One of the essential devices for the male audience is a hair clipper. Thanks to it you can always maintain your hair or beard in good shape. Although many people prefer to go to a hairdresser to professionally style their hair, this device would always come in handy at home. You have to style your hair or beard very often, and you can not always visit a professional. Also, it is a compact and small device that you can take with you anywhere.

With their modernization by the manufacturers, clippers are now available, which have many attachments and settings. Thanks to them, you can always choose the length that is most suitable for you. They are also improved in the way of power supply – there are clippers with batteries that are charged and work for a long time. This allows you to operate the device much more comfortable, more manoeuvres and reach hard-to-reach places. And if you choose a hair clipper suitable for beard and hair – you get two machines in one.

Our pick for best hair clippers

Some high-end models are designed for the greatest masters in haircutting and shaving. Although they are a bit more expensive than others, their investment is worth it if you have to use this device often or do it professionally.

We present you several models of hair clippers. We have included both devices that run on cable and those that allow the use of a battery. Most come in several lengths and attachments and accessories that make it easier to style the hairstyle.

1. Hair clipper Philips HC9450 / 15

Image: Philips

Philips HC9450 / 15 is a comfortable and high-quality clipper. It has electrically operated combs that work with ease. Thanks to the digital control and the convenient interface you can work with the device quickly and safely. The blades are made of titanium, which makes them much more durable and high quality than steel. The clipper has 400 cutting heights to choose the one that suits you best. Thanks to the storage function, the device saves the selected setting to make it easier for you the next time you use it. The quality and durable batteries of the Philips HC9450 / 15 make it a preferred device by professionals. Charging time is one hour, then it can run autonomously for about 120 minutes at full power. The appliance comes with three adjustable hair combs.

2. Hair clipper Remington HC5810

Image: Remington

Remington HC5810 is suitable for both haircuts and beard styling. It has ceramic blades that are extremely easy to maintain – you can wash them under running water. Thanks to the lithium-ion battery, the machine can work long after it is charged – up to 50 minutes. The device has an indicator light that shows the battery charge level. The set includes many accessories, including attachments for different lengths, scissors, comb and clips. And for easier storage, there is a case for the device and all its parts.

3. Braun HC5010 Hair Clipper

Image: Braun

One high quality and easy to use the device is the Braun HC5010 clipper. Thanks to its elegant design, the device grips comfortably, manoeuvres easily and reaches hard-to-reach places. It has 9 settings as well as one dedicated comb. All this, in combination with sharp knives, allow you to quickly and easily shape your hairstyle. Thanks to the dual battery, the device lasts a long time without charging – about 50 minutes. With the SafetyLock function, you save the last setting you used for greater convenience next time. Thanks to the washable head, the maintenance of the clipper is straightforward.

4. Hair clipper MOSER 1902-0460

Image: MOSER

MOSER is high quality and proven manufacturer of clippers and shavers. MOSER 1902-0460 is a high-class device that will do an excellent job in shaping your hairstyle. Thanks to the lithium-ion battery, the machine can work for more than an hour without the need for charging. The steel blades are an indicator of quality and do a perfect job in trimming. The set includes many accessories for styling the hairstyle, as well as scissors, brush and comb.

5. Philips Hair Clippers, Series 5000

Image: Philips

Philips Series 5000 is a quality hair clipper. Thanks to it you can quickly and easily cut your hair. With the DualCut and Trim-n-Flow Pro technologies, the hairstyle is even, and there is no danger of hairs falling into the appliance. You have a choice of 28 lock-in length settings to choose from. The blades are made of stainless steel and are double sharpened for better results. The time required to charge the device is one hour and then run for up to 90 minutes without interruption. You can also maintain it very quickly – you need to wash it under running water. The unique design of the handle allows a more comfortable grip and trouble-free use.

6. Panasonic Premium ER-SC40 hair clipper

Image: Panasonic

Panasonic ER-SC40 is a high-class hair clipper that is easy and convenient to work with. It has 19 length settings, with high-quality blades and a linear motor. The battery needs to be charged for one hour to run autonomously for about 60 minutes. Maintaining the machine is extremely easy – clean the blades under running water after each use. The design of the device allows a comfortable grip and easy movement during operation. Thanks to the curved handle, you can easily reach and cut even hard-to-reach places.

7. Wahl Colour Pro Hair Clippers for Men


The WAHL hair clipper has a comfortable design and allows easy and fast trimming. Thanks to the lithium-ion batteries, the device operates at maximum power for up to 60 minutes if charged for 3 hours. Thanks to the slightly curved design and conveniently positioned buttons, you control the machine with ease. The set contains 10 guide combs which are colour coded to make it easy to remember.

8. Hair clipper Philips HC3424 / 80

Image Phillips

The Philips HC3400 hair clipper is a reliable and convenient device. It has 13 length settings to choose from. Also, the blades are made of steel, perfectly sharpened and can be cleaned very easily – wash them under running water. With their unique technology, the haircut is quick and easy. The set includes two attachments for styling the hairstyle. The battery of the clipper lasts about an hour at maximum power.

9. Remington Barba Beard Trimmer, MB320C

Image: Remington

Remington MB320C is a robust and reliable machine suitable for shaving and trimming. The blades are ceramic and offer 9 levels of length selection. Besides, they have innovative technology that allows them to self-sharpen. This is a guarantee for more excellent durability and a higher quality of work. The machine can run on batteries for about 40 minutes, and thanks to the LED indicator, you know when it needs charging. The set includes an accessory to shape your beard more quickly, as well as a comb and a cleaning brush.

10. Remington HC363C

Image: Remington

Remington HC363C is a comfortable clipper with an elegant design. The blades are ceramic coated and self-sharpening. Thanks to the 8 interchangeable combs, you can choose the length (between 3 and 25 mm) of the haircut. The machine can run on batteries for up to 40 minutes, and when it needs to be charged, an indicator light will alert you. The set includes many accessories, including three clips, a comb, brushes, scissors and a protective cap. The typewriter and all accessories come with a convenient storage bag.

Types of hair clippers

There are several types of clippers, mainly differing in whether they work only with cable, only with batteries or combined. Thanks to their improvement over the years, you can find more and more hair clippers that work with both power methods – cable and batteries. Also, some appliances are professional – they are usually more powerful, with better quality and double-edged knives. Thanks to these features, they are also more expensive than the others. They also offer more haircut lengths and a wide range of attachments and accessories that can be used to make more complex hairstyles. Some machines are ordinary and suitable for use at home. They are cheaper, often with weaker motors and do not have a wide variety of attachments and grades. However, they are very comfortable and lightweight,


Cable trimmers are powered by electricity and need to be plugged into work. They are a little more uncomfortable and harder to manoeuvre.


Wireless trimmers have rechargeable batteries that need to be charged for a certain amount of time to work afterwards. Usually, the required power time is about an hour, and the battery life is about 40 to 60 minutes. The advantage of these devices is that they are much more convenient to use, more manoeuvrable and more mobile.

Body trimmers

Body trimmers are specially designed to handle body curves. Their blades are shorter, and the set includes attachments that make it easier to shave different areas of the body.

Beard trimmers

Beard trimmers are a little different from clippers. They are designed to cope with facial curves and smaller hairs. Thanks to special attachments, you can shape your beard easier.


More advanced shavers are suitable for hair, beard and body. They are designed so that they can work equally well in all places. It is essential to pay attention to the attachments that come with these appliances. It is good to have an additional attachment for the beard and different areas of the body.

Purchase guide

The clipper is a men’s accessory that would be very useful if you have it in your home. Like any appliance, it’s a good idea to research the main features to look out for. This way, you will be able to choose the most correct and convenient one for you. Since most men are not haircut professionals, it is a good idea to choose a comfortable and easy-to-use hair clipper in the first place.

According to the type of power supply

As it turned out, there are two ways to power – with cable and batteries. There are also combined, which can work with both types of power supply. They are the most convenient, but sometimes a little more expensive. Professionals who are accustomed to handling this device have no problem choosing a corded typewriter. Although it is more challenging to manoeuvre, its power has no limit and can work for a long time. In hairdressing, salons often rely on this type. But if you do not use the machine very often and do not have much experience, it is better to choose a device with batteries. This way, you will not have to deal with cable and sockets, and you will move it much more comfortable.

Battery life

Battery life is one of the features to look out for. This is especially true for men who have long hair or use the clipper for longer. The most common are the machines with an autonomy of up to40-60 minutes. This requires at least an hour charging time.

Engine power

There are three types of motors for clippers – magnetic, linear and rotary. Magnetic motors are the weakest and least common. Linear and rotary motors are more durable and robust. Most professional typewriters are manufactured with the last two types, but they undoubtedly make the device more expensive.

Blade material and self-sharpening

The most common material of the blades is stainless steel. It is a guarantee for durability and quality of the clipper. You can also find blades made of ceramic material or titanium. They are used for some professional, high-quality appliances.

Length settings

Most clippers offer several length settings. However, when choosing a model and brand, check what and how many lengths they offer.

Accessories included

Accessories are an important part of any hair clipper. They give you the opportunity to style more professional hairstyles and different lengths. Some models offer more attachments than others. If you want to use a beard clipper, make sure an attachment is suitable for this area. Other standard accessories are scissors, a comb and a tube of knife oil.

Easy to use

The design of the clipper is essential. Thanks to it, the device is easier to use. It is also important that the buttons are in a convenient location and easy to operate. Manufacturers try to lighten the appliances as much as possible, but when you buy a clipper, especially if you are in the store, check for its weight.

Cleaning and maintenance

There are two main ways to maintain a clipper. One is cleaning with a special brush that reaches every corner of the machine, and the other is washing under running water. Check the type of your typewriter, because not everyone can wash.


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