You should know that even the best electric shavers cannot shave as smoothly as traditional ones, but the new models are getting better and better and are worth considering.

When you look for an electric shaver on the market, you will find a wide range of brands and models with different advantages, but you can choose the wrong one if you are unsure which one you need.

Our pick for the best electric shavers

In this article, we will show you which are the best electric shavers.

If you are looking for a model to shape your beard and use it for your body, you can see the best body trimmers. But if you are specifically looking for a shaver, keep reading this article to find the one you need.

Philips AquaTouch S5420 / 06

Image: Philips

One of the models that users prefer is Philips AquaTouch S5420. At an excellent price, you get a device with a good shave and quality materials that will allow you to use it for years.

It offers interesting features, such as seamless use in the shower or an interchangeable head to cut your hair or style your sideburns.

The battery lasts about 45 minutes and offers fast charging, so it will always be ready for use.

Cleaning is straightforward; you need to remove the heads and rinse them under running water.

Another good feature is that you can use shaving foam with this shaver, which helps avoid skin irritation.

Keep in mind that this model is not recommended if you like to leave your beard long. In the list, you will find other more suitable models with more power.

Braun electric shaver, Braun Series 9 9390cc Wet & Dry

Image: Braun

Braun 9390cc is a new generation shaver with an extremely smooth shave, ideal for more sensitive skin that is easily irritated.

It has an elegant design, includes high-quality blades and high power. It offers fast work but without irritating the skin, thanks to its automated power sensor.

Its charger allows the head to be cleaned and disinfected while charging and keeps it lubricated for longer blade life.

The sidebar trimmer is built into the same machine, which, together with the ease of shaving with one movement, makes it a high-speed machine.

Allows shaving with water or shaving foam as it is 100% waterproof.

Philips 9000 Series S9711 / 32 Wet & Dry Electric Shaver

Image: Philips

Philips S9711 / 32 is one of the best shavers you can buy today. This is not a cheap machine, but its fast efficiency is observed even with a long beard.

It is also suitable for sensitive skin, as it allows shaving with water and foam. It also has three speeds to be able to adapt to more sensitive areas.

It has a replaceable head for trimming the beard, adjustable for different hair lengths and suitable for small areas such as sideburns.

The charger includes a system for cleaning and lubricating the head, as in the Braun 9390cc, extending its useful life. Of course, it takes time to complete the whole cycle, but this is only needed from time to time when the machine tells you.

Braun Series 8 8350s Electric Shaver

Image: Braun

Braun has been known for decades as one of the manufacturers of the most durable personal care products, with excellent value for money in each of its products.

Undoubtedly, this model is one of the best Braun shavers that you can currently find on the market if we consider its price and compare it with the excellent technical characteristics.

Its main advantage is the four shaving elements, which move completely independently, adjusting the shaver to the face’s contour and thus achieving a smoother shave with just one movement. This avoids skin irritation.

This Braun has one of the most efficient fast charging systems on the market and can provide 60 minutes of operation.

It is 100% waterproof, so you can choose to shave dry or shave your whole body directly in the shower.

Braun Series 7 Electric Shaver for Men 

Image: Braun

Braun Series 7 is well-designed, robust, easy to manage and offers more than a good shave.

The shaving head is flexible and adapts easily to the face and neck contour without irritating due to the quality of its blades.

It has three independent cutting elements, which allows it to adapt to different types of beards.

It takes 1 hour to charge the device fully, but it also offers a 5-minute charge, which is enough for one shave.

This model is ideal for wet use, can be washed under running water without any problems. It can also be used with foam.

Panasonic ES-LV9Q Wet & Dry Electric 5-Blade Shaver

Image: Panasonic

It has 5 cutting heads with quality blades and a sensor for optimal results. All this will allow you to achieve a fast shave.

If you are one of those who grow a beard for a few days and do not want to spend a lot of money, this model is perfect for you.

Suitable for wet or foam shaving, a sensor allows you to adjust the power in automatic mode. You can make quick movements without irritating your skin.

Another good advantage of the Panasonic ES-LV9Q is that it is a very ergonomic machine that is very easy to handle, offering excellent traction thanks to its rubber edges.

Philips Shaver Series 3000 with Powercut Blades

Image: Philips

This model is not one of the latest electric shavers, but it has several advantages in its favour: Wet and dry shaving, precise shaving head and battery with reasonable autonomy. If you do not have a big budget but need a good electric shaver, this may be the best option.

The big advantage of the Philips Series 3000 is that you can get the best possible shave at a low price. It has a flexible 5D head, which aims to bend according to the curves of your face with greater ease. This flexibility ensures a smooth shave, regardless of the area.

Buying guide

All manufacturers of electric shavers strive for 3 things:

  • Good result, as in a standard shave
  • Gentle work suitable even for sensitive skin
  • Maximum comfort

The whole technology of the electric shaver is in service of the above goals.

Nano sharpened blades, specialized cutting elements, beard or head sensors that adapt to the contours of the face are the reasons when you shave to enjoy and achieve the same results as with traditional blades without irritating your skin.

Among all the functions and technologies of the electric shaver, the blades remain the main part. So before making your final choice, it is important to distinguish good blades from more ordinary ones.


This is the first determining factor. Without good blades, you cannot get the desired result.

Depending on the type of shaver ( rotating or foil ), the shaving head varies in its design. You can’t say that some are better than others; it depends on each model.

Both systems have in common that they pursue the same goals: to speed up the process as much as possible with as little skin irritation as possible. To this end, manufacturers have refined the design of their cutting elements.

The idea is that the machine can cut both the longest and shortest hairs and those that are stuck to the skin.

It is also vital that the head is flexible and takes good care of the skin surface. This way, it can cut more hair with each pass.

The flexibility of the head

The blades are placed in the so-called head. If it is straight and firm, you will only be able to shave the widest and flattest parts of your face comfortably.

Where there are more curves, such as the chin, would cost you a lot of effort.

To avoid this, electric razors have a flexible head system that allows them to follow the contour of the face with a simple movement of the razor.

You will find models with 3D, 4D, 8D heads. The directions in which the head can move and each of the blades or blades depend on this.

Shaving adaptation

Electric razors are becoming more powerful with each passing day. But that doesn’t mean it’s suitable for all users.

If you have a small beard and your skin is very sensitive, you do not need a razor to work with great power to cut five hairs.

The ability to adjust the shave to your needs is essential. That’s why many razors have a beard sensor, which is responsible for reading hair density and transmitting information to the clipper. In this way, the shaver only works at full speed if the beard is very long and thick.

Other models allow you to adjust the power manually. Depending on the model, you can take advantage of between 2 or more shaving modes.


The four most famous brands are Braun, Philips, Panasonic and Remington.

What they have in common is that they don’t just make razors. They also sell hair clippers, trimmers or epilators.

The two undisputed leaders in this field are Philips and Braun: both companies have the most models on the market.

They compete with countless cheap brands, practically remaining alone in the category of high-quality models (except some Panasonic models). One of their shavers is always among the best sellers.

Panasonic is strong competition from Braun, especially in the more expensive models, where Braun has nothing more to offer.

This is the third alternative to high-end electric razors, although there are good options for low-end models.

As for Remington, the manufacturer has excellent shavers in the middle class, offering an outstanding value for money in its products. In general, Remington shavers are with few extras but offer high shaving efficiency.


The design of electric razors has always followed the development of technology. Not long ago, they didn’t need a battery indicator because they all worked with a cable.

Today, with so many features and sensors, it has become necessary to provide a screen that shows at least the battery health.

This can be with a simple LED that lights up or a modern display showing the remaining percentages.

In addition, important information may appear on the screen: the condition of the heads, the need to clean the shaver or whether the mobility lock is activated.

If the razor has different speeds, you will be able to see on the screen what setting you shave with.


All electric shavers are designed to be as comfortable as possible. They have a non-slip surface, as most can be used with foam.

However, their shape can vary from straighter to more wavy lines. It only depends on your personal preference.


The accessories can be from a simple protective cap for the head to a cleaning and charging station, making the shaver like new.

There are multifunctional razors that turn into beard trimmers simply by replacing the shaving head with a trimmer.

The main accessories to consider are the following:

  • Storage and travel case: If you travel regularly, you probably know that you need a travel case and a locking function.
  • Sidebar and beard styling accessories: Most electric razors come with a precision accessory (so-called trimmer) for shaping sideburns, moustaches or beards. There are several options, such as a simple pop-up trimmer or accessory placed in the place of the head and turns the shaver into a clipper. This is how the Philips SmartClick system works.
  • Charging station: It is a stand on which the razor is placed for charging. Depending on the model, this station can clean the blades and lubricate them to prolong their lives.
  • In the basic set: Check for a protective cover for the blades and the cleaning brush.

Spare heads

If all goes well, you will use the razor for many years. However, the blades remain exposed to severe wear, and they have a useful life of 2-3 years (maybe less, it all depends on the use).

You can continue to use them, but you will notice how the razor takes more time, plucks and irritates the skin more.

Some of the more modern razors let you know on the screen when you need to change your shaving head. If you have such a model, you do not need to worry because the machine will warn you.

It is essential to check a few other things before buying an electric razor:

  • The price of spare parts: It doesn’t make much sense to buy an electric razor on sale if the price of spare parts is relatively high. In some cases, it will happen that you will be able to buy a new razor for a little more money than the heads cost. 
  • Availability of spare parts: Although most of the razors sold are from well-known brands for which you will not have a problem finding spare parts, this is not always the case with other models at much more competitive prices, for which you may not find any spare parts.

The mrGuide team strives to provide the most objective information possible to help you make the best choice.

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