For years, hairdressers have created a hair volume only by using a brush and hair dryer, but now you can achieve the same effect with a hot brush. You can easily and comfortably give your hair the desired density and make it look like it was made by a professional.

Thanks to the combination of a brush and a hair dryer in one device, the perfect hairstyle is guaranteed. The hot brush would be suitable for any woman who wants to quickly and comfortably, at home, achieve the desired volume or form light curls.

The brands offer more and more sophisticated and comfortable devices that will help us in everyday life, save time and additional costs for hair salons. These unique brushes not only create beautiful waves but also preserve the beauty and softness of the hair.

Our pick for the best hot brushes

We have made a list of several suggestions for hot brushes. You can look at them and compare what is available on the market. Choose between different brands, cost and select the best one for your needs. With a suitable hot brush, you can achieve a professional look for your hairstyle with minimal effort.

1. Hot brush BaByliss 2777U Rotating Styler 

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The hot brush BaByliss 2777U is the ideal solution for perfect volume and brittle hair. With its rotating mechanism and round head, the device gives it optimal volume and shine. In combination with a small built-in hair dryer (which sprays warm air) and a power of 700 watts, the device achieves professional results.

The hot brush has two large buttons that you can easily work with. Thanks to the ion technology, the hair isn’t electrified and remains shiny and soft. The device has two options for warm adjustment, as well as a button for cold air. This device is a high-class hot brush and would be suitable for both short and long hair.

2. TRESemme Keratin Hot Air Styler

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The TRESemme keratin hot air styler is an innovative device. With its help, you can dry the hair, shape waves and create light curls. You can straighten your hair as well. The hot brush is also ideal for giving natural volume and shine.

The power of the motor is 700 watts, which creates optimal airflow power and allows perfect results. The tourmaline-ceramic barrel has a diameter of 50 mm and perfectly shapes both smooth hairstyles and delicate curls or waves. The round brush has retractable teeth and can also be used as a curling iron. In addition, the device has an additional flat brush which helps to shape a straight hairstyle quickly and easily.

The hot brush has a setting for cool air, which protects the hair and helps to complete the hairstyle. It is ionic so it allows drying without creating static electricity. This feature is the ideal solution for ladies with “flying” and electrifying hair. With the ThermoProtect function, you get the optimal drying temperature and additional protection against overheating.

The set also has a narrow concentrator for directed airflow. With it, you can reshape the hairstyle or dry the wet areas.

3. BaByliss Sheer Volume Rotating Heated Brush

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The BaByliss sheer volume rotating hot brush is a pretty good solution if you are looking for a device that can achieve professional results at home.

BaByliss sheer volume has a power of 125 watts, two speeds and two temperature levels, which allows achieving very good results. Thanks to the natural bristles of the brush, the hair retains its softness and shine.

The device is equipped with two ion generators. This reduces the electrification and scattering of the hair. The control button allows you to change the direction of rotation and perming from the outside or inside.

The set includes two types of brushes with different diameters for shaping and two protectors for the brushes for more durability.

4. Babyliss Diamond Big Hair Dual Replacement Brush Head

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The spare head for Babyliss hot brushes is made of ceramic and diamond coating. This allows more durability of the device and better results in styling the hairstyle. The locking mechanism attaches the head perfectly to the device, and there is no danger of dislocation or entanglement. BaByliss Diamond Big Hair Dual is ideal for styling thick hair, as well as for light curls. The 38 mm barrel is suitable for styling mostly shorter, medium length hair or bangs.

5. Beurer 1000 W Rotating Hot Air Brush

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The Beurer hot air brush is a professional hair styling solution.

With 1000 watts of power, two speeds and three temperature modes, you can add just as much volume as you want. The head protects the hair from the hot air and gives it extra shine. Both brushes have a rotating mechanism that helps for better curls without tangling. The bristles of the thermal brush are made of natural hair, which doesn’t allow the hair to be electrified, and also keeps it softer and more alive. The device has a function for optimal drying temperature, which protects the hair from the hot air.

6. Remington Air Styler AS7051

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Remington AS7051 is a high-quality hot brush. The device has a power of 1000 watts, which allows quick and easy drying and shaping. The head has 4 layers of coating: antistatic, ceramic, ionic system with tourmaline and smooth coating for easy sliding. Thanks to both speed and heat settings, you can choose between a stronger or weaker jet. Also, the hot brush has a cold air function which helps for finishing and long lasting hairstyle.

The set includes 4 attachments: thermal barrel for volume (50 mm), thermal with mixed bristles (21 mm), brush with removable bristles (30 mm) and concentrator.

7. Rowenta CF9530 – Curling-dryer hot brush

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Rowenta Brush Activ ‘Volume & Shine 2 CF9530 is a budget choice for a hot brush. With its power of 1000 watts and two degrees of temperature and speed, you can achieve excellent results. Thanks to the two ion generators, the electrification of the hair is reduced, which makes it many times softer and smoother. The rotating attachment of the device allows you to achieve a perfect volume for both short and long hair.

The set includes two types of replaceable brushes.

8. REVLON Pro Collection One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer, RVDR5222E

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REVLON Pro Collection One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer is a pretty good choice for a hot brush with an elegant and stylish design. The device has a power of 800 watts, two-speed levels and three temperature levels, which allow greater control during operation. The model has an ionization function, which prevents electrification and scattering of the hair. In addition, the cold air button allows you to give a perfect finish to your hairstyle by “sealing” it with a cold jet.

The ergonomic handle and the rotating cable allow you a good grip and easy handling of the device.

9. Hot air brush Philips BHH880 / 00

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An ergonomic and compact choice for a hot air brush is the Philips BHH880 / 00. With it, you can quickly and easily give a light volume and a straight look to your hair. Tourmaline-coated ceramic tiles make it silky soft and shiny. ThermoProtect technology maintains a constant temperature over the entire surface of the brush to prevent overheating. Thus, the hair is many times more protected. The model has two temperature settings that reach the optimum temperature extremely quickly.

Thanks to the greater width, Philips BHH880 / 00 allows you to grip more hair for quick results.

10. Remington Keratin Protect Hot Brush

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The Remington keratin protect hot brush is a budget and stylish device but it will help you to achieve perfect results. It is especially suitable for straightening, volume or light curls. Thanks to the ceramic coating with antistatic technology and the power of 96 watts, this model gives smoothness and shine to the hair. With 3 temperature settings, low (150 ° C), medium (190 ° C) and high (230 ° C), you can choose the most suitable for you. In addition, it heats up quickly and has an automatic braking function, which ensures safety during operation.

The operation of the device is easy and convenient due to the light, comfortable design and the rotating cable.

Benefits of the hot brush

Every woman wants flawless hairstyle. There are more and more devices on the market that allows you to shape your hair and give it a perfect look at home. Such a device is the hot brush. Thanks to it you can get a quite good volume, brittleness and light curls without going to the hairdresser every time. This device combines two in one – a brush and a hair dryer. In addition, the models are becoming more sophisticated and are suitable for both short and long hair.

Types of hot brushes

Different brands and models have various extras and additional features that improve the performance of the hot brush and give a better look to the hair. Here are some of the main types.

With ionization

The hot brush with ionization releases additional special ions, which don’t allow the hair to be electrified. Thanks to this, it remains many times softer and more beautiful.

To straighten

Some brushes are designed specifically for straightening. They often have wider flat heads, as well as a ceramic coating that heats up safely the hair.

With air styler

Hot brushes with air styler have a mechanism similar to the hair dryer. This allows blow dry in a safe way. It is important that their coating is reliable, in several layers, such as ceramic and diamond, to protect the hair as much as possible. Pay attention on this when you are choosing a model.

Buying guide

When choosing a hot brush, it is important to pay attention to several features and characteristics. Here they are:

Easy to use

Always pay attention to the design of the device and assess whether it is easy to use. The power button and heat adjustment should be easily reached. You should also pay attention to whether the handle grips easily and is comfortable. Especially for ladies with longer hair – choose a handle that is soft. Styling long and thick hair often takes a lot of time and effort, so the convenience and ease of the device for them is a key factor.

Temperature control

More advanced brushes have a temperature control button. This allows you to reduce or increase the temperature according to the area of ​​hair and protects it from strong heat.

Suitable for dry and wet hair

When choosing a device, pay attention to what use it is suitable for. Some brushes are only suitable for dry or slightly damp hair. Others are also suitable for wet. Wet ones are a hair dryer type and are more powerful. They often have additional protection, as well as an ionizing function, to avoid electrify the hair or damage it.


Additional features often make the product more expensive. Some have only basic functions, and others have more extras. Before you decide on what model hot brush to buy, you need to think about how often you want to use it and what features it should have according to your hair.


Ionization is a feature that sprays negatively charged ions that help reduce static electricity. This protects the hair from electrification and retains its softness. It is especially suitable for women with long and “flying” hair.

Changeable direction of rotation

Some hot brushes have two directions of rotation of the head. This allows you to shape curls inward or outward, as well as achieve better volume.

Different attachments

The most common are additional attachments of different diameters, as well as an air concentrator. Different sized brushes are suitable for different hair types – shorter or longer. The air concentrator is for brushes that blow air. With it, you can direct the straightening and drying to a specific area.

Cold air function

The cold air function allows you to reshape and fix your hairstyle.

Automatic stop

Safety is becoming an increasing priority for companies for such devices. The reason why most of the models are automatically switched off after a certain time. We are recommending to choose a product with this feature for your and your family safety. It is mostly included in the brushes that heat the head plates themselves.


The mrGuide team strives to provide the most objective information possible to help you make the best choice.

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