One of the most necessary and convenient appliances for the household is the hand blender. You can use it for the preparation of almost any dish. There is hardly a household that has not benefited and doesn’t appreciate its effectiveness. An ideal device for fine whipping and mixing of hard and soft foods, homemade soups or sauces. An indispensable helper for baby food and porridges for the youngest members of the family. Its advantage is that it is convenient to work and takes up little space. Also, you can use it in a jug, deep bowl, saucepan and more. It also gives softness and fluffy, creamy appearance to food.

We know that the choice must be well thought out to make the device the most convenient and correct for you. There are various types on the market with different functions, attachments and accessories. Each brand offers its specifics and advantages. For this, we have prepared several products that have different functions and power.

Our pick for the best hand blenders

There are two main types of hand blenders: corded, which are powered by a cable, and cordless, which usually have a built-in battery.

It is essential to know what you will use it for most often and how powerful you want it to be. Every household loves different foods and has its preferences. The same goes for household appliances; the family must choose according to their needs. Our suggestions for the best hand blenders will help you choose the most practical and convenient for you, with correct attachments, accessories, functions and power of the motor.

1. Bosch ErgoMixx MSM66120

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The Bosch MSM66120 hand blender has a powerful 600-watt motor, which allows it to process ingredients that are a challenge for weaker models. Also, thanks to its power, it manages to drive various attachments.

Its blades ensure optimal cutting action and satisfactory mixing results, and the AntiSplash function prevents splashes and helps keep your kitchen flawless.

Thanks to the ergonomic, light body and soft to the touch handle, the device is comfortable for the hand. And the large buttons guarantee comfort and control of work.

The Bosch MSM66120 has 12-speed settings, plus a turbo function for the perfect sequence of each recipe.

Comes with a chopper attachment that allows you to cut vegetables, herbs, nuts, meat and cheese much faster and easier. 

2. Braun MQ7045 MultiQuick 7 Hand Blender

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Braun MQ7045 has a durable motor that is designed for reliable and long-lasting use. The ergonomic handle has a comfortable grip and a button for maximum speed, which makes it easy and pleasant to use. The hand blender has a removable blender attachment and a sharp and durable blade. It is made of stainless steel, which allows fast and quality mixing, cutting and blending. Besides, the appliance has a wide range of attachments and accessories ( blender, chopper, BPA-free plastic beaker and stainless steel whisk), thanks to which you can prepare any food. It disassembles quickly and is easy to clean.

3. Philips Avance Collection ProMix HR1672 / 90

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The Philips ProMix Hand Mixer 3  is an easy-to-operate hand blender. Thanks to the powerful 800 W motor, which drives a wide range of attachments, it allows the processing of almost any product. And the result is always perfect and delicious food. Technology using a specific triangular shape at the bottom of the axis to create optimal food flow and maximum efficiency for faster parsing. And SpeedTouch helps to set the right speed to prevent splashing and at the same time to achieve fine grinding of products. The blades have a titanium coating, which makes the blade much harder and more durable than steel blades.

Additionally, there is a slicing accessory that can chop large amounts of meat, spices, nuts, cheese, chocolate and onions.

Its ergonomic handle makes it very comfortable to hold, and it is safe and easy to handle.

This model is suitable for cleaning both by manual and in the dishwasher.

4. Tefal hb6568 0.8L Immersion Blender

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TEFAL QUICKCHEF is a powerful hand blender for fine grinding of all foods. The device is very powerful because of its 1000 watt motor and 20 speeds. Also, the model has a splash protector, which makes it extremely comfortable. The handle is soft and easy to grip even with wet hands. The additional accessories that complement his work are a chopper, a wire whisk, a measuring bowl and a replaceable nozzle.

The appliance is easy and convenient to clean both manual and in the dishwasher.

5. Bosch MSM6S50B hand blender

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Bosch MSM6S50B is extraordinarily convenient and practical for every household. Its power is 750 watts, which allows the processing of many products, as well as driving various attachments. The device has 12-speed settings plus a turbo stage for the best result. AntiSplash function provides optimal cutting action and pleasing mixing results. Also, the blades are made of stainless steel. The shape and softness of the handle allow easy and comfortable grip. 

The blender has accessories that improve its work – chopper, whisk, measuring cup with lid.

The blender nozzle, as well as the accessories, are dishwasher safe.

6. Hand Blender Braun MultiQuick 5 Vario MQ5000

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Braun MultiQuick 5 Vario is one of the lightest and most comfortable blenders. The model is specially designed for easy use and comfort when passing. Its power is 750 watts and has two speeds allows the passage of softer foods for which not much endurance is required. An excellent helper for easy preparation of milkshakes, soups, purees or creams. Stainless steel blades grind the products finely and quickly. Splash control technology guarantees a clean kitchen with minimal food scattering.

Apart from being light and comfortable for the manual wash, the device is dishwasher save.

7. Russell Hobs 24700-56 Hand Blender 3 in 1

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This Russell Hobbs hand blender is ideal for blending, whipping, finely chopping and pureeing. With its power of 500 watts, it allows easy, convenient and fine cutting and mixing.

The steel nozzle for blending is complete with a nozzle for whisking and mixing, a 700ml high bowl, as well as a low 500ml chopper bowl, suitable for chopping and cutting. Although not very powerful, this appliance is perfect for processing softer foods. It is also convenient because it is compact and you can put it where it is suitable for you.

Some of the foods you can prepare with it are cream soup, mayonnaise, salads, purees, baby foods, daiquiri, creams and more.

8. Bosch ErgoMixx MS6CA4150 hand blender

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The Bosch ErgoMixx hand blender is a powerful and comfortable model with an 800-watt motor. This power allows it to process hard products and drive various accessories. 

Thanks to its 12 speeds, plus turbo speed, there is almost no food he can’t digest – whether you’re cutting vegetables, making shakes or cream soup. The durable and extremely sharp QuattroBlade ensures perfect cutting in no time. Even mixing large ingredients is possible and easy. The AntiSplash function prevents splashes and allows cleanliness during operation.

Because the handle is important, the Bosch ErgoMixx has a soft-touch handle plus easily accessible and large buttons that ensure optimum comfort and control with a perfect sliding grip.

The blender has attachments that allow the processing of different types of products. These are the chopper with which ingredients such as herbs, nuts, meat and onions are cut quickly and easily, a whisk with which you can beat egg whites, creams, light cake mixes or delicious desserts and a measuring cup with a lid for measuring, mixing and storing.

The mixing nozzle, as well as the attachments, can be cleaned under running water or in the dishwasher.

9. Tefal Infiny Force Ultimate HB877D38

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Hand blender Tefal Infiny Force Ultimate is one of the most powerful devices for mixing, fine grinding, cutting, whisking or mixing products.

Its power is 1000 watts, which allows perfect grinding of even the smallest piece. The device has 25 speeds and a turbo function. Thanks to them, you have control over work and grinding or breaking to the extent you want. The splash guard and soft handle provide complete comfort during operation.

The blender has a wide range of accessories and attachments – chopper, whisk and puree nozzle for processing all kinds of food.

In addition to being light and comfortable on the hand, the blender is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

10. Bamix Gastro 350 Professional Hand Blender

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The Bamix Gastro 350 is the perfect solution for blending and mixing.

Its power is 350 watts, which makes it an ideal and convenient appliance for home use.

The blender has attachments for straining and whisking. It has 2 speeds: 18000-22000 rpm. Thanks to the two accessories, this appliance can be used to prepare vegetable purees, sauces, dough, mayonnaise, tomato paste, pesto, creams, whipped cream, souffle and more. The blending attachment finely breaks down the ingredients, and the mixing attachment mixes the products and gives them a fluffy, creamy appearance.

Benefits of the hand blender

This is not one of the most expensive and necessary appliances, but it is an indispensable helper in the preparation of well-beaten, mixed and creamy food. In addition to working quickly and quietly, it saves valuable time. It is easy to clean, does not take up much space and can be used in the preparation of almost any food. Thanks to the hand blender you can expand your repertoire of recipes because it allows the preparation of a wide range of dishes and drinks.

The other benefit is that, unlike the juicer, for example, you keep the whole product. In this way, you get all the nutrients and take 100% of the food.

The hand blender is the appliance that is the best friend of a healthy breakfast. We all know that it is the most important food, but in addition to being useful, it must be delicious. You can prepare a smoothie, shake, puree, homemade cream or a delicious cream soup that will provide you with the necessary dose of vitamins.

Different types

There is a wide range of hand blenders on the market, which differ not only in brand and power but also in features, attachments, weight, design and material. Thanks to the variety, every household can find the perfect appliance to do the best job.

Basic hand blender

The most practical and cheapest hand blender is the basic one. It has no additional attachments and accessories, only a strainer. It is used less frequently in the kitchen and is an indispensable helper, especially in mixing and breaking up softer foods or drinks. This type of blender can be ideal for people who use it for sauces, purees, cream soups or mixing the ingredients for a creamy dessert.

With many attachments and functions

Of course, the more plug-ins and functions there are, the better it is, and various operations can be performed with it. Each attachment has a different function.

The strainer is probably the most important. It plays the main role in the preparation of dishes. Depending on the power of the appliance and the material of the blades, the strainer can cut and grind products of different sizes and hardnesses.

The most versatile attachment is the mixer. You will often find it as an egg beater. It is ideal for mixing already creamy or liquid products.

The other attachment is the chopper, which is ideal for cutting herbs, nuts, onions and more.

The puree nozzle is one of the most useful attachments for those who like to make delicious purees with perfect density.

To be sure you have a complete set of accessories, it is good to choose a model that comes with a measuring bowl/jug.

Cordless hand blender

Cordless blenders are becoming increasingly popular, and more companies are striving to produce them. They are the perfect solution if you want flexibility and speed in the kitchen. With such a device, you can use it anywhere and place it where it is convenient for you.

The disadvantage of this species is often the severity. Because the battery is built into it, it weighs more than the wired one. Besides, the battery must be charged often, especially if you use it for a long time.

Buying Guide

If you have decided to buy a hand blender or replace the old one with a new one, it is important to choose the most suitable and practical model for you. Also, If you use the appliance very often, it must be light enough, but also with a powerful motor. If you need it less often to prepare a small amount of food, you don’t need to burden your budget unnecessarily with a costly model. With your experience in the kitchen and your food preferences, you need to determine what is essential for you. Here are some criteria to look out for:


Power is important when choosing a model. The more powerful the motor, the harder products it can break and strain. Also, it is good to know here that it depends on the power whether the device will be able to drive all types of attachments. If you use the blender often and for harder and harder to digest foods, be sure to choose a more powerful one. Breaking ice and nuts, for example, is not an easy task for every appliance.

Variable Speed Control

The speed control function determines how easy and convenient the operation of the appliance can be. Cheaper blenders often have lower speeds, and more expensive ones have higher and turbo button. Different speeds grind, strain and break the products in different ways. The lower ones are definitely for softer foods or creams that do not require substantial revs. The highest speeds are respectively for harder foods, nuts, ice, etc.


When choosing a hand blender, it is important not only to be functional but also to be comfortable to work with. Weight is key here. If possible, before buying, try the model to see if it is comfortable and light. Manufacturers are continually improving their appliances in this direction, but some models are made of heavier materials, or their motor weighs more. Whether it’s cordless (that is, has a built-in battery that makes it heavier) or has a power cord also matters. Plastic blenders are lighter than metal ones, but metal ones are more durable and robust.


The materials from which this kitchen appliance is made are an important part of its effectiveness. They are most often made of plastic or metal or a combination of both. The stronger and more durable ones are mainly made of metal with stainless steel or titanium coated blades, while the cheaper ones are made of plastic with steel blades. If you use the blender to break, grind or stir hot products, it is better to look for metal.


The brand is not the most important thing to tilt the scales to one or another model. It is more important to determine what budget you would spend on it and look for an appliance accordingly. It also matters how often and what products you want to puree. If you are going to use it mainly for purees, soups and creams, then you do not need to stop at a very high-end appliance with high power and many features. Here you will do a simpler job, which has only basic degrees. However, if you plan to use it often for hard products, eggs, herbs, nuts and ice, it is better to choose an expensive but functional and powerful hand blender. More durable materials make the appliance more expensive. This applies mainly to the blender blades, which are essential to keep in good shape.

Additional attachments and accessories also make the purchase more expensive. If you do not intend to use different attachments and accessories, it is good to think about whether it is worth paying for them.


Safety is also crucial. The hand blender has sharp knives that are found in its lower part. Most models have a barrier that wraps around the blades and helps keep food from splashing when you work.


Whatever you do when choosing a hand blender, it’s always a good idea to try to make it comfortable to hold and work with. Maybe you have selected small and compact model, but working with it will tire your hand if you use it for a long time. So remember, the best blender is the one that is a functional and convenient model.


The mrGuide team strives to provide the most objective information possible to help you make the best choice.

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