Black Friday 2022: The Day for Offers, Deals and Discounts

Black Friday 2022 is on 25 November, the last Friday of the month offering offers and discounts for thousands of products.

Offers for Black Friday 2022

Friday 25 November, the last Friday of this month will be the so-called Black Friday 2022. This is a date that many consumers expect due to a large number of offers, deals and discounts that are offered on this day.


Black Friday is a day when you can find thousands of offers in stores. Usually, the discounts are not only on Friday, but they also continue throughout the weekend.

The Friday in question is of American origin, but the reason for its name is not entirely clear. But why is it called that way?

While some believe that the name comes from the good profits of stores from the sale after Thanksgiving, the story tells otherwise.

The first Black Friday came in 1869, after financier Jay Gould and his partner the businessman James Fisk tried to speculate the gold market. Eventually, this raised the price of gold and caused the market to collapse.

Others believe it all began in 1975, when The New York Times first used the name Black Friday due to record sales on the day after Thanksgiving.

When is Black Friday?

Every year Black Friday falls on a different date, but it is always the day after Thanksgiving. This is the last Friday of November, which this year is Friday 25 November.

Black Friday in the UK

Officially appeared in the UK in 2014, with American-style promotions from Amazon and ASDA starting to be offered. Those type of sales have been around in our country for several years, changing the way we offer bargains and the way we shop.

Most merchants follow a schedule of established discounts that are not offered outside of the specified dates.

How long are the offers offered

The traditional offers with the biggest discounts for Black Friday are valid within 24 hours. However, many retailers offer a significant number of offers a few days before and after the day.

Traders start their offers before 00:00 on November 25 and will continue throughout the weekend, while others will keep offers secret until the start of the campaign.

And as for the Monday after Black Friday, that is, November 28 is Cyber ​​Monday, a day that is famous mainly for technology reductions.

Get ready for Black Friday

To be able to make the most of the offers on this day, here are some tips to be prepared for the event:

  • Think about what you need and make a list of the products you need. You have to keep in mind that technological products are offered with the biggest discounts, especially TVs.
  • If you can’t think of anything you need, you can see our list of products that we think should be on good promotions.
  • It is easy to be tempted by an offer with a very large discount, but be sure to research the product and compare it carefully with other similar offers before ordering it. Sometimes behind a good deal can be a product of poor quality that the trader wants to get rid of. This is not a common practice but is good to be aware of.
  • Make sure to check out our buying guides, which will help you choose the right product for you.
  • If you haven’t noticed, some online stores like Amazon have the option to add products to your “wish list”. Make a list of the products you want to order when the time comes.