Everyone who likes to serve delicious and fluffy homemade bread at the table, it is good to have a breadmaker in your kitchen. With this machine, you can easily and conveniently prepare homemade bread, cake, cakes and other pasta. It is also practical and doesn’t take up much space. You can place it where it is convenient for you.

It is a household machine that not every household could afford years ago. Then there wasn’t as much variety as now, and the functions were not improved. Manufacturers are currently developing each model to be better and more innovative than the last. They add additional functions and accessories that allow the preparation of other products. Many breadmakers now offer yoghurt, jam and pasta dough programmes.

Manufacturers often offer different models, some with all the extras, and others with the basic functions of making bread. There is undoubtedly already a variety and choice.

Our pick for the best breadmakers

Buying a breadmaker undoubtedly requires researching what is available on the market. The amount we are willing to set aside is certainly of the utmost importance because this machine isn’t essential for the household. Price variations start from about £60 to £300. More expensive breadmakers have more programmes, added features and better quality materials. But there are also more budget ones that cover the basic requirements for making good homemade bread.

We offer you a list of several breadmakers that are at different prices. Some are more expensive with more features, and others are more budget with fewer extras.

1. Panasonic SD-ZB2512KXC Breadmaker

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Panasonic SD-ZB2512KXC is an excellent proposal for an advanced breadmaker that has a fully automatic work process. It is part of the Experience Fresh series, which is a synthesis between European tradition and Japanese identity. It is inspired by the special Japanese attitude towards healthy and social cooking.

Thanks to the temperature sensor, the programmes of the device adjust each process according to the ambient temperature. Thus, the baking time isn’t influenced by external factors but remains the same. The device has 33 programmes plus a dispenser for yeast, nuts and raisins. To facilitate the work, the breadmaker also has a digital timer (up to 13 hours).

Panasonic SD-ZB2512KXC is the ideal model for every household because it is comfortable, advanced and doesn’t take up much space.

2. Tower T11003 2 lb Digital Breadmaker

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The Tower T11003 2 lb Digital breadmaker is one of the best offers for a machine for making bread and other pasta.

It has a power of 550 watts and a capacity of 900 g. With the digital panel and the set of 12 programmes, you can prepare different types of pasta quickly and easily.

The machine has a keep-warm function, delayed start and crust adjustment. Some of the main things you can prepare with the machine are – ciabatta, baguettes, muffins, French bread, pasta.

This model comes with accessories – a measuring spoon, measuring cup, hook for removing the stirrer and tray.

3. Klarstein Brotilde Family Breadmaker

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With the Klarstein Brotilde family breadmaker, you can cook up to 1.5 kg. homemade bread quickly and easily. It is sophisticated in every way.

The breadmaker has 14 baking programmes, as well as three stages for toasting the crust. The device has a delayed start function for up to 13 hours.

With it you can also prepare pasta, jams and marmalades. It is equipped with a fan providing convection for perfect results when baking bread, as well as memory if the power supply is interrupted.

The LCD display and the viewing window allow greater control and accessibility during operation.

4. Tower T11005 Breadmaker

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Tower T11005 is a breadmaker that is suitable for beginners and professionals. Thanks to its many functions, different programmes can be set (12 in total). With this machine, you can prepare different types of bread, desserts and jams. The machine also has adjustable crust control. Some of the main programmes are for automatic dough swelling, for jam and a quick program.

With the viewing window and the audible signal for work, you can monitor every process of making bread.

The set includes a measuring cup, an additional measuring spoon, a rubber base and a recipe book.

5. Panasonic SD-2511WXE breadmaker

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Panasonic SD-2511WXE is a breadmaker that has many features and extras. With this model, making pasta is like child’s play. The device has 25 programmes to choose from according to your taste and preferences. The tray has a non-stick coating, and there is no danger of part of the crust burning or sticking to it.

Panasonic breadmakers adjust each process according to the environment, and the baking time isn’t affected by the environment.

The dispenser for nuts and raisins pours them into the dough when it’s time to distribute them evenly.

6. Russell Hobbs Multi-Use Breadmaker

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Russell Hobbs Multi-Use Breadmaker will do an excellent job if you like to make a variety of bread quickly and easily. 

With the twelve programmes at your disposal, you can prepare various pasta products with ease. The capacity of 1000 grams and power of 660 watts allow easy and fast operation of the device.

 Russell Hobbs has a “delayed start” function, which allows you to set the machine to bake bread at a time convenient for you. With Russell Hobbs Breadmaker you can make pizza dough as well as cake tops. Also, the machine has keep-warm and quick stop functions.

The viewing window allows you to monitor and control the process, and with the non-stick container, you enjoy a perfectly baked crust.

7. Morphy Richards Homebake Breadmaker 502001

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The Morphy Richards Homebake Breadmaker is the right solution for a machine that can prepare a variety of pasta.

Its power of 600 watts and a capacity of 900 grams allow quick and easy baking of your favourite bread. The appliance has 14 programmes with which you can prepare a variety of products and let your imagination run wild in the kitchen. Ten of the programmes are for bread, three for yoghurt and seven other programmes. With the digital display, you can easily control all functions, which include keep-warm, delayed start and duration adjustment.

The machine comes complete with a measuring spoon, a recipe book, kneading accessories and a measuring cup.

8. Panasonic SD-ZP2000WXE Croustina breadmaker

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The Panasonic SD-ZP2000WXE Croustina breadmaker is a high-class machine with which you can prepare a variety of perfectly shaped bread.

The power is 700 watts, and the tray of the device is oval, ceramic coated and scratch-resistant. Thanks to the crust baking function, you can choose how toasted it is. There are also functions for pizza dough, cake and jam.

Thanks to the temperature sensors, each program decides for itself when to knead, rest, rise and bake. The breadmaker has a timer that allows you to set when to work – up to 13 hours in advance.

9. Royal Catering Automatic Bread Machine

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Royal Catering is a breadmaker with a perfect value for money. Its power is 800 watts, and the capacity of the pan is up to 2.5 litres. Thanks to the two stirrers, the machine kneads dough perfectly.

With the 12 programmes, you have a wide selection of types of bread and pastries, including dough for pasta, cake, gluten-free and others. The device has a wide range of functions – automatic shutdown, protection against overheating and keep-warm. The viewing window and digital display allow you to monitor and control each step.

10.Morphy Richards Fastbake Breadmaker

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The Morphy Richards is an ideal machine for making less to medium amounts of bread. With its elegant design and shape of the baking dish, the pasta is excellent not only in taste but also in appearance.

Its capacity is 900 grams, and its power is 600 watts. The breadmaker offers 12 cooking programmes. All you have to do is add the necessary ingredients and set the desired program. You can choose the time when the bread is ready with the start timer until 13 o’clock. Thanks to the LED display and the viewing window, you can monitor each process.

Benefits of having a breadmaker

Home appliance manufacturers offer every opportunity to make cooking easier and healthier. There is hardly a better and healthier bread than homemade. Ever since the times when the hosts had to prepare everything themselves in their home, bread has been one of the main foods that must be present at every table. It took skill and knowledge to make delicious, fluffy bread. Kneading by hand and baking on a regular stove is quite difficult and requires professionalism.

Nowadays, however, bread can be prepared at home much faster and easier than years ago. Thanks to home breadmakers, every table can have warm, homemade bread. With this machine, you don’t have to knead, wait for it to rise or “wait” when it will be ready. You put the necessary ingredients, set the appropriate program, and the breadmaker will do the rest. With this machine in your home, you can choose when to make bread, and you are always aware of its ingredients. In addition, the crust is just as crispy and toasted as you want. Some breadmakers allow the preparation of pizza dough, cake, pasta, as well as jam and even yoghurt.

Breadmaker buying guide

As with any new appliance you buy, you need to research the features for this one to be happy with your purchase. We have selected some of the main things to pay attention to.


Depending on the capacity, how much bread or other pasta food, you will be able to prepare. The larger the weight of the baking dish, the larger the quantity. If you have a large family and use the machine, in that case, is a good idea to consider choosing a breadmaker with a larger capacity.


More programmes means more variety for making pasta and other products that the breadmaker can prepare. When deciding what to take, pay attention to what and how many programmes the model offers. If you like to eat only a few types of bread, then a breadmaker with basic programmes will be best for you. However, if you prefer variety, look for a machine with more bread programmes and other products.


Once you have decided to get a breadmaker to eat fluffy homemade bread, it is important to pay attention to the functions and extras that the machines have. Here are some of the basic ones that will make the preparation of each product easier.

Delayed start

The delayed start is a handy function of the breadmaker. With it, you can put the products and set the exact time when the bread will start to be prepared. This way you will have warm homemade bread when you want it.

Viewing Window

The brands now produce almost all breadmakers with an viewing window. Thanks to them you can follow the cooking process.

Crust settings

More sophisticated breadmakers have a crust adjustment function. It allows you to choose how toasted and firm you want it to be. Do you like toasted crusts? You can easily set the breadmaker to bake just the right one for you.

Keep-warm function

With the keep-warm function, the product can stay warm for a very long time so that you can consume it in its most delicious state.

Dispenser for nuts / raisins

In the dispenser for nuts and raisins are placed additional products, which in addition to nuts and raisins, can be fruits, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and others. The machine itself pours them into the mixture when it is the best time to add them.

Fast baking function

With this feature, making bread is faster than other programmes. You can use it if you want to serve it on the table as soon as possible.


The alarm informs you when the product is ready or when you need to add an ingredient, such as raisins, nuts and more. Combined with a digital display that allows convenient work with programmes, baking can become a favourite hobby.


Any additional accessory will surely benefit you. Most breadmakers come with an extra baking tray as well as a measuring cup and spoon. These accessories are undoubtedly handy because the correct weights are of great importance for good bread. The breadmaker allows the preparation of yoghurt or other food; in that case, they must also have suitable utensils and accessories to the set.

Don’t neglect the recipe book designed for each model. It most clearly and precisely describes what ingredients and quantities you need for each program or type of bread.

Materials and quality

The more expensive breadmakers are made of better quality and durable materials than the cheaper ones. The quality of the material depends on how much noise it will make. More advanced models are made of materials that make less noise.

For the durability of the components themselves, it is good that they are made of stainless steel and have fewer plastic parts as possible.

Consider a place in the kitchen

This is a device that will undoubtedly benefit you. But like everyone else in your kitchen, it occupies a particular place. When buying a breadmaker, pay attention to its size and whether there is a place to put it. Different machines are different sizes, so keep this in mind when choosing a breadmaker.


The mrGuide team strives to provide the most objective information possible to help you make the best choice.

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