Years ago, everyone prepared their favorite fried foods in a pan. Today, restaurants, fast food restaurants and households prefer to use a deep fryer.

This appliance allows you to enjoy the most crunchy and delicious french fries, croquettes or fried chicken and prepared in a very easy and fast way.

Best deep fryers for home use

If you are one of our regular readers, you probably know that we do preliminary research of the products on the market to present you some of the best models that can help you in your choice.

Tower T17001 2L Small Deep Fat Fryer

Image: Tower

This compact deep fryer allows you to cook up to one or two servings of crispy food but with great power. Its capacity is 2 litres. It is possible to select the desired temperature with your 1500 watt thermostat, and the indicator light warns when the oil is ready for use.

Its pot is non-stick, it will prevent something from sticking. It has side handles that make it easy to transport, and the frying basket can be disassembled for easier cleaning. Its parts can be placed in a dishwasher.

Tefal Uno FF203840 Deep Fat Fryer Black

Image: Tefal

A compact square fryer that allows you to make delicious dishes such as chicken bites, french fries and more. It has good power, which helps it heat up quickly and make the food fresh and tasty. Its temperature control gives precision when cooking food.

The observation window located at the top of the appliance allows you to control food cooking, while the frying basket is an excellent help for placing and removing food. It also has a built-in filter that helps reduce odours.

DeLonghi FS6025 2.4 Litre Traditional Deep Fat Fryer

Image: DeLonghi

The FS 6025 from DeLonghi is both a practical and a very stylish model. This device helps to prepare various dishes quickly and conveniently, as it heats up quickly and efficiently thanks to its power of 1700 watts and the temperature setting, which varies from 150 ° C to 190 ° C. Its compact design makes it suitable in terms of storage.

Enjoy easy cooking, make fried chicken, french fries, chicken nuggets, cheese, and various other dishes. Its capacity is up to 2.4 litres of oil and 1.5 kilograms of food.

Tefal FR5101 Fryer Filtra Pro

Image: Tefal

This fryer from Tefal has a slightly higher price but gives excellent results. It can cook fish, meat, potatoes or croquettes. The food is always golden and fresh as in a restaurant.

In terms of technical specifications, the so-called “cold zone” technology stands out. This technology creates two temperature zones in the oil, which allows the food residues that are released to burn less, produce less odours and keep the oil clean for longer.

It also has a filter mesh that allows the user to filter the oil after using the fryer and prepare it for the next cooking.

Tefal Filtra Pro has an oil capacity of up to 3 litres, so it can fry almost a kilo and a half of potatoes at once. 

Of course, like most products in this range, this one also has a timer and allows you to control the temperature between 150 ° C and 190 ° C.

This is a deep fryer with a power of 2300 watts, so frying is similar to professional models.

The housing, tank, lid, frying basket and filter net can be disassembled in a very easy way to be washed by hand or placed in the dishwasher.

Tefal Deep Filtra One

Image: Tefal

This Tefal fryer is quite popular among consumers. It has a single basket with a capacity of 1.2 kilograms to ensure perfect frying.

It has a powerful 1900-watt heater that heats the oil efficiently to reach the optimum temperature faster, speed up the frying process, and lock the food’s taste. 

Tefal One Filtra Inox has a patented oil filtration system and a permanent drainage system, which means that the dirty oil is separated so that you can store and reuse it.

The capacity of this fryer makes it ideal for a family or people who like to eat larger portions.

It is very easy to clean, thanks to its removable dishwasher, and most of the parts are dishwasher safe.

Swan 1.5 litre Stainless Steel Fryer with Viewing Window

Image: Swan

Swan is one of the safest fryers. Its unique design allows you to immerse food in oil with a securely closed lid. This means that the risk of oil splashes during cooking is significantly reduced, which is a good safety measure. This is a small, affordable deep fryer that would effectively prepare the food you like.

Types of fryers

Many people like to eat fresh, delicious, perfectly cooked golden potatoes. Today, with a fryer with fat or hot air, their preparation is not complicated at all. Below we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each type so that without hesitation, you can buy the one you prefer and chips quickly and conveniently.

Fat fryers

These are the most common, being used for both commercial and home use. They need a large amount of oil for frying food. The oil is added in a container and cooks with temperatures between 150 and 190 degrees. They have a basket that allows the food to be dipped and removed from the oil when they are ready in just one movement for ease of use.


  • They reduce the risk of burns.
  • Cleaning should not be performed every time the fryer is used unless the grease needs to be replaced.
  • Frying is even and crispy, and the basket allows you to drain excess oil.


  • You need to use a large amount of oil.

Air fryers

This type of air fryer is the latest technology on the market. They need very little oil to perform their function. Air fryers allow the preparation of foods that resemble fried but with significantly lower fat levels. 


  • They are safer appliances as there is no risk of spilling hot grease or splashes.
  • Cooked food is healthier.


  • Not suitable for all types of fried foods.
  • Frying food in hot air does not guarantee a healthy diet for the one who consumes it.

Gas Deep Fryers

These are the most common for cooking delicious french fries from restaurants and food producers in large quantities. These fryers can be connected directly to a gas pipeline or fed via a gas cylinder. They save a lot of electricity and also offer great power and flexibility.


  • They are usually easy to use; you just need to add oil, choose the temperature and wait until it warms up.
  • Energy consumption is relatively low.


  • They heat up more slowly than electric fryers.

Frying with a deep fryer or in a pan?

We have always heard that it is more convenient to fry food in a pan than in a deep fryer. At first glance, it looks like this, but in reality, it is not because it becomes dirtier, there is a greater risk of burns, and frying is not even.

Fat-free fryer or standard model?

Most likely, you still doubt the fryers that work without fat. Standard models work in a simpler way, and you only need to add oil and heat to the desired temperature.

On the other hand, Air fryers have other functions besides frying, as they also have the function of grilling, baking and keeping food warm. This is achieved through the innovative hot air recirculation system.

Deep fryer buying guide

The first thing to keep in mind is the proper use of deep fryers, consider the following:

  • Avoid mixing different brands of oil. This can lead to accidents and burns.
  • Be careful with temperatures, as using a higher temperature does not guarantee a shorter cooking time.
  • You should clean your fryer regularly, depending on how you use it.
  • After using it, wait for the oil to cool, remove food debris and close the lid.

Things to keep in mind when buying a deep fryer

Below we summarize the aspects that you should pay attention to before making your purchase. We hope they help you make the best decision.


The capacity of the fryers varies between 1 litre and 10 litres. One litre is enough to prepare two servings of potatoes, enough for dinner with your partner. In contrast, the capacity of 5 to 10 litres gives between 6 and 12 servings, suitable for large families and gatherings with friends. 

The capacity will depend on the amount you want to cook.


Temperature regulation is essential to achieve the perfect french fries, and your fryer must have this feature.


The power of standard fryers is between 800 and 2000 watts. The higher the power, the shorter the cooking time. The same goes for air fryers, in addition to having good power, they also guarantee lower amounts of fat during the frying process.


For fryers, as for many other electrical appliances, the price depends on their capacity, the included accessories, sizes, and functionalities.

Cheap fryers with a capacity of up to 1 litre have thermostat settings, non-stick coating and a temperature button.

Deep fryers with a capacity of up to 3 litres are available at an average price, with the possibility of disassembly for better cleaning. Various foods such as potatoes, fish, chicken, etc., can be prepared.

Finally, the high-end includes models with a capacity of up to 10 litres. They include extremely large baskets, oil drain valves and are ideal for preparing many portions.


Although deep fryers are safer than frying pans, there are some essential safety systems to keep in mind that prevent accidents or food burns:

Thermostat. It maintains the same oil temperature. When the appliance has a thermostat and works properly, the temperature can be kept stable and can even be switched off if there is a problem with overheating.

Transparent or window cover. Not all deep fryers have this feature, but this is a plus as it avoids splashes that can burn us. The window allows us to observe how the cooking of our food develops.

Automatic shutdown. Enabling this function will ensure that the food will not be overcooked because once the appliance is ready, it will switch off automatically. In addition, the function helps to save energy.

How should you take care of the oil in the fryer?

You can get the most out of the fryer by estimating how much oil you will use. Fat is the main ingredient, so you should pay attention to the following recommendations and, if possible, apply them in practice.

  • Temperature:  Ideally, it should not exceed 170 ° C, or 180 ° C. Remember that it can generate substances that are harmful to your body if the oil overheats. Do not let him smoke, and if this happens, it means it burns.
  • Food:  The food should be as dry as possible before you put it to fry. If the food is frozen, you need to lower the temperature and then raise it little by little.
  • Oil:  The most commonly used frying oil is sunflower oil, but olive oil and others are also used. We recommend that you do not mix different types, both new and used.
  • Discard the oil: You will need to change the oil in the fryer when it thickens, foams has a bad smell or has changed colour.
  • Recycle it:  Try not to throw old oil in the sink, as it is a strong contaminant. It is better to take it to a recycling centre or pour it into a bottle and then throw it away.

Where can you buy a deep fryer?

There are many places where you can find these appliances. You can buy them almost anywhere. If you choose physical stores, we recommend that you visit more than one before making your final decision. Because you will not find all the existing models in one place and it is good to look at more options.

You can go to any supermarket and search the area for household appliances, such as Currys, Argos, ASDA and others. 

If you prefer to browse online stores, we recommend that you visit stores like Amazon or one of the stores mentioned above, as they also allow for online shopping.


The mrGuide team strives to provide the most objective information possible to help you make the best choice.

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