If you like to make homemade mince and sausages, buying a quality meat grinder can be a very good solution. Thanks to its improvement over the years, convenient and multifunctional devices are now available on the market. With them, you can process meat or vegetables without any problems. With the various attachments and accessories, the meat grinders also allow the preparation of sausages of different thickness, etc.
Very often the mince or sausages that we buy from the store do not seem to suit our taste. Some of them have too many spices or are not made from nice, fresh meat. Thanks to the meat grinder, everyone can prepare mince at home, from the meat they like. This way the mince can be flavoured according to our favourite recipe. Thanks to electrical appliances, you don’t even have to put much effort into getting the products. You just have to choose the right one for you.

Our pick for the best meat grinders

We have selected several meat grinders that are high quality, convenient and reliable. Each of them includes the main and most important features for easy and safe preparation of mince at home.

1. Meat grinder Bosch MFW67440

Image credit: Bosch

Bosch MFW67440 is a quality meat grinder with which you will achieve very good results. With it, you can process a large amount of meat thanks to the powerful 2000 watt motor. The “reverse” function allows you to release stuck harder products if the appliance jams. Bosch MFW67440 is suitable for grinding not only meat but also for cutting or shredding vegetables, cheese, nuts and even chocolate. The device has an attachment for sausages, which allows you to prepare and flavour them according to your preferences.
This model has specially designed rubber feet that do not allow it to move while working. This is a guarantee of safety. The appliance is designed to be disassembled and cleaned very easily.

2. Duronic Electric Meat Grinder MG301

Image credit: Duronic

Duronic MG301 is a reliable machine that is perfect for home use. The device has a power of 3000 watts and is made of stainless steel. Thanks to the blades, which are made of high-quality material, you can grind harder meat without any problems. There are three types of grids to adjust the thickness of the grind. Thanks to the reverse function, you can release the trapped food in the appliance and continue working.
Duronic MG30 has a 7 Attachments included to grind a variety of poultry, meat and vegetables.
The device has a compact design and a stable base that provides safety and security at work.

3. Tefal meat grinder

Image credit: Tefal

Tefal HV4 NE448838 is a compact but at the same time multifunctional machine. It has a power of 2000 watts and can cut up to 2.3 kg. meat for a minute. The device has many accessories that help to process different types of products. There are 3 sieves for grinding – fine, medium or coarse. The appliance also has 3 cones for grating, as well as an accessory for making tomato sauce. The kebab and sausage attachment allows you to make these products at home.
The device has an opening for storing accessories, as well as a solid base for safety at work.

4. VonShef Electric Meat Grinder

Image credit: VonShef

VonShef is a compact and reliable model that can handle a large amount of meat. It is made of stainless steel and has a power of 1500 watts. The device has 3 cutting plates – fine, medium or coarse. Thanks to the three shredding cylinders, you can also process various vegetables. VonShef also has 4 sausages attachments for thinner and for thicker products.
It comes with an innovative double-sided cleaning tool that keeps the appliance very easy and comfortable. 

5. Kitchener Stainless Steel Meat Grinder

Image credit: Kitchener

Kitchener is a powerful machine with which you can process meat quickly and easily. The device has a 370-watt motor that allows continuous grinding without having to stop. Kitchener has convenient accessories with which you can chop mince for lasagna, meatballs and various sausages. There is also an attachment for making tomato juice or puree. The blade of the appliance is made of stainless steel and is durable enough to chop harder meat as well as vegetables. Also it has two cutting plates with different sizes to choose whether the product is finer or coarser.

6. Moulinex HV8 Plus Meat Mincer

Image credit: Moulinex

The Moulinex HV8 Plus is compact and easy to use. With its power of 2000 watts, it can process up to 2.6 kg per minute. There is also a reverse drive function that is used if the appliance becomes clogged. The blade is self-sharpening, which allows durability and longer life of the appliance.
Moulinex HV8 Plus has two grills for medium or one grinding of the product, as well as an attachment for making sausage.
The device has a reliable base and stable legs that do not allow it to move during operation.

7. electriQ Electric Meat Grinder

Image credit: electriQ

electriQ is a small and compact model that would be convenient for any kitchen. With its power of 1800 watts, it manages to process up to 2 kg. per minute without a problem. The device has 3 grids – for fine, medium and coarse grinding. There is a reverse rotation function, which is quite useful in case the machine crashes. The electriQ also has a kibbeh attachment as well as a sausage attachment. Thanks to the easy release button, the appliance is easy and safe to disassemble.

8. Butchers Sundries Heavy-Duty Electric Meat Grinder

Image credit: Butchers Sundries

Butchers Sundries is a small but reliable mincer machine that can fit perfectly on your kitchen counter. The device has a maximum power of up to 1800 watts and can handle about large quantities. The set includes 3 stainless steel cutting plates for fine, medium and coarse grinding of the products. Thanks to the reverse function, there is no danger of blocking the appliance if a piece of meat gets stuck. Butchers Sundries also comes with a Kibbe, a sausage attachment and a food plunger. So you can prepare a variety of products for your table.

9. MisterChef Electric Meat Grinder

MisterChef is a budget electric mincer machine that can do a great job of processing meat. The appliance is switched on with one button and reaches a maximum power of 1600 watts. There is an accessory for making sausages, as well as an attachment for grinding tomatoes. The set includes 3 cutting plates with different grinding thickness. You can choose whether the meat is fine, medium or coarse. The blade of the appliance is made of stainless steel and handles harder meat and vegetables without any problems.

10. Caterlite Meat Grinder

Image credit: Caterlite

Caterlite is a compact and reliable mincer grinder. Although smaller in size, the 350-watt motor is powerful enough to handle large quantities of meat. The reverse function allows reversing, which unlocks the mincer when needed. The device has a wide range of accessories and attachments. Caterlite has a low noise level and rubber feet for greater stability and safety.

Types of meat grinders

The most common are two types of meat grinders – manual and electric. Years ago, hand-held appliances were used in almost every household because there was no alternative. Manufacturers now also offer meat grinders that work automatically. There are also meat grinders that can be used with the food processor. The chopper is also a suitable solution if you have a small processing product.


The manual meat grinder can sometimes be quite heavy and inconvenient to work with. It is attached to a surface (usually to the table) to have stability and not to move. It can be used to grind smaller amounts of meat because it is manually operated and often working with it is very tiring. This type of appliance is suitable for any meat, even vegetables, and is often used to prepare canned tomatoes.


The more advanced and convenient substitute for the manual one is the electric meat grinder. As its name suggests, the process of grinding products is automatic. At the touch of a button, these meat grinders are able to process much more meat, fish or vegetables than manual ones. Electrical appliances are also available with attachments for making sausages or other sausages, as well as with a grater for easier preparation of tomato juice.
Another advanced feature of automatic meat grinders is reverse or reverse. With it you can unlock the appliance if a harder piece of meat clogs it. Although they are more expensive than manual ones, electric meat grinders are much more convenient and multifunctional.

Image credit: KitchenAid

Attachment for food processor

Most food processors also offer an attachment for grinding meat. If you want a multifunctional appliance and you have chosen a food processor, don’t forget to check if there is a meat grinder that will undoubtedly be useful to you one day.

Chopper (suitable for small quantities)

If you do not cook minced meat very often, but still happen to do so, the chopper is the perfect solution for you. It cannot process much product but is suitable for smaller quantities.

Image credit: Philips

Purchase guide

As it became clear above, electric meat grinders are the most convenient option, especially if you have to make mince often. They are more expensive than manual ones, but much more multifunctional. However, whether they are automatic or manual is not the only feature you should consider when choosing a meat grinder. There are a few more important things to watch out for.


Power is a really important factor in meat grinders. Many of these appliances have more powerful motors to handle large amounts of meat or other products. However, always choose a mincer machine according to how much you will process. If you use the appliance regularly, bet on a high-end manufacturer and more power. If you don’t use it very often or process vegetables that are easy to grind, you can compromise on motor power. More powerful meat grinders cost more money, so consider whether it’s worth investing in an expensive appliance if you don’t use it often.


With most electric meat grinders, the speed is only one. More advanced and powerful appliances offer two speeds, the second for harder meat or vegetables.


The blades are the main component of the mincer machine. Thanks to them, she grinds the meat and makes it minced. That is why it is important that they are made of quality material. Most often they are made of stainless steel, which is durable and manages to process even harder products.

Cutting plate

The cutting plate is the final component through which the mince comes out. The highest quality ones are made of stainless steel. Most meat grinders come with several cutting plates with different hole sizes. This way you can choose whether the meat is minced finer, medium or coarser.


The main attachments that are available to the meat grinder are lattice discs with different widths of holes. Thanks to them you can choose whether the meat is finer medium or coarser. Some appliances also have a separate attachment for tomato juice. More advanced and new models offer funnels for sausages or other sausages.


The more expensive and high-quality the meat grinder is, the more of its components are made of stainless steel. This material is durable and helps to prolong the life of the appliance. Most appliances are a combination of metal and plastic. Always choose ones that have fewer plastic parts, and the most important ones, such as knives and grilles, are stainless steel.


The safety of the mincer machine is very important. Therefore, when choosing a device, always check that its base is stable. Now every manufacturer strives to offer advanced and reliable meat grinders that can not move at work.
Safety is especially true for hand-held meat grinders because they are a little harder to attach and more dangerous. If you do not have a stable table or countertop on which to attach the mincer machine, it is better to choose an electric one.

Image credit: Philips


Like the juicer, the meat grinder is a device whose cleaning is very tedious. Making mince or sausages sounds great, but cleaning up afterwards doesn’t. Meat grinders have taken this into account and are making appliances easier to maintain. Most of them can be disassembled with one button, and their removable parts are also dishwasher safe. In addition, the delicious home-made product justifies the slightly more tedious cleaning of the machine.


The mrGuide team strives to provide the most objective information possible to help you make the best choice.

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