The promotion for an Free O2 SIM card with £10 credit and double data provides a comprehensive package for both new and existing customers. Under this offer, eligible customers who make a qualifying purchase receive double the standard data allowance and O2 Rewards for up to three months​​.

For New Customers

The double data benefit is automatically applied upon making a qualifying purchase​​.

For Existing Customers

They must opt-in by texting DOUBLE to 2424. The offer continues for up to three months, after which it will cease if the current Big Bundle expires​​.

Double O2 Rewards

  • New customers must enroll in O2 Rewards by texting REWARDS to 50202 before a specified date to gain double rewards​​.
  • Existing customers already opted into O2 Rewards will receive double rewards for up to three months following their opt-in to the Double Data Offer​​.
  • Those not yet opted into O2 Rewards must do so after opting into Double Data to receive double rewards​​.
  • The rewards are received at the end of the 3-month offer period​​.

Restrictions and Conditions

  • The offer is limited to one per qualifying purchase and is non-transferable​​.
  • Eligibility includes new and upgrading customers, as well as existing customers on specific Big Bundles​​.
  • Participants must maintain their credit balance at the Big Bundle tariff value for three consecutive months​​.
  • Data rollover does not apply to promotional data​​.
  • The offer cannot be combined with other airtime discounts​​.
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting disqualifies participants​​, and non-compliance with terms will lead to disqualification​​.

Amendments and Liabilities

  • O2 reserves the right to amend or withdraw the offer at any point, and will not be liable for any losses incurred in connection with the offer, except as required by law​​.
  • This offer represents a blend of additional data and rewards, incentivizing both new and existing customers to enjoy extended benefits under the specified terms and conditions.

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