For a practical and beautiful kitchen, buying a built-in oven is inevitable. In addition, it doesn’t require much space to install, you just need to provide space in the kitchen units, as well as built-in dishwashers.

There are different models on the market. According to your needs, you can choose between electric, gas and combined. Also, modern built-in ovens have self-cleaning systems (pyrolytic cleaning). By applying heat in a certain way, they remove the accumulated grease and dirt on the interior walls without the use of any strong chemicals.

Our pick of the best built-in ovens

We have selected the best built-in ovens according to their capacity, energy consumption, quality, cooking programmes and functions, safety, price and brand.

1. Electric Built-in oven AEG BPE742320M

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AEG BPE742320M is a electric built-in oven with a modern design with classic cooking methods, fast heating and 3D hot air. Appliance with robust structure and energy efficiency class A +. Able to guarantee the basic functions for preparing a wide variety of recipes and achieving satisfactory results. 

It can certainly be defined as an intelligent oven, given the touch control panel and the preset programmes to be selected based on the cooking recipe.

AEG BPE742320M offers an intuitive use that will be appreciated by those who don’t want to waste time reading instructions. Among the most valued features is the quality of workmanship. With a large LCD display and touch buttons, the oven transmits a modern view of the kitchen.

Another interesting feature is a new convection system with even heat distribution. This leads to faster heating and maintaining the required cooking temperature, thus allowing good time and energy savings of up to 20%

Despite being a single model, the AEG BPE742320M allows the preparation of several dishes at the same time.

In addition to the beautiful design and great cooking features, this built-in oven

has a self-cleaning pyrolysis system. When heated to 500°C, the oven turns all accumulated grease and food residue into a fine ash, which you must wipe with a damp cloth at the end of cleaning.

2. Built-in oven Samsung NV70K3370BS

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A built in oven with energy class A, capacity 70 litres with grill function, catalytic cleaning and convection.

The cooking function and temperature are selected via the two rotary knobs located at the top of the oven. It also has an LCD display and a timer that does not turn the device on or off but can alert you after the time you set.

One of the buttons acts as a switch between the 5 available cooking functions, plus the ability to turn on the interior lighting. The Samsung NV70K3370BS oven can be used with standard mode or with the fan on, which is especially useful when using two shelves at the same time.

To roast meat, vegetables or bread, simply select the grill or fan function: in the first case, the heat produced by the heater located at the top is used, and in the second, ventilation suitable for roasting large pieces of meat is added.

To complete the functions, there is an option for reheating and a system for removing accumulated fat and food residues on the inner walls.

Samsung NV70K3370BS is reliable and easy to use oven. At a reasonable price, you can get a quality appliance offering functions for satisfactory cooking.

3. Built-in oven Miele H2265-1B

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It has a heating system with an extremely large fan that efficiently moves the air, ensuring a constant and homogeneous temperature, which leads to perfect cooking for any type of recipe.

This powerful oven reaches temperatures up to 300 ° C and has 6 cooking functions that allow you to bake in conventional mode, with top and bottom heating, only bottom, grill, steam cooking and a special pizza mode. You will always be able to prepare your favourite recipes with the most appropriate temperature and cooking mode.

Another advantage of the Miele H2265-1B is that it is a very easy to clean the oven. It has a system for catalytic self-cleaning.

4. Built in oven Whirlpool AKP 745 IX

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Whirlpool AKP 745 IX is a built-in oven with a definitely elegant and clean appearance, with only two buttons and a touch panel with a display. Appliance offering a large number of functions to make cooking flexible and meet the needs of the user.

The internal capacity of 65 litres is a value that can be considered standard. Consumption is within the normal range due to the fact that the device is of Class A and a power of 3200 W.

The cooking time and temperature settings are mechanical, which makes the use of this built-in oven quite intuitive. Thus, it is suitable for those who are not familiar with the latest generation of devices equipped with much more complex user interfaces.

In general, the model offers all the standard functions for cooking in a ventilated oven, defrost function, special mode for cooking cakes and grill mode with maximum power. 

A special feature is the SmartClean self-cleaning program, which adopts hydrolysis technology and steam power to soften accumulations on the interior walls and make it easier to clean the appliance.

5. Built-in oven Bosch VBC5580S0

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The first aspect that we must emphasize is the width of 90 cm, which provides an oven capacity of 85 litres. A significant volume, which is appreciated by those who, in addition to having enough space for installation, are accustomed to cooking large quantities of food.

In terms of aesthetics, the model is very substantial and at the same time elegant thanks to the inevitable contrast between the tinted glass and the stainless steel elements.

The control panel of the device is also clean and tidy. It consists of a screen located in the center for monitoring the set parameters and two side buttons for settings. The one on the left allows you to select the cooking mode and additional functions, while the one on the right allows you to set the desired temperature.

The system includes upper and lower heating elements with a power of 3100 W. The quickly heated air is evenly distributed in the oven by means of a double fan.

This built-in oven has a total of 10 programmes. In addition to the standard ones, there is also a special one for pizza preparation, 3D hot air to be used for cooking on both levels, as well as a defrosting program.

The possibility of partial use of heating elements according to the type of cooking is very useful. You can choose only top heating for small amounts of food or top and bottom for larger ones.

Bosch VBC5580S0 did not show any design weaknesses or operational problems. This is a solid oven, reliable and designed to serve in the kitchen for years.

6. Built-in oven Miele ContourLine H2760B

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Miele is one of the unknown brands of home appliances. The prices of their products are not affordable for all budgets, but on the other hand, they represent the highest quality.

Here we present a large built-in oven, which is one of the most affordable models of Miele, but still not in the pocket of most consumers.

Miele ContourLine H2760B is a multifunctional oven with a capacity of 76 litres and energy efficiency A +. Miele appliances have their hallmark in their ability to save energy.

This oven has a total of 8 operating modes: defrosting, conventional heating, grill with fan intensive cooking, heating top and bottom, convection plus, bottom heat and fast preheating.

Also, this model allows you to customize the factory settings. You can change not only the language but also the signals or the brightness of the screen, among many other things.

It is made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and doesn’t allow the marking of fingerprints on the door of the device.

As for self-cleaning, this oven has a catalytic function operating at a high temperature.

It has a screen on which you can use a clock, stopwatch or timer. 

In addition, this oven offers the ability to program almost anything. For example, the start time or duration of cooking can be configured so that the food is ready at the desired time.

In addition, it includes a locking function, as well as other security systems, such as automatic shutdown in excess of the maximum allowable working time.

For the most demanding consumers who can afford Miele, this built-in oven is always a great option. 

7. Cheap built-in oven Candy FCP403X

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If you are looking for a  cheap built-in oven, the Candy FCP403X may be what you need. The model is a perfect combination of functionality and good price.

Candy FCP403X is a conventional 65-litre model with 4 functions, which include standard cooking with lower and upper heater, lower heating and grill. It has a powerful fan that provides a homogeneous heat distribution to achieve perfect baking of any dish.

The door is double glazed and easy to clean. In addition, its outer part doesn’t exceed 55 degrees even when the oven temperature has reached 200 degrees.

This model is one of the cheapest on the market, but consumers who have bought it are not disappointed. This is proof that you can buy a cheap built-in oven without compromising on quality.

How to choose a quality built-in oven?

Consumer convenience is one of the most important criteria to consider before buying a built-in oven. First, you need to check for different accessories. Some models, for example, are equipped with telescopic rails to make it easier to place and remove containers.

Built-in ovens with a grill are quite practical for good baking and preparation of certain dishes to perfection.

We recommend appliances that have a cold door type for better security and interior light for easy monitoring of the dish. Be sure to check for automatic programmes offered by the oven. Also, for the intuitive operation of the control panel, as well as the reliability of the interface. Keep in mind that there are even built in high-end ovens that have a function to connect to mobile devices to use and program the oven remotely.

Ventilation and heating method

Good heat distribution is an important aspect that you need to consider if you want to buy a good built-in oven. Some models work by natural convection, with hot air circulating vertically in the oven. 

Others use hot air so you can cook several dishes at once. They have a fan that circulates the heated air in all directions.

There are also types with pre-heated. They not only allow faster and preheating but also very homogeneous and stable cooking thanks to two fans. With circular resistance, they provide optimal circulation of hot air.


Energy consumption is an important factor that should not be overlooked when choosing a built-in oven. To make sure you don’t pay high bills, you need to find a highly efficient model that doesn’t consume too much energy.

The market offers appliances with different energy classes, ranging from A to G, with class A consuming the least electricity. Fortunately, most built-in ovens are designed to consume minimal energy and are qualified with energy class A + to A +++.

 If you want to buy a double built-in oven, it is preferable to choose a model with separate doors. This will allow you to use only one compartment and thus save more energy.

Self-cleaning programs

In addition to convenience in use, good heat distribution or energy consumption, it is recommended to choose a model with a self-cleaning mode of the oven. There are three types of self-cleaning, namely catalysis, pyrolysis and hydrolysis. 

Models with catalysis system have walls of microporous enamel. They remove most of the fat by oxidation when the oven exceeds 200 ° C. 

Built-in pyrolysis ovens destroy all residual grease and scale on the inner walls, thanks to a very high temperature of about 500 ° C. The process can take from one to several hours depending on the model. This is a very efficient slow-burning cleaning system that is both economical and environmentally friendly.

Hydrolyzed ovens use steam to soften accumulated dirt, which you can easily wipe with a damp cloth.

Types of built-in ovens

To make it easier for you to choose a suitable built-in oven, you need to be clear about the existing models on the market. Depending on the method of cooking, gas models should also be included in the list, but we will talk about electric. They are most sought after by consumers.

Electric ovens can be with natural convection, multifunctional and with thermal ventilation. There are others, such as a microwave and stove. But these are appliances with significantly different characteristics and therefore are not part of this guide.


Multifunction ovens are among the most modern of those currently sold. In fact, these models are considered the most innovative on the market. They not only have heating elements and grills like traditional cookers, but also a fan, thanks to which the cooking process can be much easier. In fact, the fan distributes the heat generated by the heating elements in the oven. Cooking in this way becomes faster and more homogeneous. Some ovens even have a steam function, while others even have a built-in microwave.

With thermal ventilation

On the other hand, thermally ventilated ovens are characterized by a heating fan placed in the back of the appliance. In this way, it is possible to cook food placed on different shelves at the same time without mixing their flavours.

Control panel

The control panel may also differ in different types. In standard ovens, it consists of two knobs, one for selecting the temperature and the other for selecting different cooking functions. On the other hand, most modern ones can have touch or retractable buttons. And most of all, the presence of a digital screen on which you can monitor all the information about cooking at the moment.

The size

Built-in ovens have standard dimensions of 59.5 cm wide and 59.5 cm high. Non-standard smaller ovens are only 45 centimetres high, the widest are 90 centimetres. Regardless of the size chosen, you need to remember that the front panel will be slightly larger to cover the entire opening and convey a good finish to your kitchen.


The standard model is about 50 litres, while a model over 65 litres is considered a particularly large oven. On the other hand, all ovens up to 35 litres are considered small models.

Additional features

Today, built-in ovens have numerous additional features that have been added thanks to the development of technology. In this way, users are completely facilitated. They can experiment with many new cooking recipes or just try tricks to save time, effort and energy. For example, programmed cooking. With these functions, you can set the time to start and switch off the oven. You can even program it for hours ahead. Of course, you can stop the cooking process at any time without any problems for the oven. This is an option that can help save energy.

On the other hand, other more modern ovens offer remote control. With this function you can activate the device remotely, via the Internet or a mobile device. 

As for the automatic programmes, they allow the selection of the best cooking method according to the dish placed in the oven and its weight.

Sensors calculate the most suitable power, temperature and duration for the entire cooking.

There are often additional functions such as defrosting and heating already cooked food.

Very interesting is the function for fast preheating, which allows the oven to reach the desired temperature in a very short time. 

The oven lock function is also quite useful. This way you do not risk accidentally starting the appliance by your child.

Some models have a very convenient self-cleaning function. You know how annoying it is when you have to clean your oven. Therefore, it is good to choose an appliance equipped with self-cleaning catalytic panels or a pyrolytic system. In the first case, the accumulated fat is broken down by an oxidation process, but you still need to wipe them from time to time. While in the second case the fat is burned at a very high temperature.


As with all appliances, the oven must be used properly to be safe. It should not be forgotten that this is a device that works with high temperatures, especially if there are small children in the house. 

Of course, adults also need to be very careful. It should not be forgotten that domestic accidents are one of the most common. In addition, proper use of the oven will extend its life, as well as prevent possible problems.

So let’s see some useful tips that will help to properly operate the oven. 

  • First of all, you should always read the instruction booklet before using the appliance for the first time. The parts connected to the mains and those connected to the ventilation should not be underestimated.
  • Always keep the oven clean, as the presence of food debris can increase the chances of sparks and flames.
  • Children should never approach the oven when is hot. 
  • To cool it down faster after cooking, always leave the door open.
  • The grilles, trays and other components of the oven must always be handled with suitable gloves, towels, etc.
  • Never place anything on the bottom of the oven. Always use the grilles.
  • In the event of a malfunction, you should contact qualified service and replace only original parts.

Installing position

The best position for a built-in oven installation is at least 100 or 110 centimetres from the ground. So that it is comfortable to use and does not pose a danger to the little ones.

Standard models open vertically from top to bottom, with the handle positioned at the top of the door. Note that there are other types of openings that can affect the positioning of the appliance. In particular, there are models with side opening. From right to left or vice versa, as well as with a special mechanism that is activated by a special button.


The mrGuide team strives to provide the most objective information possible to help you make the best choice.

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