Day by day, modern pod coffee machines are increasingly preferred to other models. They are fast and easy to use, which means that they are also ideal for little shops and offices. On the market, you can find countless models with different characteristics. Some of them even make not only coffee but also other hot and cold drinks.

To know which pod coffee machine to buy, you need to know what each of them offers you, as well as your own requirements. To help you choose, we’ve created this guide so you can make the best decision.

Our pick for the best pod coffee machines

Here you will find the best pod coffee machines on the market. You will see that each model offers different advantages. Although they are pretty similar products, each of them offers different characteristics. The complete list and buying guide will help you make the best possible decision.

1. Pod coffee machine Nespresso Pixie Titan C60-EU-TI-NE

Image: Nespresso

This is one of the many great machines offered by Nespresso on the market. It provides many functions and a variety of different pods. With the push of a button, you can enjoy a hot cup of any type you want: espresso, lungo, macchiato, hot chocolate and many, many more.

Its compact size makes it perfect for any kitchen. It looks great wherever it is placed. There is also a system that will notify you as soon as the water runs out, showing a red light on the side.

It is ideal in terms of energy consumption, as after only 9 minutes of inactivity, it will turn off automatically.

This machine also includes a gift set with 14 pods with a unique aroma.

2. Krups Nescafé Dolce Gusto Lumio Automatic Coffee Pod Machine

Image: Krups

This machine offers over 30 types of hot drinks and could satisfy even the fussiest coffee lover. It offers aromatic, tasty coffee, hot chocolates and tea, all of the best quality.

This appliance has an LED indicator that will notify you if you need to top up the water. It has a 15 bar pump pressure which makes it powerful and efficient. There is a removable drip tray for easy cleaning.

The Krups Dolce Gusto machine has an energy-saving mode with an automatic shut off. It has an innovative design and is a perfect option if you are looking for an easy to use machine which makes great quality coffee. The water tank has a capacity of one litre, and you can customize the way your favourite drink is prepared.

3. Coffee machine with Nespresso Essenza Mini Intense capsules

Image: Nespresso

This is a Nespresso coffee machine with a power of 1200 W and a volume capacity of 0.6 litres, providing extraction under pressure up to 19 bar. Its modern design will fit perfectly in your kitchen. It also has a minimal size, making it the perfect choice for office use or if you don’t have much space in your kitchen.

This machine has two programs to help you choose the perfect length of coffee you desire. There is a possibility for a standard short espresso, as well as a lungo. You can choose between various pods that aroma and distinctive flavour will take you all over the world. It also allows you to customize the quantity to your liking. A built-in energy-saving system is activated after 3 minutes of inactivity and shuts down the machine after 9 minutes. There is also a container for nine used capsules.

The model we present you is in white colour, but it is available in other colours too. It comes with a gift set of 14 pods. A great way to introduce you to a fantastic aroma directly upon receipt of the machine.

4. De’Longhi Lattissima Touch, Single Serve Capsule Coffee Machine

Image: De’Longhi

This model Delonghi won’t disappoint you! One of this model’s most innovative features is that it has an integrated automatic system that allows you to prepare recipes that include fresh milk at the touch of a button. This appliance delivers intense flavour coffee topped with creamy and frothy milk.

But that’s not the only thing that makes this machine one of the best in its class. It also has 6 recipe buttons to choose from. All this accompanied by a 0.9litre water tank and a 0.35litre milk container.

It also has an automatic system for cleaning and removing scale, something that is very useful. Of course, we can not miss the fact that the preparation of any drink is also automatic, something that is expected from a model at this price.


Image: BOSCH

The Tassimo machine has a stylish look with touch buttons and a glossy finish. The compact design makes it ideal for every kitchen or office space. It offers different types of great quality coffee pods, as well as tea or hot chocolate. It is extremely easy to use-only with the touch of a button. By changing its intensity, temperature or quantity of the drink, you can customize it to your taste.

The Tassimo MY WAY tank has a capacity of 1.3 litres, so you can prepare several glasses without the need to refill with water. To all this is added an automatic shut-off function to avoid unnecessary use of energy. It has a SensorTouch interface so that you can make adjustments conveniently and intuitively. There is also a function for water filtration, as well as self-cleaning.

6. Dolce Gusto by KRUPS Mini Me Automatic Play and Select Coffee Capsule Machine

Image: KRUPS

We want to offer one more model from the superb brand Dolce Gusto. It is for fans of great quality coffee, tea and hot chocolate. It is straightforward to use with two levels of cup holders.

This is a middle-class machine but offers the largest number of functionalities for the lowest possible price. This machine is the best in terms of price/quality of the Dolce gusto brand.

Like the first Dolce Gusto model we show above, it comes with a capacity of 0.8 litres. You can make hot drinks as well as cold. The design is also quite similar, as it is fully automatic and easy to use. With this machine, you will not have to worry that your coffee is watery or too strong. Thanks to the Play & Select system, you can customize your drink always to be perfect.

Also, it has an adjustable tray that allows the use of large cups, so if you want a large cup of coffee, you won’t have to prepare two doses, although you may need to use two capsules.

7. DeLonghi Nescafe Dolce Gusto Piccolo XS

Image: DeLonghi

The last appliance we want to show you is a low budget Dolce Gusto machine. Its design is modernized compared to previous models. It does not take up much space and can hold quite large glasses, although the tray is not adjustable. It is very compact and can fit in any available space at home or in the office. Unlike most of the models offered on the market, this one is a manual machine. This means you have to stop the coffee-making process manually.

It does not make much noise during operation, the water tank is not large, and there is no automatic cleaning program. For the given price is one perfect machine, as long as you agree to control all processes.

What exactly is a pod coffee machine?

The pod coffee machine prepares a variety of drinks from different regions of the world. The flavour is intense and of excellent quality for domestic use. Many models allow you to control the drink’s size; in some cases, it is even possible to save the settings. The capsules used in these machines are made of aluminium or plastic. Their capacity is between 5 and 8 grams.

The machine also has a water tank with a different capacity depending on the model. Most of the models have milk pods, but some have their own milk tank, which is a great bonus. These machines work by heating the water and then releasing it with a large imposition inside the pod. Using the right temperature and pressure, it manages to extract the best of the coffee preparing your favourite drink. Then, depending on the machine type, the pod is sent to a container, usually located at the bottom, or you have to remove it manually.

Why choose a pod coffee machine?

The coffee pod machine is for people who love good refreshing drinks, hot tasty coffee and don’t have a budget to afford a good quality bean to cup machine. They are quick and easy to use. Some of you might think that this is just another household appliance that will stay unused on the kitchen top like many others we buy often. You may be afraid that the same thing will happen to you with this machine. But there are a few good reasons that can change your mind:

  • Quick preparation of the desired drink. With an appliance like this, you can make delicious coffee in just a few seconds.
  • Easy to clean. The cleaning required by this type of machine is minimal. Forget about cleaning filters and other similar accessories. The coffee is in a sealed container meaning there is a mess-free preparation.
  • Perfect taste every time. Unlike when you are using large packs of coffee, where you must store it correctly to keep it fresh, these machines have an individually sealed pod. This ensures great aroma coffee every time to enjoy.
  • Complete universality. With many other types of machines, you can prepare different drinks, but you also need human intervention. Thanks to the pod coffee machine, you can make different drinks at the touch of a button.
  • Possible customization. In a house where several people live together, they indeed prefer a different type of coffee. With devices like this, you don’t have to make the same coffee for everyone.

Which are the best brands on the market


Belonging to the Nestle Group, Nespresso is one of the most recognized coffee machines with capsules and one of the constantly presenting new technologies for its products.

Dolce Gusto

On this occasion, this is a line of machines with capsules from the brand Nescafe, which is characterized by machines’ production for preparing beverages in a fast and efficient way. Thanks to their compact design, you can place them anywhere so you can make coffee whenever you want.


This is the Bosch coffee machine series, which most notable feature is the quality of the hot drinks. Tassimo can undoubtedly offer you coffee with much more density and aroma in seconds, much like the one made traditionally.


The market for pod coffee machines is recent but offers a competitive quality. Lavazza stands out with its stylish and avant-garde designs, ideal for combining with modern cuisine.


Lastly, we can mention the Philips brand, which is entering the world of capsule machines. The brand presents some fantastic models that can make much more coffee in less time than other ordinary machines with capsules.

Buying guide

Undoubtedly, this type of pod coffee machines allows us to prepare quality coffee at home at a lower price, which on an annual basis is reflected in significant savings. An excellent alternative to making coffee, but there are some things to consider before making your purchase.


The variety of coffee machines with capsules that the market offers is related to brands or manufacturers and their characteristics. The first thing we need to check is what drinks we can make with them.

We should not forget how they work, as there are manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic.

Unlike conventional machines, where our investment depends on the quality of the coffee beans we buy, with pod coffee machines, we think about the number of capsules sold in packs. This could be between 16, 32, 48 and 96 pods. To save, we have to buy as big a package as possible, but in many cases, this limits us to the flavours that the box contains.

It is good to look for a store or supplier for these capsules. We have to be aware of the type of capsules the machine uses, as they are not compatible with all models. Depending on everyone’s taste and the number of people using it, maybe it is a good idea to choose a set of different pods. This will allow us to pick a favourite one or to enjoy a different cup of tasty coffee every day. When calculating operating costs, it is good to keep in mind how many cups of coffee would you per day to give a clear idea of ​​how much the capsules will cost per month.


Most capsule machines make only one drink at a time, but there are models on the market that offer more flexibility. We must not forget that glasses of drinks like cappuccino usually have a capacity of about 250 ml, while for espresso, we will need a glass with a capacity of only 60 ml. Also, if more than two adults will use the machine, a model with a larger water container capacity will be the better choice.

Power and performance

The laws of physics will always be present in our appliances, and the case of these machines is no exception: energy affects their operation, as well as temperature and speed. Therefore, it is important to choose a model with power between 1200 and 1500 watts.

Bear in mind that some coffee machines heat the water in an internal tank and are always ready for use. This means that it will always use electricity unless it is switched off, which implies higher consumption. That is why it is essential to check if there is a convenient on/off the system or even sleep or power-saving mode. It is best to turn it on when you use it, as the machine usually only needs a few seconds to be ready.

Visible place in the kitchen

The coffee machines with capsules have an aesthetic beauty that should be shown in our kitchen. Therefore, if we are going to buy one, we need to have a place to put it. This won’t be a difficult thing due to their compact design. The manufacturers offer a variety of colour options to suit everyone taste. It’s easy to match the kitchen design colours or the office style.

In addition, in order for it to work properly, we need to place it in a safe, stable place, close to where we can fill it with water. We must not forget the height of the area where we will place it. The kitchen counter is one of the most practical places for this type of appliance.

How to use it: Step by step

To prepare a hot drink, you only need to follow the following instructions:

  1. Fill the tank with water.
  2. Plugin the power cord
  3. Turn it on and wait for the indicator to signal that the machine is ready.
  4. Place the cup in the intended place.
  5. Load a capsule of your choice
  6. If the machine is automatic, press the button according to the amount of water you want. If it is manual, activate the button and wait to press it again when the cup reaches the desired amount.
  7. Discard the used capsule (some models do it automatically, while others will have to be removed manually)
  8. Season the coffee or beverage with milk, sugar, ice, vanilla, cinnamon, caramel and other flavourings.
  9. Enjoy a great hot drink.

The mrGuide team strives to provide the most objective information possible to help you make the best choice.

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