Only a few years ago permanent hair removal was only possible in beauty salons. Because this procedure is performed by specially trained people, it is an expensive pleasure that not every customer can afford. For this reason, many people resort to shaving, waxing or removing unwanted hair using epilators. These are procedures that require a lot of time or accelerate hair growth. For many people, the pain is unbearable as well. Luckily all this struggle can be avoided now by purchasing IPL hair removal machine. These devices are much more affordable, painless and so easy to use.

Finally, with the advancement of technology, permanent hair removal at home is now quite possible. It is much more accessible, convenient and you do not need any special skills to apply it. Modern IPL hair removal machines are completely safe and with their help, you can get rid of annoying hair after only a few procedures for about 6 months. When you achieve the desired result, you only need maintenance procedures every 6-8 weeks, which will provide you with silky smooth and soft to the touch skin for a long period of time.

IPL hair removal machine treatment is a painless and very effective method for dealing with unwanted hair. With the right device, the procedure is performed quickly, and the results are visible from about the second or third treatment. In the long run, it will save you a lot of money. The lamps of these devices are made to last for many years, so once you invest in the purchase of such a device, the problem of unwanted hair is solved. The IPL hair removal machine is suitable for use by both women and men. So feel free to share it with your partner.

Many of these unique devices are suitable for treating the whole body as well as the face. However, they are not effective for a certain skin type and hair colour, so before you buy an IPL hair removal machine, make sure that it is right for you. Also, although these devices are safe, read the operating instructions carefully before the first procedure. This will ensure you a good result and safety at work.

Our pick for the best IPL hair removal machine at the moment

In this guide we have selected some of the most preferred appliances currently on the market. They are selected according to the wishes and financial capabilities of customers.

1. IPL Hair Removal Machine Philips Lumea BRI956 Prestige

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250,000 flashes

This Philips Lumea model is everything you can dream of. Elegant design, comfortable to hold, gentle on your body and last but not least effective against unwanted hair.

The manufacturers guarantee a very long lamp life with up to 250,000 flashes, which is equivalent to nearly 20 years of use of the device.

Glide / Slide & Flash – slide the device on your skin

One of the biggest advantages of this IPL hair removal machine is that it has a special mode that both facilitates and speeds up the treatment of the desired areas. With its help, you can slide the device on your skin and it will automatically fire periodic flashes without having to press any button. In this way, you move from place to place much faster and you are much less likely to miss untreated areas. This mode is suitable for larger and flat areas such as legs or arms.

Philips Lumea has another mode designed to be used on smaller and delicate areas, such as the bikini line and face. After placing the device in close contact with the skin, an indicator lamp lights up. This means that the appliance is ready and when the button is pressed, it will send a light signal.

The Philips Lumea BRI956 IPL hair removal machine has five intensity modes and a skin sensor. With it you can automatically adjust the light intensity according to the tone of your skin. If you think this is not your comfort zone, then you could adjust it manually.

For greater comfort and maximum efficiency, this model comes with attachments for body, face, armpits and groin. Each of them has a certain curve so that it can come into maximum contact with the skin. And for more sensitive areas such as the face, an attachment with an additional filter is provided, which additionally protects the delicate skin from unwanted side effects.

Before buying an IPL hair removal machine, make sure that it is suitable for you, as the device is not effective for people with very dark skin or too light hair.

We can still talk a lot about the positives of this model, so if you dream of smooth and delicate skin without unwanted hair for up to 6 months, then this device is for you.

2. Brown Silk-Expert Pro 3

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Braun Silk Expert Pro 3 IPL PL3132 is the better version of the IPL hair removal machine Silk Expert 3. It has 300,000 pulses, which guarantees a very long lamp life. It is small and compact, suitable for body and face treatment. Compared to many other models, this one is also much more affordable.

Braun Silk Expert Pro 3 IPL PL3132 offers two comfort modes. A normal and gentle mode that can be used by novice users. The gentle mode is also an excellent choice if you want to remove facial hair or other sensitive areas such as the bikini line. This model adapts the light signal to the skin tone, and this happens automatically as you slide the device over your skin. Brain Silk Expert Pro 3 is a device that can be used by many people, but before you buy it, make sure that it is suitable for your skin type and hair colour by looking at the instructions of the model.

The device has 3 levels of intensity, an attachment for delicate areas and is clinically tested. It works with a cable, which can be considered a small drawback, but it is long enough that you do not even notice it. Considering the great price at which it is offered, then we think it is totally worth it.

3. Remington i-Light PRO 6500 IPL hair removal machine

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When we bring to your attention these unique devices for home use, we would not want to ignore the male part of the users. IPL hair removal machines are suitable for both men and women. They permanently eliminate hair removal regardless of a person’s gender. In short, they are designed for anyone who wants to look good, with silky smooth skin and no unwanted hair.

Remington’s proposal is just that. One of its strengths is its unique design. Once you have invested in the purchase of this appliance, you can easily share it with any member of your family, as long as of course, he needs it.

Compared to the other IPL hair removal machines on our list, this device can only provide up to 30,000 pulses. This, of course, affected its final price. Keep this in mind and consider whether you are looking for a device that you would like to use for many years or it suits you in a shorter period of time.

Although the life of the lamp is quite short, the device has remarkable technology. Remington i-Light PRO uses ProPulse technology, which helps deliver concentrated light energy to where it is most needed. The device also has 3 light intensity settings for greater comfort.

This Remington IPL hair removal machine is suitable for treating the whole body, including the face. It only works on cable, but at least you will be sure that it is at hand when you need it. According to the manufacturers, it is completely safe and terribly effective. Only after 3 treatments can you expect to see a visible difference in the degree of hair growth.

 4. IPL hair removal machine Silk’n Infinity Premium Smooth

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This model is unique in many ways. You can trust him completely in the fight against unwanted hair. It is elegant and compact. It works quickly and painlessly, leaving your skin smooth and soft to the touch.

One of the biggest advantages of this model is that it can be used effectively by people with almost all skin shades as well as hair colour. Due to the fact that this device gives a light signal every 1 to 2 seconds, it is also extremely fast. In about 20 minutes you could treat your whole body.

But the benefits of Silk’n Infinity don’t stop there. This IPL hair removal machine provides an impressive 500,000 pulses, which means that if for some reason you decide to renew it in years, it will not be because the life of its lamp is over.

This model works with one of the latest and most modern technologies available on the market. It combines optical and galvanic energies, which allows the pores to open in order to more optimally reach the hair root (follicle). In this way, the device is much more efficient and achieves permanent hair removal much faster than other IPL hair removal machines.

It is gentle on your skin, glides on smoothly and the treatment is easy and painless.

For your complete convenience, the kit also includes an electric razor, with which you can prepare before starting the treatment with the IPL hair removal machine. This is a basic requirement, as the hairs must be as short as possible before the treatment, as the light must be concentrated only at the root of the hair.

5. Philips Lumea Advanced SC1994 / 00 IPL hair removal machine

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Our latest offer comes again from Philips. This is a very high-quality product, which is also at a very reasonable price. It was created in collaboration with a team of dermatologists, clinically tested and safe for your health. This IPL hair removal machine will leave you fascinated. After only a few procedures you will notice a visible difference in your skin. It will be smooth and gentle to the touch, and the amount of newly grown hair will be less and less.

This Philips Lumea model has a very long lamp life. It will provide you with 250,000 pulses and 5 light intensity settings. The appliance will automatically adjust to your skin type and hair colour, making the treatment much more effective. According to studies, only after 3 treatments, the hair on your body will be reduced to 85%. And that, if not a result!

The model works on a cable and is suitable for treating the body, legs, intimate area, armpits and hands.

What is IPL hair removal machine?

Intense pulsed light, or IPL for short, is a long-lasting way to remove unwanted body hair. Unlike laser hair removal, which works with a specific wavelength, in IPL technology the lightning flash signal that is sent has multiple wavelengths. This intense light energy penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the hair pigmentation. In this way, the light energy is converted into heat by burning the hair follicle and gradually destroying it. A very important rule with this technology is that it works with live hair. This means that the treated area must be shaved before IPL hair removal can be performed. Under no circumstances should an epilator be used, as it removes the hair from its root, which will make the method ineffective.

The lighter the skin and the darker the hair you have, the more light is absorbed, so the method is more effective. However, this procedure is not instantaneous. To achieve lasting results, more procedures are needed, which are repeated over a period of time. For some it takes about 6 procedures, for others about 10-12. The time to achieve lasting results is strictly individual, due to the specifics of each skin and pigmentation. But even after the first 3 treatments, you will notice a result.

Is IPL hair removal suitable for everyone?

It should be noted that IPL technology is not suitable for every skin type and hair colour. Before embarking on the purchase of such a device, make a study of whether your skin tone and hair colour are suitable for treatment with an IPL hair removal machine. Most of these devices are unsuitable for too dark skin, light, red or grey hair. Information on this can be found in the description or specification of each product offered.

Laser hair removal against IPL technology

  • Lasers work with a specific wavelength, ie the treatment focuses on a specific area. On the other hand, IPL technology has a variable wavelength that varies between 550 and 950 mm. This allows you to choose the most suitable wool for a particular area and skin tone and hair colour.
  • Laser hair removal is performed by sending a beam with fast and one-way light. This procedure could be more painful and also skin burns are much more possible than with IPL hair removal. Pulsed light is diffused, which means that a longer period of time is required to achieve a lasting result than with laser hair removal.
  • Laser procedures are expensive and are performed only by specialists. IPL hair removal is much more affordable, easy to use and completely safe.

How do the appliances used at home differ from those in professional beauty salons

One of the biggest advantages of owning an IPL hair removal machine at home is the difference in price. This procedure performed in beauty salons is many times more expensive and not everyone could afford it. By investing once in the purchase of this device, you can use it for years whenever and wherever you want. In comparison, just one or two whole body hair removal procedures could cost you as much as the cost of an IPL hair removal machine for the home. And to permanently reduce your hair you need 5 to 10 procedures.

IPL devices are safer than lasers, which is why they are the most common hair removal devices at home. The devices used in the salons, whether they are lasers or IPL hair removal machines, are highly professional devices. They are stronger, have more settings and therefore achieve more lasting results with them is faster than IPL devices for home conditions.

How safe is IPL hair removal and what are the risks?

If you are not familiar with how IPL hair removal machines work, you may be afraid to use them at home, thinking that they can seriously harm you. Be calm! IPL hair removal at home is relatively safe. These appliances are designed specifically for home use and with the clear knowledge that they will be used by non-specialists. For this reason, they are designed to safely and gently remove unwanted hair on your body and leave your skin beautiful and smooth to the touch.

Although this technology is much safer than laser hair removal, before you start hair removal procedures, you must make sure that you carefully read the instructions included in the box with the device. This is extremely important to make sure that you use your appliance correctly and safely.

Instant burning

Since IPL hair removal machines work on the basis of burning the hair follicle (hair root), during the procedure you will feel a momentary burning of the treated area. This is perfectly normal and should not be painful. If the procedure has taken you a long time and you feel that the appliance has become too hot and is causing you discomfort, then you can switch it off until it cools down, and then complete your procedure.

For even greater convenience, IPL hair removal machines have light intensity settings. If a degree is causing you pain, you could reduce the intensity. Remember, however, that this will reduce the efficiency of the device, respectively, will extend the time to achieve a satisfactory result.

IPL hair removal machines for home use remove 60-80% of hair depending on skin type and amount of melanin in the hair. After achieving the desired effect, the result lasts up to 6 months and in about 8 weeks it is desirable to do one procedure to maintain the effect.

Many of the models on the market are suitable for treating the whole body, even the most sensitive areas. For facial hair removal, a special attachment with a UV filter is usually used, which protects the delicate skin of the face.

Avoid allergic reactions

To avoid allergic reactions, it is good to do a test before starting the procedures. This can be done by treating a small area of ​​your hand and waiting 24 hours to see if any reaction occurs.

It is also advisable to avoid moles, freckles, wounds and any areas of the skin that could cause an adverse reaction. As the skin is heated after IPL hair removal, these procedures are not recommended during the hottest summer days. If you have decided to start hair removal at home, then spring is the perfect season for this.


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