There is hardly a woman who doesn’t have a hair dryer in her home. It dries wet hair and is the perfect solution if you want your hairstyle to look voluminous and beautiful without going to the hairdresser every time. The device is practical because it allows you to give it a perfect look quickly and easily. Suitable for all hair types, it is extremely comfortable to work with, and even professional ones are suitable for home use.

Different brands are increasingly improving their appliances and strive to produce them from quality materials, enough power and various functions. The market offers a wide selection of different hair dryers that are suitable for use at home. However, it is always good to choose a device according to its practicality and convenience for yourself.

Which hair dryer is the best?

Since this is a device which is used very often, it is important to find a good quality device that you can use for a long time. In addition to performing its intended task – to dry and style the hair, it must be comfortable and safe to work.

We have prepared several hair dryers with characteristics that will help you navigate between the different brands and their models. This will help you to make an informed choice and decide which appliance would be most suitable for you.

1. Hair Dryer Remington PROluxe AC9140

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Remington PROluxe AC9140 is a hair dryer with a stunning and stylish design, which includes in its functions the latest technologies and trends. Its powerful jet allows fast drying and easy styling of any type of hair.

Its power is 2400 watts, and the automatic OPTIheat system monitors the even distribution of heat throughout the air stream. Remington PROluxe AC9140 also has an ionic system that helps keep hair shiny and soft.

CoolShot is a cold jet feature that is accessible with an easy button. With the PROluxe AC9140, you also get a diffuser attachment.

2. Philips HPS920 / 00 pro hair dryer

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The product is designed for fast and professional drying. It is one of the most innovative hair dryers on the market. Its design allows an easy grip to make working with it comfortable.

The power of the device is 2300 watts, which allows a high speed – 170 km / h when drying. It has 6 heating and 3 power settings. It also has ionic care, which makes the hair many times softer after treatment. Thanks to the antistatic system, Philips HPS920 / 00 minimizes electrification. It can be used for straight drying, as well as for shaping volume and curls.

3. Dyson Supersonic HD01 hair dryer

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The Dyson Supersonic HD01 is a practical device with an innovative design that achieves perfect results. The hair dries quickly without the need for extreme heat. Thanks to the attachments that are included with the appliance, it is suitable for all hair types.

Its motor has a power of 1600 watts and reaches 95 ° C drying temperature. The digital V9 engine combined with Air Multiplier technology allows a controlled high-speed jet that dries extremely quickly.

The device has a built-in temperature controller that measures the air temperature and regulates the heat. This prevents overheating and keeps the hair much softer and shiny.

Dyson Supersonic HD01 has 4 temperature settings – for fast, normal and gentle drying, as well as cold jet.

The device includes two air concentrators, a diffuser, a non-slip pad and a hanging hook.

4. Remington Keratin Protect AC8820 hair dryer

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Remington Keratin Protect AC8820 is a high-class drying and shaping device. It has a built-in ring with keratin microparticles and almond oil. They are released in micro-quantities during work and give the hair a healthy and shiny look.

The power of the AC motor is 2200 watts, which allows a reliable and fast result. Keratin Protect AC8820 is equipped with an ion generator with 90% more ions than standard Remington hair dryers. This helps for a healthy look and soft hair, also protects it from static electricity. The device has a cold jet function to complete the hairstyle.

The set includes two concentrators for professional styling, as well as a diffuser for volume and curls. In addition, the rear grille of the appliance is removable and can be cleaned, which allows longer and safer use.

5. Philips HP8283 / 00 hair dryer

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A great suggestion for a powerful and practical hair dryer is Philips HP8283 / 00. The power of the motor is 2300 watts, with 2 speeds and 3 temperature levels. The device has an ionization function that reduces the electrification of the hair and keeps it smooth and soft. The cold air function helps to fix the hairstyle when you have finished drying.

The device includes a concentrator and diffuser, as well as a device for massaging the scalp.

6. Professional hair dryer Valera Swiss Silence Jet SXJ 8600 RC

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Valera is one of the world leaders in the field of hair care and protection. Valera Swiss Silence Jet SXJ 8600 RC is for professional use and fast results. Its motor power is 2400 watts, which makes it one of the proposals with the highest power. Thanks to the power of the motor, drying is many times faster even for long hair. The device has an ionization function that protects the hair, and the three temperature settings and 2-speed settings allow control of the action. It also includes a button for cold air and Airflow technology.

The model has a removable metal filter, 2 air nozzles and a diffuser.

7. Air dryer with a diffuser BaByliss Platinum Diamond 2300

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This is a professional hair dryer with a powerful 2000-watt AC motor that allows really good drying. The device has 2 speeds and 5 settings of temperature. It also has a cooling function. Thanks to the removable filter, it is easy and safe to maintain. In addition, this model has protection against overheating, which makes working with it safely.

The hanging ring allows you to place it in a convenient place for you, and with the two concentrators (75 mm and 90 mm) and the diffuser, you can style your hair very easily and professionally.

8. Philips HP8233 / 00

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Philips HP8233 / 00 dries quickly at lower temperatures. Looks feminine and elegant, and the handle is specially designed for an easy and comfortable grip.

The device has a power of 2200 watts and creates a strong airflow. This combination of speed and power speeds up drying and styling. Charged negative ions eliminate static electricity, take care of your hair and enhance its shine. The appliance has 6 speed and temperature settings that you can adjust according to your needs, as well as a speed mode for fast drying.

The device has a CoolShot function for a cold jet, which completes and fixes your hairstyle.

The asymmetrical massaging diffuser has an advanced asymmetrical construction that distributes the air stream for more volume and less charge while massaging the scalp, which stimulates it and makes the hair more alive.

It has a storage ring in a convenient place for you, as well as a removable filter for quick and easy cleaning.

9. Rowenta Infini Pro CV8730 Hair Dryer

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Rowenta Infini Pro is a budget and practical model. With its power of 2200 watts, it manages to achieve perfect results quickly and easily. The device has 2-speed levels and 3 for temperature, as well as a button for cold air. The ionizing function prevents electrification of the hair and keeps the hear soft and silky. It looks always strong and healthy.

It comes with a diffuser to shape your curls and volume and two air concentrators for the perfect smooth hair. The device has a ring to hang it in a convenient place.

10. ghd Professional Hair Dryer

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If you have high requirements and are looking for the best on the market, we suggest you take a look at GHD products and in particular that model. This is a professional hair dryer, refined to the last detail with extremely high quality. With its help, your hair will always be alive, shiny and shaped the way you want.

The model has remarkable features that include an ergonomic design for a comfortable and easy grip, as well as power adjustment. Its certified professional motor has a power of 2100 watts and provides high-pressure airflow, which dries in a much shorter time compared to a regular model.

It has ion technology and three levels of temperature control. You can choose the right one for you according to the thickness as well as the density of your hair. GHD doesn’t exhaust the hair but it keeps it shine and radiance. It also has a cold air button, which is used after styling to help maintain the long-lasting effect of the hairstyle.

Do you want your hair perfectly straight or achieve natural-looking waves? Are you looking for a gentle product and a professional result? This cool GHD is your best ally.

Why do you need a good hair dryer?

To achieve the desired results, especially if you use a dryer often, you need a quality appliance. Hair dryers with more power and quality materials last longer and work faster. Many of them also have features that protect the hair from high temperatures.

With individual attachments, such as air concentrators and diffusers, it helps shape and style different hairstyles with minimal effort.

Types of hair dryers

The market is full of different models, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. There are several main types of hair dryers that include various additives to their components and add value to the product.

Hair dryer with ions

Thanks to the negatively charged ions used in the antistatic system, the hair is much more shiny and soft. This is because thanks to the ions it is not so electrified so the structure of the hair is preserved.

The model with ion generators is definitely a good choice for people who have drier and “scattering” hair.

Tourmaline hair dryer

As their name suggests, tourmaline hair dryers contain tourmaline in their components. It is a gemstone that emits negative ions and infrared light naturally. It is most often placed on the motor so that once the particles start working, they start their action.

Using a hair dryer, especially if you do it often, more or less damages the hair due to the high temperature. Tourmaline particles protect it from the strong heat. The gemstone releases negative ions that destroy water molecules, and the hair is exposed to the damaging heat much shorter. Also, the hair cuticle closes, which gives extra shine.

The infrared heat radiated by this type of hair dryer also helps maintain a healthy and soft look. With tourmaline models, the hair dries on the inside, and the heating on the outside is much less.

Hair dryer with ceramic coating

Ceramic technology is already used by more and more brands producing hair dryers. It allows great durability of the device and even distribution of the air jet.

Hair dryer with titanium heater

With a titanium heater, they are often lighter. In addition, it heats up significantly faster than others.

Buying guide

The good model is comfortable and practical. However, it is important to pay attention to its quality. Many of the cheap models aren’t powerful and safe enough. And if you need a device that you will use often, it is good to get a slightly more expensive but quality model. To be safe, it must be possible to clean the dust particles that collect in the rear grille. This means choosing a device with a removable grille.

It is also good to consider what type of hair you have. Thick and curly one needs more time and a stronger jet to achieve the desired result. Accordingly, it is good for them to choose a powerful model. Also, the diffuser attachment is important to achieve the the best wavy hairstyle.

For thinner without volume, you can opt for a model with a less powerful motor, but it is good to choose a hair dryer with an ionic system to give more shine and volume.


The power determines how fast it will heat up and how strong a stream of warm air will blow. Hairdressers and stylists pay great attention to this feature. The more expensive and quality hair dryers have an AC motor, which is durable and allows longer life of the appliance. If you often use the hair dryer at home and want better and faster results – choose a device with more power and more watts.

Power and heat regulation

Power and heat adjustment allow you to adjust the airflow and heat to your liking. The more settings the appliance has, the more options you have. Lower settings can be used for shorter or slightly damp hair. More powerful airflow and high heat are suitable for thick and long hair.


Ergonomics and comfort are important factors when choosing a hair dryer. Remember that you will have to hold it mostly with one hand, and this can be a tedious task sometimes. It is good to try if it is easy to grip and lightweight. If you buy it from a physical store, this is easy to check, but if you buy it online, be sure to look at its weight and size.

Cold air function

The cold air is ideal for styling and fixing the hairstyle. More and more hair dryers now offer this feature as well.

Materials and quality

Like any device, the quality depends on the materials. Higher quality ones make it more expensive, but also make it more durable and safe. The ceramic inner grille is of the highest quality and allows even heat distribution. The grille of each model doesn’t have to be the same, but it is recommended for greater safety and quality.

Some hair dryers have added conditioners, such as the one with keratin from our list of suggestions. This is also an extra that not every appliance has, but it contributes to additional nutrition.

The titanium heater and AC motor are certainly components of more professional appliances. They increase the performance and quality of the device but they aren’t necessarily part of it. If these models are out of your budget, don’t worry there are plenty of good choices on the market.


The main accessories that come with almost every model are an air concentrator (one or more) and a diffuser. They help to achieve the best hairstyle look with minimal effort. The diffuser is an attachment for drying curly and wavy hair.


The mrGuide team strives to provide the most objective information possible to help you make the best choice.

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