Even if you do not use a steam iron very often in your daily life, it is always good to have one on hand at home. It is an indispensable helper for keeping clothes in an elegant and finished look.

Although ironing is very boring and annoying for some, it is a fact that even older and worn clothes can look good thanks to it.

Manufacturers are increasingly refining this appliance by adding additional features that make ironing a child’s play. With the multi-layer high-quality soleplate and the impact steam, for example, achieving perfection is much faster and easier – you do not need to go through one section several times. The brands also emphasize safety – most models have an automatic shut-off system if the iron is not used for a certain time.

Ergonomics is also an increasing priority. As the device is operated with one hand, it is important that it is lighter and slides easily on fabrics. In this regard, there are already irons that are wireless and very convenient to rotate in all directions.

Our pick for the best steam irons

We have selected several devices to guide you to what is available on the market, as well as what are the important indicators and functions to pay attention to. Although irons are becoming more sophisticated, the main features are retained and remain key to the excellent operation of the appliance.

1. Philips Azur Advanced GC4938/20 steam iron

Philips Azur Advanced GC4938/20 is a high-quality steam iron that is easy and safe to use. With its power of 3000 watts, it heats up very quickly to the optimum ironing temperature. Thanks to the steam stroke up to 240 grams, the device can remove even the most stubborn folds. The soleplate has a six-layer titanium coating, which allows high-quality ironing and easy sliding. OptimalTEMP is a technology that does not allow the device to stick or burn the fabric. Thanks to it, you can iron everything without having to wait for it to change its temperature for the respective fabric. The steam penetrates up to 20% deeper into the fabric. This allows for better and faster results.

For greater safety switches itself off if it is left stationary for a certain time – on its ironing surface, it will stop working after 30 seconds, and if it is placed vertically, it will happen after 8 minutes.

2. Tefal FV9788 Ultimate Anti Scale Steam Iron

Tefal Ultimate FV9788 is a great solution if you want your clothes to be perfectly ironed in a short time. With a power of 3000 watts and an anti-lime collector, the device achieves very good results. Its high efficiency is also helped by the shock steam, which can reach 230 g / min, dealing with the most difficult to iron fabrics. Thanks to the specially designed ironing board and the automatic steam setting, you only adjust the appropriate temperature (according to the fabric), and the iron will choose how much steam to emit.

The water tank is 350 ml, and the anti-drip system does not allow drops of water to fall directly on the clothes.

The device has a safety system – automatic shutdown if not used for a certain time.

3. Bosch TDA3020GB Sensixx’x DA30 Steam Iron

Bosch TDA3020GB Sensixx’x DA30 is a high-class iron with which you can achieve perfect results. The appliance has a compact design, a grip handle and a multi-layer easy-to-slide ironing board.

This steam iron has a power of 2800 watts and has a TempOK function, which signals when the set temperature is reached. You can adjust both the degree and the amount of steam that is released by a special button.

Bosch Sensixx’x DA30 has protection for heat-sensitive fabrics. With the SET button, you can set the steam to ECO, maximum or dry (no steam) mode.

The model has an anti-scale system for easy maintenance and automatic shut-off for better safety.

4. Tefal FV6520G0 Freemove Air Cordless Steam Iron

Tefal Freemove Air FV6520G0 is a cordless iron with an elegant design. In combination with its specially designed base, which slides easily on fabrics and its lightweight, Tefal freemove air is an ideal choice for quick and comfortable ironing. Despite its lower power (compared to other irons) of 2400 watts and steam boost up to 115 g / min, the device manages to do a very good job with more clothes. It is equipped with a light indicator that shows when it should be charged. The model also has an anti-drip function, which prevents drops of water from falling directly on the fabrics.

Thanks to the anti-scale and limescale system, the appliance is easy to maintain. For safety, there is also a built-in automatic shut-off function if a certain time is not used.

5. Russell Hobbs Powersteam Ultra

 Russell Hobbs 20630-56 is a steam iron that offers quick and easy ironing. With its power of 3100 watts and a water tank capacity of 0.35 litres, the device can handle a large number of clothes of different fabrics. Thanks to the anti-lime system, the iron is easy to maintain and can be used for a long time. The ironing board is ceramic, and the design of the handle is designed for easy grip and comfortable work with the buttons. Russell Hobbs Power Steam Ultra emits steam up to 210 g / min, which is controlled by pressing the appropriate button. This allows you to manually lower the required amount of jet for fabrics that are more difficult to iron.

The device is equipped with an anti-drip system that protects clothes from getting wet and automatically shutting off, which ensures safe work.

6. Tefal FV9845 Ultimate Pure Steam Iron

Tefal FV9845 is a device with an elegant and feminine design. It has a high power of 3100 watts, steam shot 230 g / min and achieves very good and fast results with just a few movements. Thanks to its characteristics, you do not need to repeat the same part of the garment several times, only one pass is enough for the desired effect.

The innovative system filters the steam and prevents traces of limescale from getting on the clothes. The ironing board is designed for easy sliding thanks to the Durilium AirGlide coating.

The capacity of the water tank is 0.350 litres and has a built-in anti-drip and anti-calcium system, which protects the clothes.

Like all higher-end appliances, the Tefal FV9845 has an automatic shut-off function for greater safety.

7. Morphy Richards 303250 Cordless Steam Iron easyCHARGE 360

EasyCHARGE 360 is a cordless steam iron that can be used with or without a cable. Thanks to the power of 2400 watts and the capacity of the water container of 0.350 litres, the appliance can iron a large number of clothes. The ironing board is made of several layers of ceramic material and is specially designed to slide smoothly on any fabric. The steam jet that the device emits is 130 g / min, and the continuous steam is 30 g / min. There is also an option for dry ironing (no steam).

EasyCHARGE 360 has an anti-limescale system. Safety is also guaranteed with the automatic shut-off function if the appliance is left unused for a certain period of time.

8. Russell Hobbs 23780 Easy Store Pro

Russell Hobbs 23780 Easy Store Pro is a proposal for a budget iron that will do a very good job. With its ceramic soleplate and 2400 watts of power, you can use it for any fabric quickly without having to repeat the same area. The capacity of the water tank is 0.32 litres, and the steam jet is 145 g / min. The model has an anti-drip system that prevents water from falling directly on the clothes. The appliance is also equipped with a system for self-cleaning and protection of the parts from the scale.

The brand has also taken care of safety at work – the iron turns itself off when it is plugged in but is not used for a few seconds.

9. SEVERIN Travel STEAM Iron BA 3234

SEVERIN BA 3234 is a small steam iron that can be used when travelling because it is lightweight and comfortable to carry in a suitcase. In addition, its handle is foldable and has a special storage bag, which allows it to be conveniently stored.

SEVERIN BA 3234 has a power of 1000 watts and a water tank capacity of 50 ml. Thanks to microtechnology, the steam is evenly distributed from many small holes positioned on the soleplate. In addition, hanging / hanging clothes can be ironed due to the vertical function of the appliance.

10. Tefal Fasteo Maxi SV6040E0 steam generator

Tefal SV6050 Fasteo steam generator has a comfortable design and fast heating. Thanks to the strong steam boost of 220 g / min and the large capacity of the water tank -1.2 litres, the device manages to handle any type of fabric and a large number of clothes. In addition, it can be used for vertical ironing for the most delicate fabrics. The ceramic tile slides easily and handles even the most difficult to reach places – edges, collars, seams, etc.

The appliance has an anti-scale system and is easy to clean. Tefal Fasteo Maxi has an ECO mode that saves energy while working with the iron.

Types of steam irons

There are several basic types of irons on the market that are suitable for different consumer needs. If you want the appliance to handle all fabrics, even thicker clothes and fabrics, then choose an iron with a steam blow and more power. Suppose you have more delicate fabrics for ironing – silk, cashmere, cotton nightgowns and linen. In that case, the best choice for you will be a vertical iron, which is designed specifically for the most delicate fabrics.

People who like to travel, but keep their clothes always looking perfect, should have a travel iron on hand, which is lightweight and convenient to store.

For professionals who process a large number of clothes – the iron with a steam generator is the most powerful type that can handle everything.

Basic models

Basic models of irons are more budget than those with more features. It is important for them to have a quality ironing board that does not stick and is easy to clean and a large capacity of the water container. This type of appliance lacks extras such as automatic shut-off, anti-limescale system, and the steam is much weaker.

With steam boost

Irons of this type are more sophisticated and often have more features than basic models. They have a strong steam stroke, which can usually be operated manually – with a button. These devices are equipped with anti-drip and lime protection systems. As their power is higher than the base models, they must be secured with automatic shut-off.

With steam generator

Irons with a steam generator are much more powerful and larger in volume, due to the larger water capacity than other types. With them the descent of steam is constant. They are often used for professional ironing in the textile industries because they are able to deal with any folds and irregularities. In addition, this type of appliance is ironed much faster due to its power. Of course, irons with a steam generator are suitable for use at home, but because of their weight, they tire the hand much faster.


As their name suggests, vertical irons allow clothes to be ironed in an upright position. They are suitable for processing more delicate and thin fabrics or for smoothing out any small unevenness on clothes. This type of irons are more compact but also weaker in power in most cases. Thanks to its small size, you can carry the device with you if you travel.


This type is like an ordinary one, but it is battery powered. The device is undoubtedly quite convenient because you do not have to comply with the cable that hangs at your feet. In addition, you can rotate it in any direction you want very quickly. Undoubtedly, wireless wires are much more mobile than wired ones, but their power can often be much less than wired ones. It is also good to pay attention to whether the iron has an indicator of when it should be loaded.


Travel irons are much smaller than the base or steam models. They usually have all the features of a classic steam iron but are also lighter with folding handles to provide more mobility. Their disadvantage is that their power and water capacity are much smaller than other species.

Buying guide

Buying an iron, like any other household appliance, requires familiarity with what is available on the market. More and more manufacturers are creating advanced models, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to choose the right one as consumers. That is why it is good to be familiar with the types of irons, how they differ and how they work.

Choose the type according to your needs

It is best to choose an iron according to your needs and the types of fabrics you treat most often. But do not forget to pay attention to the characteristics of the device such as power, container capacity, soleplate and others.


The speed of heating the appliance depends on its power. Professional irons, which are used for ironing many clothes, are undoubtedly much more powerful than others. The fabrics you iron are also important. For thicker and harder clothes, it is better to buy a model with more power.


Most brands now offer high quality and multi-layer coating on the soleplate. It is important that it does not stick to the fabrics. It is also good to glide easily on fabrics and leave behind flawless results.

Container capacity

If you use the steam of the iron more often, it is good to look for an appliance with a larger capacity of the water container. This is especially true for appliances with a steam generator, in which the size is a plus, so you do not have to add water often. However, this feature is not paramount to the quality of the appliance if you iron fewer clothes. Even with a smaller tank, the most important thing is that iron does the job.


The iron is a household appliance that is used manually and needs human control at all times. That is why it is important that it is convenient to use. When buying an iron from a physical store, be sure to check that it is easy to grip, that it is light and, if with a cable, how long it is. Online shopping is also convenient because the manufacturers indicate the size and weight of the appliances. If ironing is very tiring for your hand, it is better to choose a lighter and more comfortable iron, even with less power.

Automatic shutdown

Safety when working with an iron is paramount. We’ve all heard stories about forgotten irons and the consequences of that. For this reason, manufacturers offer increasingly sophisticated appliances. Automatic shutdown, if you do not use the appliance for a certain period of time, is an important feature. The best advice is to choose a model that has it.


The most versatile accessory to any iron is the water measuring cup. Verticals and irons with a steam generator have special stands that come with them. This allows the devices to be secured in a convenient and safe place both during and after the operation.

Other accessories you can find are the special bags in which to store the iron. They come complete with tourist types to make them convenient to store and carry.


The mrGuide team strives to provide the most objective information possible to help you make the best choice.

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