Sometimes choosing a quality microwave oven at a good price can be a difficult task. These appliances are essential for a modern kitchen. There are so many different models available these days. For this reason, it can take a long time to find the model you need. Or you can end up completely confused after searching for the right microwave oven.

To make this task easier for you, we have created this guide, which will save you time researching the market. We made the necessary comparison of different models available at the online stores. We have checked their specifications and selected the best microwaves that can be delivered to your door.

Here you will find both microwave ovens tailored to the low budget of some consumers, and the opportunity to purchase a high-end microwave if your budget allows it. The list we have compiled will help you make the right choice and you will get the microwave that is most suitable for your needs.

Our pick for the best microwave ovens in the UK

1. Microwave oven Samsung GE83X

2. Microwave Bosch HMT84M451

3. Samsung MS23F301TAS microwave oven

4. Bosch Serie 4 BFL523MB0B Built-In Microwave

5. Built-in microwave oven Miele M7140TC

To the question “What is the best microwave oven?” the answer is, of course, different for each person. It depends on the required size, power, functions, etc. You can see a detailed guide in which we have described the most important points when choosing a microwave. But before that, look at the models that we think are worth the investment.

1. Microwave oven Samsung GE83X

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With its beautiful design and mirrored front, the Samsung GE83X is a microwave oven that will look good in a variety of kitchen styles. This is a model with an average size (23 litres), offering 6 power levels up to 800 watts.

Digital control offers you a variety of pre-set programs, heating ready meals, cooking frozen pasta, fish, pizza. By choosing a weight, you can be sure that your food will cook for no more than the required time. Thanks to the grill function, roasting meat is a very easy task.

The digital clock and timer will always help you to control the cooking and know exactly when the food will be ready.

The inside of the microwave oven is ceramic coated, which prevents the spread of bacteria. Helps extend the life of the oven and contributes to its easy cleaning.

If you need a medium-sized microwave to heat, cook and defrost, this is definitely one of the best models on the market.

2. Microwave Bosch HMT84M451

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A Bosch microwave oven with a capacity of 25 litres and a 31.5 cm rotating plate is a good option for anyone who wants to reheat or prepare a large amount of food.

This model offers eight preset programs that use the weight of your food to determine the time required to prepare it. Five different power levels are offered with easy access from the control panel. Divided as follows: 90, 180, 360, 600 and 900 watts, the different levels will give you flexibility in cooking your favourite dishes. The screen allows you to use a timer for up to 99 minutes, which is enough for everyday recipes.

3. Samsung MS23F301TAS microwave oven

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This solo microwave oven from Samsung offers 19 preset programs that will help you cook fish, meat, vegetables and more. The manufacturer has also taken care of low energy consumption. Thanks to the eco mode you will be able to reduce your electricity bills.

In addition to the stylish look and great features that this microwave offers, it can help you improve your culinary skills in the kitchen.

Thanks to the special ceramic coating on the inside, you will be able to clean it very quickly and easily.

4. Bosch Serie 4 BFL523MB0B Built-In Microwave

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This built-in microwave Bosch BFL554MB0 is undoubtedly a quality appliance for reheating and cooking your favourite food. In our research on the Internet, we came across users noting the good (900 watts) power that the model offers. Also, many of them are happy with the AutoPilot feature, which gives very good automatic results. With a capacity of 25 litres, this microwave oven is large enough to prepare meals for the average family.

5. Built-in microwave oven Miele M7140TC

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Made for installation, this luxury microwave oven works flawlessly. In addition to the good power of 1.6 kilowatts, the manufacturer has taken care of many automatic and manual programs. The model offers you good lighting during cooking, as well as sound notification when your dish is ready.

The capacity of the Miele M7140TC is 46 litres, which definitely allows for the preparation of many recipes.

In terms of safety, this microwave oven has a power lock, fuse and child lock.

All these features reveal the character of Miele products, which are always high class.

Why use a microwave oven?

Microwave ovens are used in the kitchens of a large part of the population. For this we want to present you a few reasons why it is worth investing in a microwave oven.

  • Preservation of nutrients. You probably know that during the cooking process the food loses a certain amount of nutrients. We must note the fact that in microwave cooking there is less loss of nutrients than all other cooking methods. An example of this is fresh vegetables cooked in a microwave oven, they remain crispy and tasty, with the maximum amount of nutrients.
  • Convenient and fast way of cooking. Definitely, with the advent of the microwave, the way food is prepared has changed significantly. In more and more stores you can find a variety of fast food dishes. Undoubtedly, these are foods that are very convenient for everyone with a fast-paced lifestyle. A warm delicious dinner can be prepared in literally seconds.
  • Cook your favourite recipe in less time. If you are one of those people who love to cook, you should know that using a microwave oven will save you time. Your meal will be ready in less time than in an electric oven. In case you’ve never cooked in the microwave, most come with directions and recipes, and you can find more online.
  • Saving electricity. Unlike an ordinary oven, which uses a lot of electricity to heat its interior, the microwave concentrates energy directly in the food. This undoubtedly saves both energy and your money.

Types of microwave ovens

Most people probably think that there is only one type of microwave oven. The truth is that on the market you can find different types of microwave ovens offering different functions for different purposes.

Here we will talk about some of the most common species, which are mainly for home use. We will introduce you to their capabilities and way of working.

An ordinary microwave oven, a microwave oven with a grill and a convection microwave oven are the types that are bought by consumers according to their needs and the amount of food prepared for the family.

It is impossible for one type of microwave date to cover absolutely all needs. So let’s look at these species in more detail.

 Solo microwave oven

We start with the so-called solo microwave. This is the most popular option found in most households. Used for heating, cooking, thawing and making delicious popcorn. The heating of food is due to electromagnetic waves, it is used mainly for domestic purposes, very rarely for commercial.

This is the cheapest type of microwave oven of the types we are talking about here. The solo microwave oven is a type with basic functions and limited cooking possibilities. It is good for reheating or preparing the so-called “microwave food”. But if we are talking about the preparation of different recipes, this is definitely not the most appropriate option.

The capacity of the oven may be large enough to prepare food for the whole family, but if you do, you will find that the dish is not so tasty. To this end, the other two types of microwaves, which we will talk about in a moment, are more efficient.

A solo microwave oven can be found with a power of 500 to 1500 watts. Preferably an oven with an average power of 1000 watts, which is sufficient in most cases. The power and capacity of the microwave oven are the two most important factors determining its price.

The capacity of this type of microwave oven starts from 16 litres and reaches over 30 litres. We must add that the models with smaller capacity work with a lower power value.

Microwave oven with grill

The second type we will talk about is a microwave oven with a grill. Anyone who loves grilled fish or chicken can prepare baked food easily and conveniently.

With the help of a strong heater and a grill on which to place the food, the microwave will give an impressive taste similar to that of baking a real grill.

The method of use is quite convenient, the grill function can be activated with just the push of a button.

With more features on offer, this microwave variant is offered at a higher price than the base model. But it doesn’t matter much to people who want to have the grill function in their microwave. It is important to say that this grill can be combined with other automatic cooking programs. Thus, a wide range of recipes can be prepared.

The combinations allow you to set in advance the amount of food you intend to cook. This way your dish will be completely ready in less time. In addition to these functions, this type of microwave can defrost and reheat just like a regular microwave.

Cooked steaks, chicken and other grilled dishes are the same as those cooked on an electric grill. The power of a microwave oven with a grill can be from 900 to 1800 watts. We must not forget the fact that the more powerful it is, the faster and better it cooks.

You can find a microwave oven with a grill with different capacities, which varies between 23 and 50 litres, and most 23 litres are about 1000 watts. As we mentioned for the previous species, the same goes for this one. The greater the capacity and power, the higher the price.

Convection microwave oven

The third type we will talk about is called a convection microwave oven. In addition to the characteristics of the first two types, this oven is also equipped with a fan. With its help, this microwave oven is able to bake like an electric oven.

That is, in addition to the basic functions it performs such as reheating food, defrosting and cooking fast food, it allows you to bake cakes, pies, biscuits. The convection microwave is available with different power, which is also of great importance. There are various options on the market and can reach up to 2000 watts. The capacity of this type of device is in the range between 20 and 50 litres. The larger it is, the more watts it needs to function properly.

Apart from the size, power and the offered functions, the type and the way of installation are also factors determining the price of the convection microwave oven. If you do not stick to the brand, you can get a convection microwave oven for only about £200. But in general, the price of a product with a powerful heater, a quality glass door, many automatic programs can reach up to £1,500.

Things to look for before buying a microwave oven

A microwave oven is not bought every day. This is an appliance that is changed as often as other kitchen appliances such as a bread maker or an air fryer. If you are looking to buy a new microwave oven, you need to pay attention to the important factors that we will present below. If you take them into account, you will certainly be able to choose the model you need.

It’s no secret that you will want to buy the best microwave oven to fit your budget. Take a close look at the models we present to you in this guide. You can find exactly what you are looking for.

What dishes do you like to cook?

There are people who cook various delicious dishes mainly with a microwave oven. Others rely mainly on the electric oven and use the microwave only for certain tasks. Regardless of which group you are from, there is a suitable microwave on the market for you as well.

  • If you do not use it often, then you need to defrost the microwave and most importantly reheat the food. In this case, you will not need additional features for which you do not need to pay.
  • If you are one of those people who use a microwave oven as the main cooking appliance, we recommend that you take a look at the most modern models. They offer a variety of features from the latest cry of this type of technology.


As for power, you should know that the higher the power, the faster you will be able to cook food. We recommend that you use a more powerful model if you use a microwave oven frequently. There are models on the market with a power of 600 watts, up to 1200 watts.

Most recipes that are for microwave cooking require a minimum of 750 watts, but it is desirable to have more than this power. Choosing a more powerful oven will save you future headaches and your dishes will be cooked evenly each time.

This also applies to people who will only reheat and thaw their food. Weak microwaves do not heat the food evenly, so you will need to stir and wait longer before your dish is ready to eat.

Standard model or built-in

Before you buy your new microwave oven, you need to decide which type to buy. You can choose a built-in microwave oven or just pick up a standard model.

In most kitchens, the most common models are positioned on the kitchen counter. This type of microwave can be used as soon as it is delivered to your home. In addition, its position can be changed at any time without requiring any special conditions.

Technologies are evolving every day, many of the models are compact and do not require too much space on the kitchen counter, which makes it very convenient for people with small kitchens.

Built-in microwaves must be installed by a competent person. Many models are more powerful with an available fan and offer much more features than standard microwave ovens.

If you are a large family and the use of this type of appliance in your home is large, it may be appropriate to take a powerful built-in and a weaker one for the kitchen counter.


When you look at the available microwave ovens on the market, you will be amazed at the opportunities they offer. You may not use all the features every day, but it’s definitely nice to have them.

  • Sensors: Some microwave models have built-in sensors that help prepare food by measuring the humidity released by food in the oven.
  • Preset programs: These programs will help you cook your food only by quickly selecting a program from the control panel.
  • Manual programming capability: This feature will allow you to use different power levels by setting them manually. This way you will have complete control over the cooking of your favourite dishes.

Of course, you can find many different functions such as: adding extra cooking time, automatic defrost program, popcorn function and much more.


When choosing a microwave you need to consider the size of your family. The bigger it is, the bigger the size of the microwave you need to buy.

For a family of four using a microwave oven regularly, a large size is recommended. For a couple or a single person, a small or medium microwave is recommended. It mostly depends on how often and how you use it.

The dimensions of the different microwaves are as follows:

  • Small size: 16 to 20 litres
  • Average size: 21 to 30 litres
  • Large size: 30 to 50 litres

The food you cook is also important when choosing a size. If you are cooking large meals, you need to make sure that you can fit the microwave in the microwave you intend to buy.


Safety is very important when it comes to electrical appliances. Here are some points to look out for.

  • When looking for a new microwave oven, don’t focus on the cheapest models. Choose a model made of quality materials.
  • Do not use in case of damage. If for some reason the door is broken or does not close completely, it can lead to health problems.
  • Health is always paramount, clean the microwave inside and out. This will minimize the dangers of any kind of pollution.
  • Last but not least, always read the user manual of the model. There you will find the necessary information for the correct and safe operation of the microwave oven.


After considering capacity, features and design, your budget will be a deciding factor when choosing a microwave oven. Whether you are looking for a model that you can use only for reheating or complete cooking, there are ovens on the market at different prices. If your budget does not exceed £100, it will not be a problem. Similarly, if you have the financial ability and are looking for a high-quality product you will find great opportunities available in the market.

It is definitely worth doing your own research according to your budget and needs before making your choice.


The mrGuide team strives to provide the most objective information possible to help you make the best choice.

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