A food processor is an appliance that has proven its help in the kitchen. If you like to knead, make cakes, pies or pizzas, you defiantly need one of these appliances in your kitchen. The various brands that offer it improve the food processors more and more, adding various attachments and accessories. Thus, from an ordinary model with basic functions, the appliance becomes a multifunctional household helper.

Just some of the things that can be prepared with this appliance are – bread or pie dough, pizza dough, cake dough, various creams, shredded cheese, biscuits and others.
Thanks to the additional attachments that some food processors have, you can also prepare smoothies, juices, grind meat and cut fruits and vegetables.
The device offers many possibilities for recipes that would otherwise take us much more time and effort to prepare.

Our pick for the best kitchen robots

We have made a list of the most practical and convenient food processors to help you choose if you decide to get one. Because there are different prices and quality, we have offered both more budget devices with basic functions and slightly more expensive, but with many functions and attachments. Your choice will depend on the budget you are willing to set aside for it, as well as what you want to use it for.

1. Bosch CreationLine MUM58420 Food Processor 

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Bosch MUM48R1 is a food processor with high quality and a variety of accessories. It has a large 3.9 litre steel bowl made of stainless steel, which allows the preparation of a large amount of dough. The device has 4 speeds and a pulse function. The model is extremely easy to clean and all attachments are dishwasher safe.

The rubber feet guarantee additional stability and prevent its displacement. The electronic safety shut-off prevents the engine from starting unexpectedly. The device also has a compartment in which to store the cable when not in use.

2. Ninja Food Processor with Auto-iQ

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Ninja Food Processor with Auto-iQ has an innovative technology that allows the preparation of a variety of delicious dishes and mixes. With Auto-iQ technology, programs work quickly and easily for you, at the touch of a button.

The device has a powerful 850-watt motor that drives all attachments and blades without any problems. It is easy to use, with it you can chop, cut, grate, puree and break various products and ingredients.

The bowl has a capacity of 2.1 liters, and the appliance comes with a lid, attachments for cutting and grinding, a dough tool and a recipe book. All components for work are made of high quality stainless steel.

The bowl and attachments of the appliance are dishwasher safe.

3. Food processor Philips Viva Compact HR7510/11

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With the innovative food processor Philips Viva Compact HR7510/11 you can prepare various and delicious recipes.
It is compact 6 in 1 design, with a motor power of 800 watts and a 2.1 litre bowl allow you to prepare homemade dough, creams, cakes, drinks and more. The double metal balloon stirrer and the automatic button break up fluffy egg whites and prepare perfectly whipped cream. With the metal dough mixer, you can knead dough for soft bread. PowerChop technology is a combination of a special knife shape, a suitable cutting angle and an inner bowl, providing excellent chopping of both soft and hard products. This function can also be used for purees.

The set of the appliance includes, in addition to the main large bowl, a blender jug, 2 in 1 stainless steel disc for a slice and shred vegetables, potatoes, cheese and a citrus press for squeezing juice.

All accessories are dishwasher safe, which allows the robot to be cleaned easily and quickly.

4. Bosch MUM58364

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The Bosch MUM58364 is the ideal solution for a practical device to use every day. Its power of 1000 watts and a large bowl with a capacity of 3.9 litres, allow the preparation of a large amount of dough (about 2 kg), cake mix, cream and more. The 3D PlanetaryMixing function mixes all products quickly and optimally through an optimized planetary mechanism with stirring in three directions simultaneously. The device has 7 levels of operation and electronic speed controller.
The food processor also offers a wide range of accessories and attachments suitable for a variety of cooking – kneading hook, stirrers for beating and stirring, attachment with 3 separate cutting discs, blender and citrus press. In addition, you can conveniently and safely store the robot, because it also comes with a bag for accessories, as well as integrated cable storage – Easy storage.

5. Cuisinart Easy Prep Pro

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Cuisinart Easy Prep Pro is a model that can help you prepare mixtures, creams, cream, drinks and more. It doesn’t take up much space but at the same time, it works fast.

Its power is 750 watts and its bowl has a capacity of 1.9 litres. Thanks to the 3 speeds, you can choose the degree of kneading, cutting, breaking. It also includes a small bowl with a capacity of 0.7 litres.

Dishwasher moving parts suitable for dishwasher.

6. Food Processor Topchef

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One of the most advanced and multi-component food processors is the Food Processor Topchef. There is almost nothing that cannot be broken, mixed or stirred in it.

The power of the appliance is 1100 watts and the bowl is made of stainless steel and has a capacity of 3.2 litres. With these parameters, you can prepare a large number of mixtures.

The appliance also has 4 attachments – blender, chopper, grinder and grater, with which you can chop fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs, nuts and more. In addition, the attachments have a planetary movement, which provides access to each part of the bowl for perfectly smooth mixtures. Topchef has a reliable anti-slip system witch makes it very safe.

7. Kenwood Multi-Pro Excel Food Processor FPM910

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The Kenwood MULTIPRO EXCEL FPM910 food processor is one of the best and most advanced offers of the brand. It has many features and attachments that allow the preparation of various recipes. Its motor has an exceptional power of 1300 watts, and its bowl has a capacity of 4 litres, and there is an additional smaller bowl of 1.6 litres. Both are made of high-quality Tritan material, which is very durable. The glass of the blender is also made of high quality and allows the mixing of very hot products. It also has an elongated opening through which you can add products safely without having to stop work.
The device also has 8 speeds plus pulse, as well as automatic mode. Comes with a juice blender attachment and several discs for cutting various products.
The Multipro Sense function automatically switches to Eco mode if it does not work for 30 minutes. This reduces energy consumption by up to 50%.

8. Bosch MUM4855 Food Processor

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The product has a perfect value for money. With it, you can mix, knead, blend, grate and squeeze the juice.

The power of the appliance is 550 watts and the capacity of the bowl is 2 litres. With the MultiMotion Drive function – you mix and blend the products quickly and evenly. The planetary gear allows the mixing accessories to rotate precisely along the edge of the bowl with elliptical movements so that the contents can be mixed evenly.

The appliance also includes accessories with which you can prepare a variety of dishes – Hooks for kneading dough, stirrers for beating and mixing; blender; fast grinding attachment; meat grinder attachment and attachment stand.
The food processor is safe to use and easy to clean. The rubber feet are for extra stability, there is a locking system on the lid, as well as a protective mechanism for the mixing bowl.

9. Russell Hobbs 24732 Desire


Russell Hobbs 24732 Desire Food Processor is a budget and practical solution with a compact design. The main advantage is that it is designed to take up very little space in the kitchen and developed an intelligent method of storage. All attachments and accessories can be stored in the bowl so that they do not take up extra space when the appliance is not in use. There is also space for winding and storing the cable.

The motor of this model has a power of 600 watts and the bowl with a capacity of 1.5 litres. It has 2-speed levels plus a pulse function with which you can adjust the power of the work. A double-sided cutting/planing disc is included in the set.

The device has rubber feet that do not allow slipping or shifting during operation. All moving parts are dishwasher safe.

10. Philips Daily Collection HR7320 / 00

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The compact Philips food processor is the ideal appliance with which you can knead, grind or cut.

Its 700-watt motor handles various types of products with ease. The kneading bowl has a working capacity of 1.4 litres. The product has 9 functions with which you can prepare – chopped vegetables, sauces, purees and more.

The appliance is easy to maintain and clean. Its attachments are dishwasher safe.

Advantages of the food processor

There is no doubt that any appliance that makes our work in the kitchen easier and saves us time is a plus for us. The more functions it performs, the more practical and convenient it is.
This kitchen appliance can be much more useful than you think. Kneading dough is not an easy task, especially for inexperienced cooks. Dexterity and dexterity are required to obtain the correct consistency.

The food processor can be our favourite appliance if we often make dough for bread, pizza, cake or some other cake. In addition to its other functions for crushing harder products, as well as for cutting fruits and vegetables, it becomes multifunctional.

As we have learned, there are also appliances that come with the additional meat grinder and mixer attachments to offer us even more functions.

Types of food processors

In addition to the standard functions that the food processor has to mix, stir and break, there are also such models with additional functions and attachments. Here are the main types.


The multifunction has basic features, but they are often enough to do us a good job. It is often available with several types of stirrers and hooks for mixing and beating. In addition, there are knives or cutting discs that allow you to grate and cut fruits and vegetables.

With planetary mixer function

The planetary mixer function mixes the products perfectly because it rotates in all directions and covers the entire bowl. This is achieved thanks to the shape of the stirrer and the operation of the drive component.

With meat grinder function

More advanced food processors also offer a meat grinder function, with which you grind meat quickly and easily. If you choose an appliance that also offers this attachment, you will not have to buy a meat grinder separately.

With juicer function

The juicer is to make a delicious and full of vitamins juice or fresh juice. The more expensive brands also offer this extra to the set. Definitely, with it, you get the option for more functions of the food processor.

Buying guide

The main things that determine how practical the food processor will be are the power of its motor, the capacity of the bowl and the quality of the materials. The more powerful appliances, with a larger capacity of the main dish, are definitely for those who will reach for the appliance more often and will prepare meals for more people. If you will use this appliance infrequently and for smaller amounts of food, consider whether you need to pay extra for higher parameters.


Depending on the power, the robot will handle hard dough, cutting hard vegetables such as carrots and turnips. A more powerful engine is always a better choice because it will easily cope with time-consuming tasks. An important tip here is to pay attention to the warranty of the device. Each brand offers a different warranty period, but it is important for the motor, which is the main component of the device. The older you are, the calmer you will feel.


Most of the devices have up to 2-3 speeds. It is important to have a pulse function, which is for solid products.

Bowl size

The size of the bowl is important for the amount of mixture you will prepare. If you are cooking in larger quantities, be sure to look for a bowl with a larger capacity. However, if you do not use the appliance often and cook a smaller amount, it makes no sense to look for an appliance with a large dish.

Material and quality

Good and quality food processors are made of durable materials of high quality. It is important that blades and stirrers are made of stainless steel because it is the most durable material.
The container in which things are mixed must also be of quality workmanship in order to be able to withstand the work, as well as to be suitable and warm products. This also applies to the juicer attachment.


Appliances with more functions make the appliance more expensive, but make it multifunctional and practical. In addition to breaking and stirring, the good food processor has many functions – cutting, planing, shredding, grinding, juicer and more. The impulse function is for understanding and crushing solid products, and the planetary one for better density and homogeneity of the mixture.

Attachments and accessories

Various attachments and accessories improve the performance of this kitchen appliance. Some come with more than one bowl, several stirrers, knives and discs for shredding and slicing. There is almost no model that does not have at least one of these basic attachments.

The juicer and meat grinder are additional extras that allow the preparation of a variety of foods and beverages. It is important to consider whether you need these additional accessories and whether you will use them because they make the product more expensive. If you do not grind meat or have a separate juicer, you will hardly need these two additional components.


Safety is one of the main functions of this kitchen helper. It is important that its hooks have stability so that it does not move during operation. In addition, some brands offer an eco mode that automatically shuts off the appliance if not used for a while. This saves electricity and ensures safety.


The mrGuide team strives to provide the most objective information possible to help you make the best choice.

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