Even if you do not have health problems, it is always good to have a blood pressure monitor at home. It accurately shows the cardiovascular system’s condition and warns if there is a precondition for a severe illness.

Manufacturers have improved the mechanical type, which requires skills and experience to read the results. There are now digital devices that measure and display blood and heart rate automatically. The devices are easily placed on the hand and start working at the touch of a button. Most have many additional features such as storing results, calculating averages and indications of arrhythmia or high blood pressure.

Our pick for the best blood pressure monitors

Here are some high-quality blood pressure monitors that can help keep track of your health.

1. Blood pressure monitor Omron M7 Intelli

The Omron M7 Intelli is an automatic device with many functions. It can connect to a mobile app for Android or iPhone and a Bluetooth connection for added convenience. The device has a memory and can store up to 100 measurements. Besides, there are functions for averaging the last few and the morning and evening results. This way, you can monitor your health and find out more quickly if there are disturbing changes in the norms. The cuff is made of special material to “catch” the pulse correctly and show blood pressure with the greatest accuracy.

Thanks to the indicator for an incorrectly placed cuff, there is no danger of reporting incorrect results.

2. Omron MIT 5 Connect blood pressure monitor

Omron MIT 5 Connect is a high-end automatic device. Thanks to its memory, which can store up to 100 measurements, you can monitor your blood pressure. The device is small and compact, with a cuff circumference of 22 – 42 cm and a weight of 364 g. The system is equipped with an indicator for proper placement to show the most accurate results.

Omron MIT 5 Connect can monitor morning and night hypertension, as well as irregular heartbeats. Thanks to these features, you will find out if there is any risk of heart disease.

The device works with an application that can be installed on any smartphone.

3. Blood pressure monitor Sendo Advance 3

Sendo Advance 3 is a device with great accuracy. Thanks to the HIRA function, it can detect heart rhythm abnormalities. After every seventh recording, Sendo Advance 3 performs an analysis, and if it subsequently detects any changes in pressure, you will receive a message on the screen. The cuff is made of high-quality material and is hypoallergenic.

The device has indicators for incorrectly placed cuff and movement error. Thanks to them, the accuracy of measurement is guaranteed. The European Society of Hypertension has clinically tested the device.

4. Medisana MTS Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor 

Medisana MTS is a German high-quality blood pressure monitor. It is fully automated and designed for the upper arm. It is convenient because of its large and easy-to-read display and cuff with a 22-30 cm circumference. Medisana MTS indicates hypertension (very high blood pressure) and arrhythmia. Thanks to them, you can immediately find out if you have a precondition for cardiovascular disease. The device can record the last 60 measurements per user (out of a total of 2) to make it easier to monitor your health.

Automatic shutdown, if not active for 1 minute, allows longer battery life.

5. Beurer BM 58 blood pressure monitor

Beurer BM 58 is a digital model for the upper arm. Its display is very convenient and easy to use thanks to the easy menu and large numbers. The device has a function for storing the last few measurements and monitors their average values. So if there are any disturbing changes, he warns about it. There is a function for monitoring the morning and evening values and an indication for reported arrhythmia.

The device can run on batteries or electricity. There is an automatic shut-off function when a specific time is not used.

The set includes a USB cable, batteries and a convenient storage bag.

6. Omron X7 Smart Home Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron X7 Smart is high quality and easy to use device. Thanks to AFIB technology, it recognizes the arrhythmia and immediately indicates it. And with Intelli-Sense technology, the device takes into account the characteristics of each user.

The device has a dual display to show the previous results it has reported, as well as a hard cuff for maximum accuracy.

With its proper positioning and motion detection functions, the Omron X7 Smart is convenient to use even for inexperienced people.

The device has functions for averaging the morning and evening results and the last 3 measurements. It is suitable for both pregnant women and people with diabetes.

7. Medisana BU 514

 Medisana BU 514 is an automated monitor for upper arm. It has an arrhythmia warning function as well as an indication of dangerously high blood pressure. The device can calculate the average values ​​of several measurements to monitor your health.

Medisana BU 514 has a comfortable design, a cuff with a 22-36 cm circumference and display in large letters. It also shuts off on its own after 3 minutes to save battery power.

It is also convenient to carry in a suitcase, for example, because it is compact and weighs only 330 g (without batteries). Comes with a convenient storage bag.

8. Beurer BC58 blood pressure monitor

The Beurer BC58 is a type of device that is placed on the wrist. The WHO classifies it for use both at home and in a medical centre. The device has a system for reading and signalling arrhythmia. You can also track and compare the last few results, thanks to the recording function.

The Beurer BC58 turns itself off when it stops being used and there is an indicator for low battery. Thanks to the fact that it is compact and light (68mm / 90mm / 30mm), you can carry it always with you in your bag if you need frequent blood measurements.

9. Blood pressure monitor Omron RS2

Omron RS2 is a budget and compact monitor. It is placed on the wrist and manages to accurately and quickly measure blood pressure and heart rate. Its high quality and reliability is also shown by the fact that it is clinically validated and tested by specialized institutions. Thanks to the indicator for an incorrectly placed cuff, there is no danger of wrong results. The device also has a signalling function if it detects too high blood pressure or irregular heartbeat.

10. Primacare Medical Supplies DS-9181-BK

Primacare is a mechanical device for measuring blood pressure. These devices are often the cheapest because they do not have built-in automated technology and additional features.

The DS-9181-BK is for upper arm for maximum accuracy and has a built-in stethoscope in the cuff. Thanks to the manometer, you can read the measurement results. It is essential to read the instructions for use, which clearly describe how to use it. The device comes with a convenient storage bag.

Why it is important to choose a good device

To take care of our health, it is good to have a quality model. In this way, we will be able to rely on the device to measure blood pressure and heart rate correctly. It is always better to choose a device with more features as well as more memory. Thanks to them, we will be able to monitor the results back in time and find out from the indication if we have hypertension or arrhythmia.

Types of blood pressure monitors

Blood pressure monitors are classified according to whether they are automatic or mechanical. Automatic or digital cameras are the easiest to use because the results are displayed. However, for some users, mechanical types remain more preferred as long as they know how to use them.

Upper arm

The devices that are placed on the upper arm are the most common type. It is believed that this is where blood pressure and heart rate are measured most accurately. In this type of apparatus, the cuff must be inflated to account for the results. The mechanical type is inflated by hand, and the digital ones do it themselves. When choosing a device for the upper arm, it is essential to look at the cuff’s size to not become too narrow or wide for your hand.


The devices that are placed on the wrist are automatic and very small in size. This makes them mobile and comfortable to carry even in a bag. However, they may often make a mistake and need to repeat the procedure if you have not placed the appliance correctly or are not in the correct position. If you choose from this type of device, be sure to check if there is an indication of the incorrectly placed cuff. This will eliminate the possibility of errors.


 Long before they created automatic devices, people knew how to read the results themselves, without a digital screen and various indications with mechanical devices. They have a built-in stethoscope in the cuff so that the meter can hear the pulse, as well as a manometer, which measures blood pressure.


The digital type works automatically. We are only asked to place it correctly on the hand and press the start button. After detecting the blood and pulse, it will display the values ​​on the display. This type of device often has additional features, such as incorrectly placed cuff, dangerously high blood pressure and irregular heartbeat. They also can store a certain number of measurements.

Buying guide

There are several features that you should pay attention to before you buy.

Clinically validated

When the device is clinically validated, it means that specialized institutions and doctors have checked it. They detect and compare whether the device measures blood pressure and heart rate accurately. They also perform tests on the other functions (if any) to issue the necessary certificate to the device.

Easy to use

Most automated blood pressure monitors are very easy to use. The models that are placed on the wrist are the simplest. With them, you fasten the cuff and press the push button to start. Automated upper arm models are a bit more complicated because you have to wrap the cuff properly and tighten it to a certain extent. After pressing the start button, it begins to swell around the arm and gradually measures the blood pressure. Most such models have clear instructions on how to place it and an indication if the cuff is not in the best position. The most difficult to work with are mechanical blood pressure monitors. You need to be able to place them correctly to “catch” the pulse. You must also be able to read the pressure gauge because the numbers are not displayed on a screen.

Indicator for correct cuff placement

If the cuff is not placed correctly, the device cannot measure blood pressure. Most often, this will lead to wrong results, or the system will not start at all. Therefore, it is essential to look at whether the device you have chosen has an indicator for correctly / incorrectly placed cuff.

Irregular heart rate sensor

One of the most innovative and useful features of advanced devices is that they can indicate if they detect an arrhythmia. Therefore, it is good for the device to have an uneven heart rate sensor to detect danger. This way, you can take immediate action and prevent more serious health problems.

Large display

Most electronic devices have a large and clear screen enough to be convenient for any user. However, it is good to check that the screen size is comfortable for you, especially if you have vision problems.


Some of the more advanced automated devices can connect to an application on your mobile phone. This way, you will be able to monitor and save all the results and combine them with other applications for a healthy lifestyle. This feature is not available on all devices and is not essential for quality, but allows greater convenience.

Memory for measurements

Before you buy, check if and how many measurements it can store. Also, if more than one person uses the device, does it have a function to store the results of multiple users.

Affordable price

When it comes to health, you can always compromise on price. In general, blood pressure monitors are not the most expensive devices. Their price varies from about £20 up to £100. The more indications of hazard values ​​the device have, the better. Therefore, if you use the device often and it is essential for you, we advise you to choose a more expensive, but clinically tested and functional model.


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