If you are wondering is cleaning washing machine with dishwasher tablets possible, the answer is yes! You have no idea what two dishwasher tablets can do with your washing machine. It’s a simple trick, but super ingenious.

Washing machines and dishwashers are one of the most used appliances in the household. Their main purpose is to wash and clean our household utensils and clothes. Therefore, many people assume that once these appliances work with water and detergents, they keep themselves clean and don’t need additional cleaning.

Guide for cleaning washing machine with dishwasher tablets

At first glance, the washing machine drum looks perfectly clean, but it has very small edges and corners, which are actually a favourable environment for the development of some germs.

Whether you have a front-loading or top-loading washing machine, you should clean it periodically, preferably once a month. Of course, this sounds annoying, but with the help of dishwasher tablets, the task can be done very quickly and easily.

Here are the steps you need to take to clean properly your washing machine with dishwasher tablets.

  1. First, make sure you don’t leave some of your clothes in the drum. As a precaution, it is a good idea to put on an old towel to prevent the machine from spinning empty.
  2. Place two dishwasher tablets in the washing machine.
  3. Choose a program with a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius.
  4. Wait for the machine to complete the cycle. This will help remove any odours and germs from inside the washing machine, as well as prevent clogging.

By following these simple steps, you can be sure that your washing machine isn’t only clean but also free of bad odours that can be transmitted to your laundry.

This trick is especially useful for machines that are older, as it can significantly extend their life.

Is it safe to clean a washing machine with dishwasher tablets?

To date, no adverse effects on machine parts are known. One of the most important things to keep in mind is to check for clothes left in the drum before you start cleaning. It will not be very pleasant if you find that you have forgotten a favourite garment and it has shrunk from the hot temperature.

It is also very important to wash your hands as soon as you load the detergent into the machine.

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Alternative ways to clean a washing machine

The washing machine is used daily but we still don’t know how to keep it clean inside. This is care that all users should take periodically.

If for some reason you don’t want or can’t use dishwashing tablets, we offer you several alternatives to cleaning the inside. Keeping the machine clean will ensure that it works properly.

Activate the self cleaning function

The best way to keep your washing machine clean and in good condition is to use the self cleaning function. Many of the new washing machines already have an automatic function, but some cheaper models don’t. 

You probably won’t need the manufacturer’s instructions. You can look at the control panel where the control buttons are. To specify the program you will need to press the one that says (auto clean, drum clean) or some similar word.

If at first glance you don’t find such a button you will have to look at the instructions manual of your washing machine. There you will find which buttons you need to press to start the program if the machine offers this function.

Cleaning the washing machine with vinegar

If your washing machine doesn’t have a self-cleaning function, you can ignore this option. Take everything out of the washing machine and choose a program that works with a temperature of 60 or 70 degrees. Add a dose of washing powder to the detergent drawer. Then add half a litre of white vinegar and turn on the washing machine.

After completing the program, the machine will be clean and ready for use. In addition, if you strictly follow these tips, you can avoid possible clogging of the filter and a bunch of other quarrels.

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Cleaning the washing machine with baking soda

 Yes, bicarbonate is good for everything: it takes away acidity, can be great for tooth whitening and also cleans the washing machine. How should you use it? You need to set a programme with at least 60 degrees, in the box add half a cup of bicarbonate, as if it were a detergent, leave to complete the cycle and you’re done.

Cleaning a washing machine with bleach

Another thing you can always trust is the bleach, yes, the scent it leaves at the end is not as smooth as in the previous point. This time put the same wash cycle, add a glass of bleach, let the cycle end and you’re done! The germs are killed again.

Other important elements for cleaning

Now you know how to clean the inside of a washing machine with dishwasher tablets, as well as alternative ways. But there are a few more important points that shouldn’t be ignored.

Detergent drawer

The detergent drawer usually collects a lot of dirt. This is because most times it stays moist and mould builds up faster. To clean it you can use a toothbrush to reach the back of the bottom. If possible, it is always a good idea to remove the drawer from the washing machine and clean it under running water.

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Clean the seal

The rubber seal is where mould, odours and germs are most concentrated as it retains moisture. At the same time, it is an essential part of the washing machine because it ensures that water doesn’t flow out of the drum.

If you don’t maintain the seal and it is dirty, your clothes may get dirty when you take them out of the washing machine. Don’t allow dirt to accumulate there to avoid bad odours and not to stain your clothes. Therefore, wipe the seal after each use.

Clean the filter

The filter is responsible for collecting large particles. Therefore, it can be clogged with pieces of cloth, paper or coins left in the clothes. In addition, germs, bacteria and mould also accumulate in the filter and later reach your clothes. That’s why it is important to clean it regularly.

The filter is usually located at the bottom of the washing machine, behind a visible cover. To clean the filter, you must first unplug the washing machine. Then place a towel under the lid. Usually, when you open the filter, a small amount of dirty water comes out.

Be sure to remove any coins, paper, dirt, or any other particles that have accumulated. When you think everything is clean, put everything together and the washing machine will be clean and ready for the next use.


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