If you need to furnish your new home or just want to replace your old fridge freezer, you should know that the choice can be a difficult task. It is good to know what kind of fridge you are looking for in order to save time and headaches when looking for a model.

Unlike other appliances, the fridge freezer can be considered the heart of your home. It works around the clock to keep your food as fresh as possible for as long as possible.

For this reason, we have prepared a buying guide and additional information on the best models you can find on the market.

Our choice for the best fridge freezer

1. Fridge freezer Samsung RB31FDRNDSA

2. American Fridge Freezer LG GSX960NSVZ

3. Fridge freezer Beko CRFP1685G 60/40

4. LG Centum GBB92MCBKP 70/30

5. Fridge freezer Zanussi ZNME36FU0 70/30

6. American Style fridge freezer LG GSX961MCVZ

7. Fridge freezer Bosch KGN49XLEA 70/30

8. American style Samsung RS8000 RS68N8240B1

9. Candy CSC1365WE Static Freestanding Fridge Freezer

10. Fridge freezer Indesit IBD5517W 50/50

The market is flooded with different models. For this reason, we can’t only choose a model that cools and freezes our food, but also to match the design of our own kitchen. In addition, it is important to offer us the most modern features of the budget we have.

But as we have already said, with so many brands and models, choosing the most suitable fridge freezer for your kitchen can become a real challenge. Here is the moment to present you several models and our opinions about them.

1. Fridge freezer Samsung RB31FDRNDSA

Image credit: Samsung

Samsung is a well-known brand in the home appliance industry. The RB31FDRNDSA model has a total net volume of 310 litres, including 98 litres for the freezer compartment. This is the ideal size for a family of four.

Air circulation technology allows even distribution of cold air, so you can arrange your food in your preferred way.

With these two large vegetable containers, you can store fruits and vegetables fresh for your family. And the sliding wine rack is ideal for maximizing space. Can store 2 bottles!

As for freezing, rest assured, the model has a well-functioning “No Frost” system, which prevents the appearance of ice on the walls of the device, both in the fridge compartment and in the freezer.

A significant advantage of this model is the low noise level of 39 db, so quiet that you notice when it works.

2. American Fridge Freezer LG GSX960NSVZ

Image credit: LG

The biggest advantage of the American style is its affordability. This type of fridge freezer is much more convenient for families with children. Not only the fridge compartment is easily accessible, but also the freezer. If this is something important for you, then you will like this LG American style fridge freezer.

The LG GSX960NSVZ offers a great design with a 405 litres net capacity of the fridge and 196 of the freezer. Enough space for food storage. The four shelves in the fridge compartment allow convenient relocation, providing the possibility to accommodate bulky products. The door is also equipped with 5 convenient shelves for organizing bottles of water, juice and more. Plus, with InstaView Door-in-Door, you won’t have to open it to see what’s in the fridge. All you have to do is knock on the glass twice to activate the bright LED lighting. It will help you easily make a quick check without losing cold air. In addition to the good functionality of the double door, it gives an aesthetic appeal that your guests will surely like.

With the help of FRESH Balancer technology you will store your vegetables and fruits in optimal conditions, and the system will regulate the appropriate amount of moisture.

In addition, this side by side fridge freezer provides cold water thanks to the built-in water dispenser. A freezer offers a quick-freeze program as well as an ice dispenser.

3. Fridge freezer Beko CRFP1685G 60/40

Image credit: Beko

This fridge freezer Beko CRFP1685G 60/40 has a beautiful, clean and innovative design. Designed to perform its functions well and be offered at a reasonable price, the model meets the expectations of most buyers. Among the good qualities of the model, you can find excellent flexibility in the interior compartments, as well as the quality coating of some stainless steel elements.

This model from Beko also offers a fruit and vegetable compartment maintaining a temperature that will keep them fresh longer.

It has an adjustable thermostat and LED lighting, which doesn’t burden your electricity bill. In addition, this Beko fridge freezer is quite economical. It has an A + energy efficiency certificate,  which can offer you a consumption of 338 KWH much better than other existing brands on the market with the same energy rating.

4. LG Centum GBB92MCBKP 70/30

Image credit: LG

The next model on our list is this fridge freezer with a matte black body offered by LG. With its elegant design, it would fit perfectly into any kitchen.

Thanks to DoorCooling + technology, the LG Centum GBB92MCBKP 70/30 can regulate the airflow when the door is open. The system consists of ventilation openings in the front of the fridge, which don’t allow warm air to enter. It also contributes to faster and more even cooling of the products.

Inside you will find safe glass shelves that don’t allow spilt liquids to reach the individual sections. The fridge freezer also has adjustable temperature control, which allows 24 hours of even cooling.

In addition to these elegant features, the LG Centum GBB92MCBKP 70/30 fridge freezer is designed to be as efficient as possible. By constantly monitoring its internal temperature, it allows the temperature to rise or cools when necessary.

The freezer has three separate drawers, one of which is designed for faster freezing of products.

5. Fridge freezer Zanussi ZNME36FU0 70/30

Image credit: Zanussi

Zanussi also won a place on our list with this first-class fridge freezer. It is perfectly sized for an apartment with not very large size. Without taking up too much space in the kitchen, this model will provide you with enough space to store family food.

Zanussi ZNME36FU0 70/30 has 266 litres capacity of the fridge compartment and 94 of the freezer. It is well designed and the energy efficiency of the model is class A +, which guarantees low power consumption. According to the manufacturer, the consumption is 325 kWh per year.

It also has an air cooling system that circulates cold air to such an extent that it is able to maintain the same temperature at both the top and bottom.

Shelves can be moved easily, this facilitates the organization of food. The temperature can also be regulated, which undoubtedly leads to optimal storage of the products.

Adjustable feet are quite useful in case of an uneven floor. Thanks to them, the device can be levelled quickly, easily and conveniently. People who already have this model say that they are surprised by the compactness and capacity of this fridge freezer.

Both doors are reversible, which will allow you to position it where it is convenient for you.

6. American Style fridge freezer LG GSX961MCVZ

Images credit: LG

The LG GSX961MCVZ fridge freezer has a really impressive design. This is one of the modern fridges that will allow you to see what’s inside without opening the door. The InstaView feature will allow you to do this by simply knocking on the glass.

In addition, this model has other high-tech features such as a convenient water dispenser, Pure N Fresh for minimal odours, an innovative lid for optimal humidity maintenance, cooling technology that ensures that all products are well cooled. FRESH Balancer seals the vegetable drawer to keep vegetables and fruits fresh for longer.

It also has a good total capacity of 601 litres and an energy efficiency rating of A ++.

7. Fridge freezer Bosch KGN49XLEA 70/30

Image credit: Bosch

Check at:

Today, most consumers are looking for fridge freezers that are comfortable, flexible, completely easy to use and last for many years. For this reason, they must be made of good and durable material, with enough space for food storage.

That’s why we present you one of the best models at the moment. Bosch KGN49XLEA 70/30 is ready to offer the customer the best on the market in comfort and elegance.

Bosch KGN49XLEA 70/30 is a fridge freezer and Vitafresh drawers that maintain a temperature close to 0 degrees. This system prolongs the storage of fresh products by keeping vegetables and fruits fresh and crunchy for a longer time.

The model is quite economical thanks to the presence of a thermostat in both the fridge and the freezer compartment. In addition, this Bosch fridge freezer maintains a constant temperature, which is controlled by the freshSense function, so that your food will always be completely cooled.

It has a good energy rating  A ++,  which can offer you a very low annual energy consumption of 325 kWh.

8. American style Samsung RS8000 RS68N8240B1

Image credit: Samsung

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Samsung RS8000 RS68N8240B1 American style fridge freezer attracts attention with its elegant design. Its body has impressive black colour and the material used is stainless steel.

In addition to the offered beauty and style, Samsung RS8000 RS68N8240B1 is equipped with a water and ice dispenser and the ability to connect directly to the water supply. Both compartments are wide and spacious allowing good flexibility for different configurations. In fact, you can configure the shelves so that you can store quite large food items.

The door shelves are also quite tidy and useful. They are strong and deep enough to withstand heavy bottles and jars.

9. Candy CSC1365WE Static Freestanding Fridge Freezer

Image credit: Candy

If you are looking for something more ordinary for your home or you need an additional fridge freezer, take a look at our offer for a cheap model with a good freezer.

Whatever the reason, if you’re looking for a good value for money, the Candy CSC1365WE is a model you can count on.

This model is quite simple but has the necessary shelves that allow regrouping for more convenient storage of high products.

Although it is a basic model, it offers a good capacity: 111 litres on the cooling compartment and 62 litres on the freezer.

The device is of energy class A + and annual consumption is 214 kWh.

10. Fridge freezer Indesit IBD5517W 50/50

Image credit: Indesit

Fridge freezer Indesit IBD5517W 50/50 is also one of the cheapest models in our list. It is offered at a good price for a fridge that has an A + energy efficiency certificate. This feature guarantees us low electricity consumption, which according to the manufacturer it is about 268 kWh per year.

The total capacity of the models is 235 litres, distributed between 150 litres for the fridge and 85 litres for the freezer. It measures 174 x 54.5 x 58 cm.

Indesit IBD5517W 50/50 has four positions for temperature control in the fridge and four more in the freezer. 

Using a model of this type, most users choose one temperature level, but it is still convenient to change the temperature according to your needs. 

It is advisable to adjust the temperatures if you fill the fridge so that it runs less time and can cool the contents quicker.

In terms of noise, this model of Indesit emits only 42 dB, which is more than acceptable.

The freezer is “No Frost”, so the temperature changes that occur when the door is opened will not generate frost.

One of the possible disadvantages of Indesit IBD5517W 50/50 is its colour. In the world of stainless steel appliances, it is boring white.

How to find out if you need a new fridge freezer

If you don’t remember how long you have this fridge freezer that you currently have, then it may be a good idea to look for a new one. It is quite possible to think that it works the same way as before and does not need to be replaced. However, it’s a good idea to ask yourself a few questions to find out if you need a new fridge freezer.

How old is my fridge freezer?

There is no specific period for replacing the fridge freezer. But when a problem arises, it is very important how old it is. If your fridge freezer is only a few years old, it will be worth repairing. But in case it is more than 10 years, it will be best to buy a modern fridge freezer that will serve you flawlessly for many years to come. Investing in repairs can be unprofitable, and buying a new model is inevitable.

Is my fridge working effectively?

Many of the models on the market have an Energy Star” certificate. Having such a model you will be sure of the low electricity consumption, which undoubtedly leads to saving money from electricity bills.

Of course, the same can’t be said of the old models, which consume up to twice as much energy as the new one. It is definitely worth investing in a new fridge freezer as it will save you money from day one.

Does it produce condensation?

The job of the fridge freezer is to keep your food cold even in the hot summer. Check if your fridge freezer retains condensation inside walls. Condensation means that the door is not sealed well enough. Check the seal, if it gets wet it means that your old fridge freezer needs repair or replacement.

Does it take a long time to cool down the products?

Notice how long it takes to cool down the products after you return from shopping. You can do a small test with a few cans of fizzy drinks or a bottle of water. If it takes a too long time, not only will not be useful, but it will also consume more energy than before without a good result. In addition, efficient food storage with this fridge freezer will be impossible.

Types of fridge freezers

There is a wide variety of fridge freezers to choose from according to your needs. Here we will not talk about all types, but we will take out only the main types of fridge freezers needed for everyday households.

Fridge with top Freezer

Image credit: Maytag

Of course, this type is known to all. Most of it is a fridge compartment with a separate small freezer at the top of the appliance. Depending on the specific model, it can be quite easy to use the freezer, but you will need to bend down every time you need to pick up fruit or vegetables from the dedicated box. 

This type doesn’t have a built-in water dispenser as well as an ice maker, but the problem is minimal as you can cool a water bottle and put several ice moulds in the freezer. Due to the basic features that the model has, it can be considered a budget.

Fridge freezers with freezer at the bottom

Image credit: Fridgemaster

Definitely, if you keep vegetables and fruits in the fridge, you will like this type. The box is located in the centre of the appliance, which makes it easy to use.

Hassle-free vegetable picking for the salad! This may be a big advantage for someone, but if you like frozen foods, it can be annoying to find them in the big drawer in the freezer. Like the model with the upper chamber, the fridge freezer doesn’t have an ice maker and you will have to use ice moulds.

French style fridge freezer

Image credit: Samsung

This type is gaining more and more popularity for understandable reasons. The freezer of this type of appliance is located in its lower part, while its cooling compartment has two doors. One of the advantages of this fridge freezer is that the doors are narrow and don’t need much space to open them. 

Therefore, this type of fridge freezer is preferred by all who don’t have much space in the kitchen. Keep in mind that despite the narrow doors, the shelves of this fridge are wide enough to provide you with enough space to store more bulky products such as cake.

Most models of this type offer several drawers in the freezer at the bottom, as well as a built-in ice maker and water dispenser.

American fridge freezer

Image credit: frigidaire

A favourite of many households, this American style fridge freezer has a freezer on the left and a refrigerator compartment on the right. Food storage is convenient in both compartments, as they are located along with the entire height of the appliance. If you have children old enough to open the fridge on their own, you can put their favourite foods on the lower shelves for their convenience. In addition, many models of this type “Side by side” have an ice maker and a water dispenser on the door.

Built-in fridge freezer

Image credit: Bosch

They are usually available in different sizes, but in general, the standard built-in fridge freezer resembles the fridge with a bottom freezer. The difference is that this one is installed in a kitchen cabinet of your choice. At first glance, nothing betrays the position of the fridge. Apart from the aesthetics that this type offers, it is not limited in terms of interior space for food storage. On the market, there are models with single, double and French style with three or more doors.

Keep your fridge bacteria-free

The fridge freezer is the main appliance for storing food in most households. Due to the low maintained temperatures, the food manages to stay fresh for a longer time. However, you should keep in mind that there are bacteria resistant to cold and continue to grow even when food is chilled. That’s why we have some tips on how to keep your fridge freezer free of bacteria.

1. Clean regularly

It is very important to clean your fridge freezer regularly. If you are disciplined and follow this rule, you will reduce the growth of bacteria in your fridge. As in the fight against bacteria elsewhere, so here cleanliness is the main weapon. It happens that part of the food falls on the shelf or you spill something. Don’t ignore what happened and wipe immediately to avoid the possible spread of bacteria. Use antibacterial cleaners for the main cleaning, and for partial cleaning, you can use hot water and washing-up liquid.

2. Dispose of old food on time

Image credit: Istockphoto

Strictly monitor the expiry date of the food. Throw away everything old and spoiled. Spoiled food will allow the development of bacteria, as well as mould, which can be transmitted to other foods.

At best, you don’t have to wait for food to spoil to throw it away. Periodically check the dates labelled ” best before: ” or ” use by: “. Keep in mind that you can store home-cooked food in the cold place for no more than 5 days. If you have a kitchen board for recipes, put a note to remind you in case you forget. This will make sure that the food is still edible. In addition, you should not forget that investing in a good fridge freezer will help in the quality storage of food.

3. Don’t mix raw and ready-to-eat foods

Avoid mixing raw foods with ready-to-eat ones. Raw meats contain dangerous bacteria that can cause you health problems. To properly organize the food in your fridge, always remember to put the meat on the bottom shelf. Make this a habit, so you will always avoid leaking juices on the rest of the food. In addition, at your discretion, you can wrap the meat in a few extra bags to keep the fridge freezer clean and free of bacteria.

How to choose a fridge freezer?

On the market, you can find a wide variety of fridge freezers with many different features and characteristics that make it difficult to choose. Therefore, before making your purchase, it is important to consider several determining factors so that you can choose the most suitable one for you.

The size

One of these determining factors when choosing a new fridge freezer is its size. It is not worth buying a large model if you have limited space in the kitchen.

It is important to check the height, width and depth of the model you like and compare with the space you have designed for the appliance.

These bulky appliances come in a variety of sizes, from American-style fridge that needs more space, to small models without a freezer that takes up very little space. It is good to take measurements and choose a model with dimensions adapted to the free space you have. Be sure to include the distance occupied by the fridge with the door open. This way you will avoid unpleasant surprises during its installation.

Image credit: Bush


Another very important factor when choosing a fridge freezer is its overall internal capacity. The capacity is usually related to its size, the larger it is, respectively the larger the capacity as well.

The small fridge freezer, which is convenient for a couple without children, have a capacity between 100 and 200 litres. While the larger models suitable for families of four have a capacity ranging from 300 litres to 500 litres, but possibly more.

Note that the capacity specified in the technical characteristics of each model is divided into two types: gross capacity and net capacity. 

You need to check the net value, as this is the actual capacity of the fridge, including the vegetable boxes, all the shelves and other accessories such as a bottle holder. 

To make the best choice when choosing a fridge freezer according to its capacity is to take into account the number of members of your family.


The design from model to model can be radically different depending on the brand and type of fridge freezer. There is an American style, with an upper freezer, one door or two, one below the other.

There are also models available in a variety of colours or with glossy finishes that add elegance to the device.

More modern models include LCD touch screens on the door, LED lights, drawers in different layouts and sizes. As well as bottle holders or special compartments for different types of food.


There is no denying the fact that fridge freezers are appliances that consume a lot of electricity at home, they consume more energy than a washer dryer, for example, because their task is to work 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Keep this in mind when choosing, because it is more worthy to buy a more energy-efficient model with low consumption. This will save you a lot of money from your monthly electricity bills in the long term.

Most of these appliances have an energy efficiency label provided by the manufacturer. There you can find information about the consumption of the respective model. 

This label shows the different levels of effectiveness identified by the letters A to D, the former being the most effective. In addition, the levels are coloured in different colours for easier orientation of the user.

The latest generation of A +++ certified appliances are the most energy-efficient on the market. Choosing a fridge freezer with low energy consumption will allow you to save on electricity bills.

Additional features

Today, there are modern fridge freezers offering all kinds of additional functions and options, both in their internal layout and in temperature and humidity control systems.

For example, more modern models are equipped with an ice maker, a water dispenser, and a direct connection to the water supply network.

Others offer much greater efficiency and keep food fresh for much longer. Also, many of them have an alarm to notify you when you forget the door open.

Finally, the latest generation fridge freezers have a digital screen for function control, as well as a WiFi connection for remote control via a mobile phone. 


The mrGuide team strives to provide the most objective information possible to help you make the best choice.

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