The true layout of your living room needs a beautiful coffee table matching the rest of the furniture in the room. On the one hand, it should be well designed, and on the other hand, it should be practical and comfortable. This way it will be able to adapt to your needs and everyday life while at the same time decorating your living room.

To do this, you need to ask yourself a few questions, the answers to which will help in making the right decision when buying a coffee table. Also, be sure to read our opinion about the different sizes and types of coffee tables.

What style is the interior of the room?

First, before you even visit a furniture store, you should be clear about the style of the room in which you will place the table.

All preferring a family style with warm tones of the interior, wood with natural colours will be a very suitable choice.

For those of you who prefer a more modern design, it would be good to focus on models made of several materials (metal, stainless steel, glass, etc.)

How will I use the table?

Depending on how big your living room is, the choice of coffee table can be quite different. It can be a simple model or quite the opposite, it can be multifunctional with several drawers or shelves. You can also use it only for reading magazines, newspapers or books if the room is intended only for relaxation. Some models can also be used to welcome guests without losing their functionality at the coffee table.

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How much space do I have for a coffee table?

If you have already bought armchairs and a sofa or at least you know the sizes of the models you have chosen, you will need to determine the remaining free space in the room. Be sure to consider the necessary distance between the sofas and the table, which should be enough for easy walking between them. To avoid mistakes, it is best to make several measurements with a tape measure. In some cases, even mark the future positions of the furniture. This way you will be sure of the sizes before you make your purchase.

Keep in mind that between the table and the sofa or armchairs you will need a distance of about 40, 50 centimetres to have enough room to move.

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What height should be the coffee table?

The height of the coffee table is always determined by the height of the sofa. Keep in mind that you should never exceed its height. It should be lower or match the height of your sofa. Usually, this is no more than 40, 50 centimetres.


As mentioned earlier, the chosen material should match the interior of the room. Therefore, you should choose a coffee table made of materials that are in tune with other furniture. Also, think about practicality as well as product maintenance. Let’s look at some of the basic materials.

Wooden coffee table

Wooden furniture creates a warm and elegant style in the living room. If you are looking for a wooden coffee table, consider whether you have other wooden furniture in the room. It is important to avoid mixing furniture made of different types of wood. Ideally, all will be made of one type of wood. The table must also be solid and resistant.

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Coffee table made of MDF

With the choice of MDF coffee table, you will have a wide range of colours that will help to more easily adapt the table in the room. In addition, this material allows for the production of coffee tables in different shapes and sizes. On the market, you can find round, rectangular, curved and many other non-standard shapes.

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Glass coffee table

This type of coffee tables is quite popular. Although fragile, they are suitable for different types of furniture. It combines well with both modern interiors and classic solid wood furniture. But mostly it depends on the design itself and the combination with other materials.

If your living room is small, it is advisable to choose a glass coffee table, which will convey the feeling of more free space in the room. At the same time, it will convey a sophisticated look to the interior of the room. Keep in mind that this type is not recommended for families with young children.

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Shape and dimensions

To determine the shape of the coffee table will be important what is around it. Choose the size and shape of the table according to the type of the sofas in the room. There are three common placements: “U”, “L” or parallel. A rectangular table will be suitable for all cases. Depending on the size of the sofas and the room, you may need to buy a larger coffee table. Another solution is to place two square identical tables that offer enough space for serving hot drinks, aperitifs or snacks.

Round coffee table

Due to the shape itself, the round table can be light and at the same time quite stable. Of course, this depends on the base, which is good to follow the diameter of the upper part for greater stability. It is appropriate for the round table to be surrounded by several armchairs or a combination with a sofa, as this can be done in small and large rooms.

There are round coffee tables of different sizes and designs. Some are a frame with a countertop, while others are more functional with shelves and drawers.

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Square coffee table

The round table is beautiful, but not as practical as the square one. If you want to use it for a certain type of work, study or eating, this type is preferable. Most of the models have a shelf at the bottom that helps store your favorite newspapers and magazines. The square models are mostly massive and solid, but are not suitable for small rooms. Edges can be very dangerous when there is not enough space around the table.

Rectangular coffee table

We end with a rectangular coffee table, which is the most preferred shape of most households. This type is suitable for use with corner sofas, as well as for living rooms with double or triple sofas. The rectangular table is also quite suitable for rooms furnished with several armchairs without a sofa. Choosing a narrow, long table will give you enough practicality and will leave more free space in the room. If the distance you have is limited, then it is good to look for a model with a more collected base to avoid possible injuries.

With the right choice of coffee table on your behalf, it can become a real decoration in the center of your room.

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