Access to drinking cold or hot water in any room is easier than ever with the presence of a water dispenser. It is comfortable and compact, it does not take up much space, and you can combine it perfectly with the room’s design. Thanks to it, you will have enough hot water to make coffee or tea, and cold enough to cool off on hot days.

This device is used more often and is especially important for large rooms where many people gather. It is perfectly suitable for your home and the office, the waiting room or the conference hall. It has effortless technology and is easy and convenient to use. Manufacturers are also improving it and now offer more and more appliances made of high-quality materials, with protection and low noise levels. In addition to the heating and cooling it provides, the dispenser may also have a further purification filter. On the market, you will find appliances of different sizes and capacities so that you can choose the most correct and convenient for you.

Our pick for best water dispensers

We have chosen to present you several dispensers that are practical and convenient for any room. Most of them work with bottled water, but we have included a device that can connect to the supply and the dispenser is only for purification.

1. Hydrate Direct Hot and Cold Bottled Water Dispenser

Image: Hydrate Direct

Hydrate Direct is suitable for home, office, waiting room or other premises.

The powerful compressor can cool and heat, reaching 85-90 degrees of heating and 6 to 10 degrees of cooling.

Thanks to the tray that the appliance has, there is no danger of spills on the floor.

The device has two thermal indicators so that you can always know when the required temperature has been reached.

2. JJSFJH Hot and Cold Water Dispenser


JJSFJH has an elegant design and is suitable for placement in any room – in the office, at home, in the clinic or in the waiting room.

The device has a compressor and can cool to 8-10 degrees or heat up to 90 degrees.

JJSFJH works very quietly and has built-in protection of the hot tap.

3. LJJ Electric Instant Desktop Water Machine

LJJ is a high-quality electric water dispenser. Thanks to its compact design it can be placed in any room on a desk, table or other surfaces. There are two taps – for hot and cold. The heating has a power of 500 watts and the cooling 75 watts.

The device has an LED indicator that signals when it has reached the temperature of heating or cooling.

LJJ is equipped with an automatic thermostat.

4. Dream 3300

Image: Dream

Dream 3300 is an electronically cooled dispenser.

Its dimensions are 340/340/1175 mm and is suitable for placement in any comfortable room.

The appliance can reach a heating temperature of up to 85-95 degrees and a cooling temperature of up to 10-14 degrees.

The heating tank is made of stainless steel and has a capacity of 5 l / h. 

The design of the Dream 3300 is elegant and clean. For convenience, there is also a cups dispenser at the bottom of the appliance.

5. Quench Hot & Cold Water Dispenser

Image: Quench

Quench is a high-quality floor dispenser that connects directly to the water network.

You can always have enough hot or cold water because it connects directly to the supply network and works with a compressor.

The heating temperature can reach 95 degrees and the cooling temperature between 4 and 12 degrees.

For convenience, some indicators signal when it has reached the optimum temperature.

The system has filters that clean from various bacteria, impurities or odours.

The device is suitable for installation in any room because, with a clean and elegant design, the noise level during operation is minimal.

6. AURALLL 2 in 1 Countertop Hot And Cold Water Dispenser


The AURALLL table water dispenser is small and compact, suitable for any room, even if you do not have much space.

Thanks to the powerful compressor, the appliance manages to maintain hot and cold water at all times.

The heating temperature can reach 92 ° C – 95 ° C, and the cooling temperature up to 8 ° C – 15 ° C.

There are indicators of when the liquid is sufficiently heated or cooled. And the capacity for heating and cooling is 5 l / h and 2 l / h, respectively.

For greater safety, the device is equipped with reliable protection against electric shock.

7. WSJTT Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

Image: WSJTT

WSJTT is a high-quality bottle fed dispenser, which would fit perfectly into the interior of any room, waiting room, office or business centre.

The device has two taps, respectively, for hot and cold and indicators when the liquid is heated or cooled enough.

For greater convenience, there is also a storage cabinet where you can put coffee, tea or utensils at hand. It is suitable for 25 people.

8. pH Recharge 3F Alkaline Water Filter Ionizer

Image: Invigorated Water Store

A filter dispenser is a perfect solution for any home, especially if you are concerned about tap water purity.

pH Recharge 3F has a comfortable design and a capacity of 12.5 litres.

It filters very well due to its dual technology with two high-quality filters.

Once the water is processed with it, it can be used for drinking and preparing baby food, coffee or tea, cooking, coffee machines and more.

This appliance does not use electricity or water connection, which allows you to place it anywhere without considering other factors.

It is designed for easy pour and easy clean after use.

9. DLOPK Water Pump USB Charging Distributor

Image: DLOPK

The electric pump can be a handy and convenient device. With it, pouring from large bottles is easy and fast. It works with a button that is designed to be easily pressed and the water to flow until you press it again. Most electric pumps are standard and suitable for all tubes. The device is powered by batteries, most often lithium and is charged with a USB cable. Once charged, the battery capacity allows operation for up to several days, depending on the brand.

10. Haofy Electric Water Bottle Pump

Image: Haofy

Haofy is a convenient and practical electric pump. Thanks to it, you can pour the liquid into a suitable glass, jug or other containers without having to lift heavy bottles. The device is straightforward to install and works almost silently. It is powered by a USB cable and has an indicator that signals when it needs to be recharged. Haofy is a standard pump and can be mounted on bottles of 2,3,5,6 gallon and other standard size bottles. The device comes with a USB cable and a silicone tube.

Types of water dispensers

There are three main types of water dispensers to choose from:

  • who work with bottles
  • which connect directly to the supply
  • special dispensers with purification function.

Bottle fed

Bottle dispensers are probably the most common and convenient. Large bottles are placed in them, and the appliance drains the necessary amount for heating or cooling. Usually, their capacity is quite large so you will have enough water for a long time. It must be monitored and monitored when the liquid is running low in order to charge. All manufacturers of bottled mineral or table water offer special tubes suitable for dispensers, so you can choose your preferred brand.

For purification

There are dispensers that are designed for filtering only. They usually have a large capacity and one or more high-quality filters. Once processed, the liquid is suitable for any use – drinking, cooking, charging the coffee machine, preparing baby food and more. These appliances are especially ideal for areas where tap water is not very drinkable.

Direct water supply

If you use a large amount of water and you do not have the opportunity to fill the dispenser with bottles very often, you have a solution – a device with direct power supply from the water supply. It connects to the network and is a perfect solution for larger rooms or buildings. Also, these appliances often have more than one or two high-quality filters to clean and refresh well. These devices are more expensive than others because they have more sophisticated technology. Also, you must comply with the plumbing so that you can connect the dispenser to them.

Advantages of the water dispenser

Fresh and clean water is a top priority for everyone. That is why it is essential to provide it every day. However, there are often rooms where there is no access to clean and safe to drink water. Dispatchers are the ideal solution in this case. Thanks to them, you drink bottled or filtered water that is hot enough to make tea or coffee or cold for the hot months.

Buying guide

Always look at the options available on the market to choose the most suitable appliance for your room. With water dispensers, you also need to consider the different characteristics and take the one that will be useful to you.

Choose by type

If you can connect the appliance directly to the water supply, a reverse osmosis dispenser may be best for you. For rooms such as conference rooms, waiting rooms and offices, the best choice remain the models with a bottle. For households that do not have access to potable water for some reason, it is best to get a purification dispenser with a larger capacity.

The size

Some appliances work with bottles, which are larger and bulkier, but also smaller. The more compact (table) ones can be placed on the table, cabinet or countertop to make them easy to reach. The difference with the larger ones is that they do not have a cupboard at the bottom.

On the other hand, larger, vertical dispensers have space to place cups, spoons, coffee, tea, sugar or anything needed to use the appliance.

The models that connect to the water supply also belong to the more voluminous types because they have two or more purification filters that take up more space and are placed in the lower part of the appliance. If you choose this type, be sure to consider the fact that you will need a comfortable and suitable place.

Taps with hot and cold

Hot and cold water taps are convenient to use, but you can find ones where the hot tap is harder to open from a safety point of view. This is because of the protection that manufacturers are increasingly adding to their appliances.


The presence of filters is significant for those appliances that are connected directly to the water supply. If the water is not clean enough, be sure to get a filter dispenser. Although they are more expensive and have to be changed at certain times – drinking clean water is more important. For models that work with bottles, the filter is optional. However, some appliances can be placed if the user wants.

If you decide to get a dispenser that is special for purification, the filter is the main feature that you should pay attention to.

Safety in use

More and more manufacturers are adding additional protection. This feature is explicitly mentioned in the description of each appliance. If children visit the room where the installed dispenser is, be sure to choose a device with protection.


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