Household appliances and especially kitchen helpers called dishwashers are designed to ease our daily duties. In this way, they provide us with more time for other more interesting activities. With a dishwasher, the dishes are perfectly washed and polished, much better than with traditional hand washing. 

The rotating and perforated arms spray the utensils with very hot water before rinsing and drying the machine. In this way, food residues are completely eliminated. 

Our selection of the best dishwashers

As with choosing a washer dryer, choosing a dishwasher isn’t
always easy. That’s why we have prepared a simple and short guide to help you choose the most suitable model according to your needs.

1. Fully integrated dishwasher Bosch Serie 4 SMV46GX01G

6 Programmes, 12 place settings, Class A ++

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We start the ranking for the best dishwashers with the Bosch SMV46GX01G model. Preferred by many users due to its quiet mode of operation, self-cleaning filter and flawless cleaning of dishes. At the same time, it manages to significantly reduce the cost of water and electricity consumption. 

In fact, the energy consumption for a completed cycle is 0.92 kWh. In terms of water consumption per washing cycle, the machine consumes 9.5 litres. This fantastic dishwasher belongs to energy class A ++, with annual electricity consumption of 258 kWh. The water consumption according to the manufacturer is 2800 litres per year.

The Bosch Serie 4 SMV46GX01G model has a loading capacity for 12 Place Setting. There are 6 programmes, a delay timer up to 24 hours, indicators for the status of the dishwasher, a load sensor and a salt level indicator. To load the dishwasher, you can place cutlery in the special basket, as well as use the cup shelf to safely position the cups and tall dishes.

Among the strengths of this device are certainly excellent performance indicators. The low consumption, the reliability offered by a leading brand in the sector and the presence of an instruction booklet are a small part of the advantages of this dishwasher.

2. Dishwasher Whirlpool WIO3T123PEFUK

8 programmes, 14 place settings, Class A ++

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Selected as one of the best fully integrated dishwashers, Whirlpool WIO3T123PEFUK is a machine with a loading capacity for 14 place settings, 8 programmes, and dimensions 82 cm x 59.8 cm x 5.55 cm. 

The model is considered by experts to be one of the best in terms of washing and drying quality. Thanks to 6th Sense technology, Whirlpool WIO3T123PEFUK recognizes the degree of contamination of the dishes and regulates the washing parameters. In addition to a basic programme with a fully loaded machine, this dishwasher offers programmes for half load and even for only a few dishes. Nevertheless, the appliance has the task of removing all traces of food and will save electricity, water and time.

Thanks to the energy class A ++, the electricity and water consumption of this model is low compared to the average for these appliances. According to the manufacturer, the dishwasher consumes 266 kWh / year, while the declared water consumption is 9.5 litres per washing cycle.

Both the basic and the eco programme are excellent in terms of washing and drying.

One of the main features of this dishwasher is the ability to use a delayed start max. 12 hours. Select a programme and set it to start at the desired time.

 There are also sensors such as dishwasher status indicator, time to end of the programme, salt level indicator and LED indicator showing the end of the programme. 

3. Dishwasher Beko DIN16430 Fully Integrated

8 programmes, 14 place settings, Class A +++

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Beko is a leading company in the household appliances sector. We must admit that this dishwasher is one of the best models for installation. Due to its excellent performance in washing and drying and low consumption of electricity and water.

 In fact, there is an average consumption of 0.83 kWh per cycle. In addition, the water consumption is 7 litres, which is quite economical for an appliance with this capacity.

Speaking of capacity, this Beko DIN16430 dishwasher can hold up to 14 place settings. The machine has 8 programmes and a function for delayed start up to 24 hours.

There is anti flood protection, an indicator for the remaining time of the selected programme, as well as a salt level indicator.

This Beko dishwasher is very easy to load thanks to the possibility to change the height of the upper shelf. You can change the position of the basket even when it is full. While the baskets on the lower shelf can be folded, which makes loading more convenient even for larger containers. 

The Beko DIN28430 model allows you to choose from a wide range of programmes:

  • Pre-wash will take care of unpleasant odours
  • The automatic will calculate the required resources
  • Mini 30 – will finish in just 30 minutes
  • Intensive – A programme designed to wash very dirty using high-temperature water
  • Glass Care – function for washing glasses

With all these convenient washing programmes and the possibility of saving energy, this dishwasher Beko ranks among the best models on the market.

4. Fully Integrated dishwasher Bosch Serie 4 SMV50C10GB

6 washing programmes, 12 place settings, Class A +

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Bosch is a brand that presents several models in our ranking, but this time we are talking about the model SMV50C10GB. This is a great fully integrated dishwasher 60 cm, considered a good value for money. With an energy consumption of approximately 1.02 kWh for a normal cycle. Water consumption is about 11.7 litres per washing cycle and an average annual consumption of about 3300 litres. These figures are significantly lower than many other dishwashers, which makes the SMV50C10GB an even more attractive model. 

With a loading capacity of 12 place settings, this Bosch dishwasher, in addition to having excellent efficiency with both the standard and the eco-programme.

In terms of loading, the dishwasher in question is very convenient thanks to the ability to move the cutlery basket. This is a special cutlery basket that you can move to the main basket to provide more space.

Other good features of this product are the available indicators that recognize the number of loaded plate settings and the amount of contamination. Thanks to them, the machine automatically determines the required washing time.

In addition, there is a sensor that can detect the amount of water and calculate the speed of rotation. 

The classic dimensions, the low noise level declared by the manufacturer (48 dB), and the low consumption make this product an excellent choice.

5. Fully integrated dishwasher Hotpoint HIO3C26W

9 programmes, 14 place settings, Class A ++

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Hotpoint HIO3C26W is a built-in dishwasher of 60 cm models. Offers loading capacity for 14 place settings and 9 washing programmes. 

The machine performs extremely well in terms of washing and drying of all programmes and low power consumption which is 1.04 kWh per washing cycle.

In terms of water consumption, the machine uses about 9.5 litres per cycle of the standard programme.

This dishwasher boasts time delay (12 hours) and a quick washing function for only 30 min. There are also indicators that detect the condition of the dishwasher, a salt level indicator and a super rinse indicator. 

The machine allows loading in different ways thanks to the movable upper basket. However, the lower one doesn’t have the possibility to change the position, but it is equipped with an additional basket for the utensils.

One of the most valuable features of this dishwasher is certainly its quietness. With an objective noise measurement of 46 dB, it ranks among some of the quietest models on the market. This is a big plus as it allows it to be used even at night.

With this Hotpoint HIO3C26W model, it is possible to set the soaking of the dishes.

6. Built-in dishwasher Bosch Serie 6 SMV68ND00G

8 programmes, 13 place settings, Class A +++

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In the home appliance sector, Bosch is a leading company. For this reason, you can find a wide range of dishwashers on the market, adapted to the kitchens and customer needs. All are of high quality, and the SMV68ND00G is no exception. 

Dishwasher rated as one of the best in terms of quality of work. Its main advantages are the loading capacity for 13 place settings and the perfect result at the end of the wash. 

The model guarantees that after washing with all programmes it is practically impossible to detect even a few small drops.

This is a household appliance that is considered to have a low impact on the environment. It offers a minimum power consumption of about 0.75 kWh for the Eco programme. 

The same can be said for water consumption, which is about 7.7 litres for the Eco cycle of the appliance.

There are also indicators related to the condition of the dishwasher, the salt level indicator and the half load function. In addition, this model has delay timer with 24 hours lenght.

When loading the dishwasher, it is possible to adjust the height of the upper basket. Having a tray under the lower basket makes loading much faster, while cutlery has a special stand for better organization.

7. Built-in dishwasher NEFF N50 S513K60X1G

6 programmes, 13 place settings, Class A ++

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We have included the NEFF brand in the ranking with a dishwasher model N50 S513K60X1G. Manufactured with a loading capacity of 13 place settings, this dishwasher received excellent reviews, ranking among the top ten dishwashers. All this is due to the quality of washing and drying and normal consumption of electricity and water. 

Both the standard programme and the Eco program manage to achieve great results. But unlike the standard program, Eco is significantly longer. Electricity consumption is about 0.92 kWh, while water consumption is lower in the Eco programme of 9.5 litres.

This model has a delayed start function, but unfortunately half-load function isn’t on board. A dirt sensor is available that decides how dirty the dishes are and chooses how to wash them. Thanks to other sensors, the automatic programme recognizes how many containers are loaded. This way you can save water and energy with this dishwasher.

As for the shelves, the model NEFF N50 S513K60X1G doesn’t offer adjustment of the upper basket, but it is possible to change the position of the basket for utensils. 

This is a fairly easy model to use with a convenient door to open and close. The baskets are also extremely easy to use. The maintenance of the filter is very simple, but above all the energy efficiency of the machine is very good. (Energy class A ++).

8. Whirlpool WIC3B19UK

13 place settings, 6 programmes, Class A +

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In eighth place in our ranking is the dishwasher Whirlpool WIE 2B19, a brand that in recent years has proven its good value for money. This model is excellently appreciated by consumers due to the quality of washing and drying, which it manages to maintain, ensuring shiny dishes at the end of the programmes.

This is a 60 cm built-in model with a capacity of 13 place settings. Both the standard programme and the ECO programme guarantee effective washing. In addition to excellent washing, this model also guarantees perfect drying. Thanks to this, once the programme is over, the dishes will not need extra attention and can be placed in the cupboard immediately. 

Unlike the other dishwashers on our list, the Whirlpool WIC3B19UK has a slightly higher water consumption, which is 12 litres for the standard programme. 

Electricity consumption is also higher 1.34 kWh for the standard programme, but given the price of the device, this is bearable.

Unfortunately, this dishwasher doesn’t have time to end function, there are no indicators for the condition of the dishwasher, but there is possibility to delay the start up to 12 hours.

Offers a removable top shelf with adaptation or removal of modular racks and creating more space in the machine. This dishwasher is equipped with a re-wash setting and sensors that indicate the salt level.

Whirlpool WIC3B19UK is a dishwasher a little noisier than other models (49 dB). But it is a model with an intuitive control panel that is easy to use. This is an appliance of energy class is A +.

9. Smeg DIA13M2 Integrated Dishwasher

5 programmes, 13 place settings, Class A ++

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In ninth place in the ranking of the best dishwashers is the model Smeg DIA13M2. Appreciated by consumers thanks to the exceptional efficiency of the standard and ECO programme, both for washing and drying.

The average water consumption is considered average – 12 litres for the standard programme. While electricity consumption can be considered low (0.91 kWh per washing cycle.

Placed in energy class A ++, Smeg DIA13M2 is equipped with space for 13 place settings. The machine has a delayed start from 3, 6, 9 hours, salt level sensors, but there are no indicators for the condition of the dishwasher and the remaining time of the programme.

When loading the dishwasher, the height of the upper basket can be changed, as well as the position of the cutlery basket.

This dishwasher is equipped with a pre-wash option, it can recognize the amount of dishes placed and the degree of contamination.

This is a simple dishwasher. Quite easy to use, thanks to the ease of sliding the basket and the convenient opening/closing of the door. The same applies to the maintenance of the filter, which doesn’t lead to many difficulties.

Although not among the most famous brands, Smeg DIA13M2 managed to surprise everyone by ranking among the best built-in dishwashers.

10. Integrated dishwasher Hisense HV6131UK

5 programmes, 16 place settings, Class A ++

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On the tenth and last place in the ranking of the best dishwashers present model Hisense HV6131UK. It guarantees shiny and perfectly dry dishes, with a cost of water and energy no different from other models. In fact, the consumption of the standard programme is 9.5 litres per cycle. The power consumption is about 0.87 kWh per cycle, with the processing time remaining within the normal range for the standard programme.

Consumers are pleased with the excellent results that this dishwasher offers. They are also satisfied with the fast and ECO programme, as the device doesn’t reproduce at a higher noise of 47 dB.

Hisense HV6131UK is a built-in dishwasher with a loading capacity of 16 place settings. It offers a delayed start function that can be set up to 24 hours as well as a half load option and 15 min. quick wash. 

Classified with energy class A +++ and A for drying, it has rinse level indicators, a salt level indicator. Also, sensors detect the condition of the dishwasher and the remaining time of the programmes.

The upper shelf is movable for easy and more convenient loading of the Hisense HV6131UK dishwasher. Another important feature of this model is the possibility of the shelves of the lower basket can be folded with just a few simple movements. In this way, you get a spacious flat surface, ideal for large pots and pans.

There are no sensors to show the number of loaded containers and those that detect the accumulated dirt.

Dishwasher vs. hand washing

If you are single and live alone, you can probably take the time to wash the dishes in the morning, noon and evening after meals (don’t you leave them in the sink until the evening?). Also, if saving water isn’t your priority, you can easily do without a dishwasher.

But if you are a family or your schedule doesn’t always allow you to wash the dishes after each meal, buying a dishwasher will be one of the best investments in your life. The practicality, but also the price of this household appliance should no longer be commented on because even the economic and environmental aspects are already in its favour.

In fact, a dishwasher consumes an average of 12 litres of water to wash about 140 dishes. While handwashing, about 40 litres will be consumed for the same amount of dishes.

In terms of energy consumption, the fact that even when washing by hand, the water must be heated shouldn’t be ignored.

If the hot water is supplied by an electric boiler, it is necessary to add to the consumed water and the electricity consumption of the boiler, which is needed to heat these 40 litres. 

After all, energy and water consumption are often in favor of the dishwasher.

Therefore, using a dishwasher not only allows you to save on your bills but also to save valuable time by relieving you of this tedious obligation.

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Different types

The types of dishwashers are determined by two main factors: their capacity in place settings, which determine the size of the appliance, and the type of installation in the kitchen. We are talking about a free-standing, semi-integrated or fully integrated dishwasher, depending on whether it can be installed or not in an equipped kitchen.

60 cm dishwasher (12 to 14 place settings)

This is the most common type in most homes. It can hold 12 to 14 place settings depending on the model. The dimensions are usually 60 cm wide, 85 cm deep and high, which can vary from 55 to 60 cm.

45 cm dishwasher (capacity up to 9 place settings)

The 45 cm dishwasher is a compact appliance, ideal for small kitchens, but also fits perfectly in a full-size kitchen. Recommended for people who want to optimize space while reducing energy consumption. Don’t accept this is a good solution if you want to save at the time of purchase, because these models are often sold more expensive than the classic 60 cm models.

Small dishwasher (4 to 6 place settings)

This type has a very limited capacity, no more than 6 place settings. But these portable dishwashers are convenient for small apartments or rooms where the installation of such appliances is a complex task. Some models are equipped with wheels or can be positioned under the worktop. Their dimensions are in the range of 55 cm wide for 40 to 45 cm high.

Freestanding dishwasher

If you don’t have a fully equipped kitchen or you have subsequently decided to add a dishwasher, this type will be most advantageous for you, as it can be installed easily and quickly anywhere in your kitchen. On the market, you will find many models that will allow you to choose the shape, design, colours and features.

How to choose the best dishwasher?

You can easily choose the best dishwasher if you know your needs and budget. Before deciding to buy, review the following criteria to find out which ones are most important to you:


  • The standard freestanding dishwasher has a pre-assembled door. These are the most common models because they are easy to install and adapt to the already adapted kitchen. In addition, the machine remains visible, sometimes easier to fit in space.
  • The semi-integrated dishwasher is usually located under a sink or worktop and its front can be adapted to the design of your kitchen, while the control panel is fully visible.
  • The fully-integrated dishwasher is installed in a kitchen cabinet, as there is nothing to suggest the presence of such. Therefore, the harmony with the design of the space is impeccable.

Water and electricity consumption

One of the most important considerations is the amount of water and energy used by the appliance. For consumers who want to save money and contribute to saving the planet, the best dishwashers are those with energy class A +++. While older models may consume too much water and electricity, better modern models have improved significantly in this regard.

The eco-cycle of an energy-efficient dishwasher is estimated to use on average only one-third of the water you use when washing by hand. In addition, the dishwasher consumes less electricity, as it requires heating a relatively small amount of water during the cycle compared to washing dishes by hand. The energy label can give you a good idea of ​​how much the machine will cost and thus save you money from your bills each month.

Washing programmes

Washing programmes have a big impact on how a dishwasher will fit your needs. The more options the model offers, the more control you will have over the device. 

Models with special programmes provide a targeted cycle designed to remove deep contaminants. Some dishwashers have a half-cycle that allows you to start the machine even when it is not full.

Also, if you have easily breakable dishes made of porcelain, for example, a dishwasher with a delicate cycle is a must. On the other hand, choosing an intensive cycle model is a good option for heavily soiled appliances. With a rinse-only cycle, you will be able to lightly rinse the dishes if you don’t plan to start a full cycle immediately.

Image credit: Beko

Loading capacity and use

Ease of use is also an important criterion to consider when choosing a dishwasher. The number of place settings is crucial, as it depends on how often your dishwasher will work.

If you have a large family, a small-capacity machine may not provide enough space to load dirty dishes and cooking utensils.

You need to pay attention to the overall dimensions of the machine, as this will affect your purchase decision. You need to measure the available space accurately, taking into account the height, width and depth. This way you can be sure that you have chosen a model that fits perfectly in the place you have specified. 

Some large dishwashers can hold up to 15 place settings, while small 45 cm dishwashers can hold only 9. In general, the standard size of the dishwasher is 60 cm wide and has a capacity of 12 place settings.

Most of the dishwashers on our list have two baskets, but there are models with three compartments. They are designed for silverware and cutlery, but this frees up more space in other baskets to help you get the most out of your available interior space. 

The presence of adjustable baskets and folding partitions make the dishwasher much more flexible, as they allow the placement of larger household utensils.

Noise level

The noise level that the dishwasher emits is very important because it will depend on the ability to use it at night when electricity is cheaper.

Some of the quietest dishwashers on the market emit noise below 40 decibels, while the noisiest models exceed 50 decibels. The type of material used for the inner shell is crucial. For the sound insulation of the device, it is good that it is made of stainless steel, which is much quieter than plastic, and it is also more durable, especially at high temperatures.


When making a large purchase as a dishwasher, it is important to understand the warranty and maintenance conditions. While the new generation of dishwashers requires less and less repairs and maintenance, always something can go wrong. 

While some models have a standard warranty that covers all parts, others offer full service to cover the cost of transporting the device. Whether the warranty is general or covers individual parts and components, the longer it is, the better for you!

Customer service is also important. If you have a problem with the new dishwasher, you will need help to fix it.

This means that you must be able to trust the manufacturer, whether or not you bought the dishwasher from another store. You can usually contact many of the manufacturers by phone, email, and some even offer a live chat service.

Image credit: Electrolux


Choosing a model that offers the “child lock” function is a good option to avoid accidents, as it prevents the door from opening or changing settings while the dishwasher is on.

Most models have leakage protection. In case of a problem, the machine will drain the water automatically if necessary. 

Also, note that the control panel on some models is hidden at the top of the door so that it is not accessible when the dishwasher is closed.

Delay start function

The delay start function is not vital, but it is quite useful, especially if you want to run your dishwasher at night to save electricity. Dishwashers with this function allow you to choose the right programme and when you want it to start. Some models allow you to set only 3, 6 or 9 hours delay, while others have a delayed start of up to 24 hours.


Although the criterion is the last on our list, the price is certainly the first concern of most buyers. In addition, all are limited by a budget dedicated to the acquisition of this household appliance. 

Whatever model you want to have, you will have to prepare between £350 and £1000 and an average of £400 – £500. Don’t forget to check out our selection of cheap dishwashers!


The mrGuide team strives to provide the most objective information possible to help you make the best choice.

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