You can hardly deny the fact that the rapid heating and cooking of food is quite convenient. You probably use a microwave oven every day. But have you ever wondered how it was discovered? Who Invented the Microwave and When? Was it discovered by accident? If you are looking for answers to these questions here you will find facts and history of the microwave oven.

Who Invented the Microwave?

Percy LeBaron Spencer is a self-taught engineer who in 1941, while the United States was preparing for World War II, he worked on the efficiency of the magnetron. This is a microwave tube that produces radiation that is used in military radars. One day while working on the powerful radar kits, quite by accident, the chocolate in his pocket melted. Noticing this, he decided to continue testing this effect with other foods. It is said that other scientists have encountered this phenomenon, but no one has delved into its study.

When experimenting with corn kernels, they react in a way that we all still enjoy. You like popcorn, don’t you? An experiment followed with an egg that exploded when subjected to microwaves.

After realizing that all foods had been exposed to low levels of radiation, Spencer decided to build a metal box and introduce microwaves into it. This prevents them from coming out of the box.

When was the microwave oven created?

This is where the story of the microwave begins. In 1946, Spencer filed for a patent, including an illustration of popcorn popping. In the same year, the Radarange microwave oven was created by Raytheon.

When we talk about the first microwave oven, we can’t imagine the small and compact models we can buy today. Of course, it was quite large and had to be installed in a cabinet as big as a refrigerator. But that hasn’t stopped hotels, restaurants and catering companies from investing in this product. Despite the high price, they took advantage because the microwave allowed them to store the rest of the food and reheat it later. Thus, they reduced costs and increased their profits.

The first models for home use

After the good success of the first large and expensive microwave ovens, in 1955 Raytheon licensed the Tappan RL-1 model, which is intended for consumers. However, the high price has made the oven available only to certain people.

About 10 years later, the first microwave manufacturer bought the company Amana Refrigeration, which is also a manufacturer of household appliances. This has led to the evolution of microwave ovens, with models appearing on the market that are compact enough to fit on the kitchen counter. As well as the low and affordable price for most households.

Doubts and fears

The development of technology has contributed to the production of shiny and beautiful microwave ovens valued by households. However, in the 1970s, myths and concerns about the effects and effects of radiation on humans arose. Not long after, various tests were conducted, microwave oven manufacturers announced the safety of their products. Of course, as with everything new, people did not believe in the safety of microwave ovens. But over time, doubts and fears disappeared and more and more American families preferred the microwave. In 1950, sales exceeded those of gas stoves. 16 years later, in 1976, the microwave became a more commonly owned kitchen appliance than the dishwasher.


The way of cooking has changed drastically after the advent of the microwave. It has quickly become a necessary kitchen appliance, useful in the fast-growing world. The long years of development and great interest from consumers have contributed to the production of a wide range of microwave ovens. With different size, colour, features and price, today the market offers models to satisfy different tastes of consumers.


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