The vacuum cleaner is an indispensable appliance for cleaning the home. Although there are already different ways to maintain the premises, it remains the universal solution for dealing with dust and dirt.

Many people don’t like to work with a vacuum cleaner because it makes a lot of noise and the accumulated dirt in its bag is unpleasant to clean. Don’t worry about it – manufacturers are improving and modernizing the models more and more, which makes them more and more convenient and compact cleaning devices. Throwing away the collected rubbish is no longer such an unpleasant activity because it is very easy with one movement.

The brands are also working to make the devices as light and quiet as possible. They also add additional features and upgraded brushes that don’t miss even the finest dust particles to keep your home clean and fresh.

Today’s vacuum cleaners are becoming more and more energy-saving because manufacturers strive not only for the impeccable quality of materials but also for the economy and safety of machines.

Our pick for the best vacuum cleaners

If you need an appliance that is used frequently and is the main way to clean your home, then it is good to carefully study what is on the market and which model would be most suitable for you. There are both more budget appliances with essential functions and less power, as well as a higher class, which would undoubtedly last longer and have additional extras and attachments.

We have selected different models with their most important features to make it easier for you to choose the most convenient and practical device for you.

1. Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner Hoover Whirlwind SE71WR01

Rowenta X-Trem Power Cyclonic Facelift RO7266 is a high-end vacuum cleaner, suitable for cleaning both very soft surface and hard floors such as laminate, parquet, terracotta and others.

With a power of 550 watts and a container capacity of 2.5 litres, the device allows very good cleaning of the most contaminated surfaces. The main brush has an innovative design and two positions that allow easy sliding and movement through various bumps.

Its design is ergonomic – it has a comfortable handle and large wheels for a more trouble-free movement. Effitech motor technology allows cleaning with less energy consumption.

The dust container is removed with one movement from the machine, which allows it to be easily cleaned. The set also includes brushes for narrow spaces, for animal fur, for upholstery and an additional small brush.

2. Roomie Tec Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 2 in 1

 Roomie Tec is an upright vacuum cleaner with rechargeable batteries. Thanks to this, the access to all corners in the house is much easier. The batteries are 2200mAh lithium-ion, and last longer than ordinary ones. Also, batteries of this type are very light and don’t weigh down the device.

The model has technology, which easily sucks even the smallest particles of dirt, and you get maximum efficiency on both very soft and hard surfaces and surfaces. The appliance has attachments and functions for cleaning furniture, upholstery and animal hair.

The container is designed to be removed and emptied very easily without having to touch the collected dirt.

3. Bagless vacuum cleaner Russell Hobbs RHCV1611

With an excellent value for money is the model Rowenta Compact Power 3A RO3753. Thanks to the “triple dust lock filtration”, the dust from the intake air is filtered up to 99%. The motor of the device is 700 watts, but its performance is as much as a more powerful vacuum cleaner compared to other models of the brand.

Rowenta Compact Power is ergonomic, compact and comfortable to use. With a capacity of 1.5 litres and a foam filter, the dust container is easy to remove and clean. The handle is easy to grip, and the large wheels manoeuvre without much effort on your part.

The set also includes a brush for tight spaces for greater comfort at work.

4. Swan Eureka Multi Force Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Swan Eureka Multi Force is a very good choice for a practical and convenient device. It has a power of 850 watts and a container capacity of 2 litres. Thanks to the two chambers (or the two dust compartments), the Swan Eureka filters the air much better and captures not only the larger dirt particles but also the smallest ones.

The device is bagless, but with a container that empties very quickly – with the push of a button, you separate the bin and then pour the accumulated dirt directly into the trash.

Thanks to HEPA filtration, the exhaust air of the hoover is clean without any dust particles. In addition to the main brush, the appliance also comes with an accessory for cleaning tight spaces.

5. Philips FC9331/09 PowerPro Compact

 Philips PowerPro Compact FC9331 / 09 is a high-end compact model with a stylish design. The power of 900 watts guarantees the suction of even the smallest and finest particles. In combination with the PowerCyclone 5 technology, this model perfectly cleans the dust from the intake air. The nozzle for cleaning the appliance has an innovative design and manages to perform 3 actions in one pass – cleans the deepest hidden dust, sucks up large debris, and the brushes on both sides collect dirt around the furniture or walls.

The hoover is easy to carry, and the ActiveLock system allows the convenient installation of the devices to the main pipe.

The appliance has a dirt container that detaches and cleans without scattering dust outside.

6. Vacmaster Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Vacmaster is a model that allows both dry and wet cleaning. With it, you can wash carpets, upholstery, mattresses and even curtains. Its power is 1250 watts, which allows the suction of both the finest particles of pollution and water from the surfaces. The device has a highly efficient filter, which separates dust particles from the intake air.

The hoover has an ergonomic design, easy to grip handle and easily removable wheels made of high-quality material. The turbo brush manages to catch both the largest particles of dirt and the smallest dirt.

The dry cleaning tank has a volume of 20 litres. In addition to the main tube and turbo brush, the set includes nozzles for carpets and smooth floors, a brush for curtains and a nozzle for pillows and upholstery.

7. VYTRONIX VTBC01 Powerful Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

VYTRONIX VTBC01 is a compact, easily portable vacuum with a container. Thanks to the power of 800 watts and the capacity of the container of 2 litres, you can clean a large space easily. The filter of the appliance manages to separate dust particles from the intake air and ensures cleanliness and freshness. It is easy to maintain because it is suitable for washing with water.

The model has the highest class of energy efficiency – A. This guarantees quality cleaning even in hard-to-reach places, corners and carpets.

8. RoboRock S5 MAX Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Roborock Cleaner S5 MAX is an innovative robot vacuum cleaner that cleans with minimal effort. The device is controlled and set up with an application on the phone. After scanning is complete, the robot knows how to navigate on its own to clean anywhere. With the automatic recharging function, the device will return to the charging station if its battery drops to 20%. This way, the robot will not turn off before it has cleaned everywhere in the room.

The robot has a double water tank (with a capacity of 0.46 litres) to be able to cover larger spaces without the need for additional recharging. The device also has a mop panel that is easy to remove and clean.

9. NOVETE Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The compact and lightweight NOVETE handheld vacuum is ideally suited for cleaning furniture and smaller spaces. Thanks to the “wet and dry” system, you can easily take care of spilt drinks, fallen pieces of food, moss or dust.

Philips Mini Vac has nickel-metal hydride batteries of 14.8 volts and a thin charging base that can be placed on the table or other convenient place for you. The device has a two-stage filtration, which in combination with the high suction power purifies the air from the smallest dust particles. Its design is ergonomic so that the handle can be easily gripped, and the cleaning nozzle manages to reach even the hardest to reach places. The container for the dirt comes out with one click and emptied without having to touch the rubbish collected in it.

10. Multifunctional vacuum cleaner Karcher WD3P

Karcher WD 3 is a multifunctional vacuum cleaner. The appliance can be used to clean both the home and the yard, garage, basement and even the car. The cartridge filter allows both dry and wet cleaning, and in combination with the durable 17-litre container, the WD 3 can clean and store a large amount of dirt. The appliance is also suitable for sucking water, but then the filter must be washed and dried before the next use. Karcher WD 3 also has a blowing function, with which you can collect fallen leaves in the yard, for example.

A model with the most ergonomic design – has four easily movable wheels, a comfortable handle and a long cable.

Types of vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners mainly differ in whether they have a bag or a container. Also, some vacuum cleaners are wired, and you need a socket nearby to use them, while others are wireless (with batteries), which allows more mobility. Another essential feature that distinguishes the types is whether they are only for dry or include a function for wet cleaning.

With a bag

Although bag vacuum cleaners are less common, there are manufacturers who still offer them. They have a reusable bag that collects rubbish, and it must be cleaned by hand when it is full. Disposable bags are now available and can be discarded after use and replaced with new ones. Undoubtedly, appliances of this type aren’t preferred, because manually cleaning all dust and debris from the hoover isn’t a pleasant activity.


In more advanced classic vacuum cleaners, disposable or reusable bags have been replaced with containers. They are much easier to empty without having to touch the dirt. This is a solution of more and more manufacturers who seek to facilitate the work of consumers. Containers are usually made of durable plastic material. Easy to remove from the machine with a push of a button, then dump the content in the rubbish.

Upright vacuum cleaner

Upright vacuum cleaners are often cordless and battery operated. The difference with ordinary ones is that the motor, the filter and the container are attached to the vertical pipe. Thus, the device can be used only in an upright position, which in most cases is a minus. With this type of appliance, it is impossible to clean hard-to-reach places, such as under the bed or sofa. Also, the container is often smaller than that of ordinary vacuum cleaners, which requires repeated emptying if you clean large rooms. The advantage of this type of cleaners is that they are more mobile and lighter than others. You also don’t have to bend down to clean because its handle is high enough to be used upright.


The handheld, as its name suggests, is a small, cordless model suitable for gripping and cleaning with one hand. It is compact and lightweight, but with enough power to suck dirt from various surfaces such as kitchen countertops and different furniture. The container capacity of this type of appliance is much smaller, but it can do an excellent job for a small amount of dirt, spilt drinks or food, moss and dust.


The cordless vacuum cleaner is the one that cleans without having to keep it plugged in. It works with batteries, which usually last up to about an hour. This means that the appliance is suitable for smaller rooms and homes so that it doesn’t switch off in the middle of work. Their advantage is that they are very mobile and easily portable.

Some of the smart models have a self-charging program, but this only applies to robot vacuum cleaners.


The smart or robot vacuum cleaner is an innovative cleaning device. It is designed to work on its own without you having to participate in the cleaning process. All you have to do is set it up, scan the room you are going to clean with your phone and turn it on. The disadvantage of robots is that they are very small and often not very powerful. If the dirt is heavy and there are large particles, this appliance will not be able to clean well. Also, the capacity of its container is very small, which requires you to clean it often. Most robot vacuum cleaners are also suitable for wet cleaning because they have an added mop in their device.

For wet and dry cleaning

The most multifunctional are the vacuum cleaners for dry and wet cleaning. They are much more powerful than ordinary appliances so that they can suck moisture or water from the surfaces well.

Buying guide

When choosing a vacuum cleaner, you need to consider the space you need to clean with it. Based on these basic things, you will be able to determine which type would be most suitable for you.

Needs and method of use

If you use the hoover more often to clean large rooms, it is best to consider a device with a larger capacity of the container, as well as more power. However, if you use it for smaller and not very dirty places, then a manual, upright model or robot would do the perfect job.

It would be best if you also considered whether you clean surfaces other than the hard floor. For carpets, rugs, upholstery mattresses or curtains, it may be a good idea to opt for an appliance that offers dry and wet cleaning. Here are some key features to look out for:


As with any appliance, power matters, the higher the power, the harder it can suck. This is important if you use the machine to clean more dirty surfaces, carpets or rugs. The vacuum cleaners are also more powerful, as they also offer wet cleaning in order to suck water from the surfaces.

With bag or bagless

Undoubtedly, vacuum cleaners with containers are more convenient. Cleaning them is much easier and more convenient than disposable bags. Containers sometimes make the product more expensive, especially if it is with large capacity. A compromise option is a vacuum cleaner with reusable bags, so you will not have to touch the accumulated dirt.

Container capacity

If you clean large rooms very often, the capacity of the container is essential to you. With an appliance with more litres, you will not have to empty it very often.

For smaller spaces that aren’t very dirty, you can choose a hoover with a smaller or medium-sized container.

Filters and allergies

Special filters such as HEPA are designed to separate even the finest dust particles from the intake air. Appliances that have such filters are suitable for people with allergies because they clean in depth and leave freshness behind.

Weight and mobility

Multifunctional vacuum cleaners, which offer dry and wet cleaning, are usually the heaviest. The larger capacity of the containers also makes the machine heavier.

If you need a hoover for a smaller home with a lot of furniture and cramped spaces, it is better to get a smaller but light model. You can combine upright with a handheld cleaner to have options for both the floor and corners, and for furniture and soft surfaces. The more compact models are lighter, have large wheels and comfortable handles, which allows more mobility.

Models with a larger container capacity and more powerful motors aren’t only heavier but also more voluminous. The manufacturers try to offer them with more wheels, as well as comfortable handles. Always check if it moves easily if you decide to bet on this type.

Noise level

The noise it makes is one of the most annoying things about vacuum cleaners. It is measured in decibels (dB) and the smaller the number, the quieter they are. The power of decibels can vary from 78 to 69.


Most vacuum cleaners come with at least one additional stand – for tight spaces. Some also have separate brushes, upholstery and rugs. In the set of dry and wet cleaning appliances, you will find a brush that is thinner and suitable for sucking water from surfaces. Some vacuum cleaners with smaller containers may also have an additional attachment to collect harder and larger debris. Pay attention to what attachments come with the main brush if you have special places or surfaces to clean.


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