newer technologies are being invented. In the production of TVs, a very good picture technology has been invented called HDR (High Dynamic Range).

The technology is a combination of the most important aspects of the screens, colour accuracy and contrast ratio. In fact, HDR makes sure that the colours on the screen resemble real life.

If two TVs are compared, one with better contrast ratio and more accurate colour, i.e. with available HDR technology, and the other only with Ultra HD screen, the first will be chosen by most viewers. The picture looks more real, with more realistic colours and well-balanced darkness on the screen.

HDR significantly enhances contrast and colour. Due to this, the brightness of the image can be higher, due to which it acquires greater depth. There is also a difference in the colours as blue, green, red and all the others between them are bright and saturated.

This HDR technology emphasizes subtle image changes, offering an unforgettable movie-watching experience. When you look for a 4K TV you will find that there are models available in different HDR formats. Currently on the market are HDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG and Advanced HDR as HDR10 is the most common format.

Image credit: Samsung

Remote control

Many models, including smart TVs, still come with a standard button remote control. However, higher-end models include remotes that have advanced features such as voice commands and an air mouse. In general, these are a new type of remote control that works like a computer mouse. Currently, the leading companies offering these remotes are Samsung and LG.

Samsung offers a remote called OneRemote, which can control other compatible Samsung devices in addition to the TV.

OneRemote has a built-in microphone that allows you to give voice commands to a Samsung voice assistant called Bixby. This allows you to launch applications, a web browser or social networks.

The remote offered by LG also includes an air mouse and the ability to voice commands. Magic Remote is very practical and easy to use remote control. With just a slight movement of the hand, you will be able to select and launch videos, applications and games.

The only downside to these remotes is that it takes time when you have to use the on-screen keyboard. To write something you will have to choose a letter by letter, but the manufacturers have thought about it. They offer wireless keyboards that work via Bluetooth. If you use an application that requires a lot of typing it wouldn’t be bad to look for a keyboard.

HDMI ports

The possibility of different types of connectivity is of great importance. HDMI cables are used to connect a smart TV box, Playstation, Xbox or Blu-ray player, so HDMI ports are needed.

It is a good idea to choose a 4K TV with at least 4 HDMI ports. Devices like your game console, home theater, satellite receiver and many more need a standalone HDMI port. If you are currently looking for a 4K TV, make sure the model supports HDMI 2.0 devices. This is important if you want to enjoy the amazing picture from the Blu-Ray player for example.

Many people think that there is no difference between the different models of HDMI cables. But I have to tell you that a higher quality HDMI cable really does matter. Because this technology offers good resolution and better image quality, you will need a high-speed HDMI cable. That is the latest version of HDMI 2.0.

Also, if you buy an expensive TV for a few thousand pounds, it is worth investing in an expensive cable so that you can get the most out of it.

Where can you buy a TV

TVs are offered by many retailers, both in physical stores and online. Here is a list of a few online stores where you will find very good offers for 4K TVs.


The mrGuide team strives to provide the most objective information possible to help you make the best choice.

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