The hair straighteners have many more applications than most people think. In addition to straightening hair, they can curl it or create delicate curls and waves.

Even professionals prefer them because it saves them time. Yes, it is possible to achieve these things with a hair dryer, but the effect will not be the same. Nothing can compare to the silky softness and shine of the hair after processing with a hair straightener.

With so many products on the market, the biggest problem for consumers is choosing the hair straightener that is best for their needs. There are different variations such as ceramic, tourmaline or Teflon, and in most cases, the users don’t know the differences.

That’s why people like us researching and analyzing products on the market and select the best of them. Today we will present you the ten best hair straighteners, we will explain how they differ from each other and what you need to know to be able to choose the most suitable for you.

Our pick for the best hair straighteners

The ranking is made taking into account many factors – functionality, accessibility, durability, etc. In order not to influence your choice through product positioning, we have arranged them in alphabetical order.

1. BaByliss Platinum Diamond 235 Straightener

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This is a hair straightener with a diamond ceramic coating and plate length – 24 x 120 mm, for straightening dry and wet hair. There are 10 heat settings from 140 ° to 235 ° С, and 2 functional buttons – “Protection” (140 °, 160 °, 180 ° and 200 ° С) and “Intensity” (220 ° and 235 ° С). It is made of heat-resistant material and is also equipped with: LED display for temperature adjustment, locking option, automatic shut-off and rotating cable.

Its advantages are that the diamond ceramic coating allows smooth and easy sliding without damaging the hair. In addition, it heats up instantly (for 10 seconds), evenly distributing the temperature throughout the tile, which provides additional protection to the hair and gives it softness and shine. The floating plates provide even and constant pressure on the hair and the ionizing function guarantees a radiant effect without breaks. Its price is not high and comes with a 5-year warranty.

2. BaByliss Straight and Curl Brilliance

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The BaByliss Straight and Curl Brilliance has certain features that you will surely like. The plates have a true-titanium ceramic coating, which not only allows your hair to be straightened with just one pass but also contributes to a smoother glide.

Their width is 28 mm, which is ideal if you have abundant or unruly hair. 

Thanks to the 5 different levels you can adjust the temperature between 185 ° C and 235 ° C. It is good to know that it heats up in just 15 seconds, maintaining a constant and even temperature.

Also, the straightener has an ionic function to straighten your hair. A feature that is able to eliminate static charges, resulting in silky and fine hair.

3. GHD Gold Styler hair straightener

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This professional ceramic hair straightener can be used for smooth hair straightening as well as for waves and curls, as its plates have a curved contour. Its body is made of a light heat-resistant material that stays cool even during prolonged work. It has dual-zone technology, which ensures the maintenance of a constant optimal temperature of 185 ° C. It has a protective mechanism – “falls asleep” if you do not use it for 30 minutes. The smooth and floating ceramic plates ensure a smooth glide without breaking the hair. Available with a 2-year warranty.

4. Golden Curl Tourmaline Coated Hair Straightener

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This professional ceramic hair straightener with floating tourmaline plates is suitable for all hair types. Negative ion technology tames even the most unruly hair, providing us with quality hairstyles, as in the best beauty salons and in the comfort of home. The dual voltage system and the adjustable temperature guarantee the strength of the hair. It is equipped with an LED display, rotating on a 360 ° cable and a lightweight handle. Its price is affordable, especially if you find it on offer. Comes with a 5-year warranty and spare Croco clips.

5. Hair Straightener Philips MoistureProtect HP8372/03

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This is a ceramic hair straightener developed with special attention to the hair. Ceramic provides faster straightening than regular models, and the built-in temperature control system monitors the temperature of your hair 30 times per second. This ensures the preservation of natural moisture, which protects it from damages. The straightener heats up in just 15 seconds and is equipped with an LED display for easy temperature adjustment – you can choose between 3 heat settings (150 ° – 175 ° – 200 °). Negative ions reduce static electricity and give smoothness and shine. There is also a built-in auto-shutdown system and the price for all these extras is not high at all.

6. Hair straightener Remington Keratin Therapy Pro S8590

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This ceramic hair straightener is enriched with keratin, which is released during hair styling. This, together with the built-in sensor that constantly monitors hair moisture and regulates temperature, guarantees up to 57% better protection against damage and breakage of the hair compared to a standard ceramic hair straightener.

Temperature control is carried out using 5 digital settings from 160 ° to 230 °, which allows you to choose the ideal temperature for your hair type.

Floating long plates provide constant and even pressure on the hair, which gives it a unique shine after straightening. It also heats up extremely quickly (only 15 seconds) and has an automatic shut-off system after 60 minutes. Its price is low but still includes a free heat-resistant case.

7. Rowenta Liss & Curl Keratin & Shine SF4522 hair straightener

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This hair straightener is an expert assistant in styling and can be used for both straightening and curling. Floating ceramic plates are coated with keratin and tourmaline and give a unique shine to the hair, ensuring even distribution of temperature and pressure. It heats up in 60 seconds and the temperature range is from 130 ° to 230 °. It is equipped with a safety system through a lock, work light, display, 1.8 m flexible cable and is available in two attractive colours – black and silver.

8. Hair Straightener Remington S6500 Sleek and Curl

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Remington is one of the most recognized brands in the world for the production of beauty devices like IPL hair removal machines. If what you are looking for is a universal model that allows you to straighten and curl, the S6500 is a very good option. This is a hair straightener with longer and narrower plates that facilitate the function of waving the hair.

The straightener has a temperature range of 150 to 230 ºC, so you can adjust it depending on how straight your hair is.

In the end, there are grooves to adjust the threads and make it easier to swing. In addition, it heats up quite quickly (in just 15 seconds) and has an automatic shutdown for greater safety.

If you want to know the cons of the model, we can say that because the plates are narrow, and if your hair is voluminous, it will take you longer to straighten than a model with wider plates. There is also no sensor that automatically regulates the temperature according to the condition of the hair. But given the price it offers, you can’t expect features like this.

9. Remington PROluxe S9100

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We have added to our ranking a Remington S9100 PROluxe hair straightener. It is characterized by the fact that the hairstyles made with it last all day, regardless of the weather. This is because it is designed to bring more heat to the places that need the most straightening.

This straightener has a technology called OPTIheat, which protects your hair as it sets the right temperature and concentrates heat exactly where it is needed. It can be said that with one movement straightens approximately 20% of the hair.

One of the best features of the Remington S9100 PROluxe is that it has a display for regulating the temperature up to 230˚C. It goes without saying that the OPTIheat technology described above is involved in this process.

In terms of materials, the plates of this model have a ceramic coating for a smoother glide on the hair, which in turn helps against burns.

10. iGutech professional steam hair straightener

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Although this model does not have a discreet design, it is one of the most functional in the list. It includes 7 steam nozzles on the bottom plate, which make optimal hydration and steam distribution.

In addition, there is an integrated removable comb that helps to straighten the hair. 

With the wider ceramic plates, you will be able to straighten even the thickest hair, achieving good results in a very short time.

Thanks to the LCD display you can see the temperature to adjust it more precisely according to your requirements. The device allows you to choose between 150º to 230º C, so you can be sure that the model is suitable for any hair type, no matter how thick it is.

In addition to all the great features of the model, it has a security system that automatically shuts it off after an hour. Systems like this one can prevent accidents in case you forget the hair straightener on.

Benefits of the hair straightener

The trick to shiny and smooth hair is to use a straightener.

One of the biggest advantages of hair straightener is that it saves you a lot of money from going to hairdressing salons. With it, you can easily and quickly make a hairstyle worthy of the catwalk.

This saves time, and as we know – time is the most valuable thing.

This is a great device for busy and working ladies, with which they will be able to diversify their hairstyle and look phenomenal every time without much effort.

Types of hair straighteners

Hair straighteners use hot plates to smooth the hair, giving it softness and shine.

In general, there are 2 types of hair straighteners:

Ceramic: They are suitable for light thin hair.

Titanium: They are suitable for coarse and thick hair. Titanium hair straighteners heat up faster than ceramic ones and can maintain a constant high temperature. In addition, titanium is lighter and has an ionic charge.

How to choose a hair straightener

The hair straighteners on the market have a variety of functions and this makes it difficult for the user to make the best choice. Therefore, we will try to help you by offering you a short guide that will guide you to the right model.

Temperature control

Here it is important to determine the natural look of your hair, as different hair needs a different temperature when styling. For thick unruly hair are used models that heat up to a high temperature. However, nice thin hair can be damaged by a high temperature. If you have thin hair, it is good to buy a straightener with a few heat settings, so you can choose the most suitable for you. Those that are equipped with a digital display provide you with better control by allowing you to adjust the desired temperature. If you have naturally curly hair, it is good to consider a hair straightener with a built-in comb or one that has a steam extraction function.

Ion technology

As mentioned above, titanium straighteners have the function of ionization with negative ions. This reduces static electricity and gives extra smoothness and softness to the hair after styling.

Ceramic plates

Ceramics heat up more slowly but can reach high temperatures and provide even heat dissipation. You can choose between real ceramic plates (they are heavy, heat up slowly, but maintain a high temperature); ceramic-coated plates (they are lighter, heat up faster but do not maintain such a high temperature) and titanium-coated ceramic plates (combine the best of both types and are suitable for all hair types).

Fixed and Floating plates

The method of fastening the plates is a feature that must be taken into account. The plates can be fixed or floating.

  • Fixed: are those in which the plates are attached to the housing and don’t tilt. They are typical of cheap models and are not recommended as they don’t evenly distribute the pressure on the hair.
  • Floating (free-floating plates) are those with a free axis through which they have a certain clearance. Due to this, they tilt when squeezing a lock of hair. They are most common in quality hair straighteners because it is a function that distributes pressure throughout the hair strand and thus doesn’t damage it.

Automatic shutdown

This is not a mandatory feature but offers additional safety and protection against overheating and accidents.

Rotating cable

It is good to consider the presence of a rotating cable because this allows you to work with both hands without the risk of breaking the cable.

Once you have determined which is the right type for your hair and what features you want to have, all you have to do is see which product on the market meets your requirements and financial capabilities.


The mrGuide team strives to provide the most objective information possible to help you make the best choice.

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