Who has not yet encountered a jar that won’t open? This situation can sometimes be quite annoying! If you have a jar that’s stuck, we are here to advise you on how to deal with the problem. It’s always helpful to know easy ways how to open a jar.

Some people might say: ”What’s so complicated about this?” Let’s be realistic; opening a tight jar sometimes could be challenging. When a jar of jam or pickles is tightly closed, even a very strong man might struggle to open it with bare hands. 

Let’s not waste time and look at the 11 tricks to help you deal with a jar that won’t open.

1. Use extra force

Ensure the jar and the lid are clean. Dusty surfaces can make it challenging to maintain a good grip. Your hands need to be clean as well. Keep in mind that you may also find it difficult to squeeze if they are too dry. Your hands shouldn’t be wet or greasy too.

When you are twisting the lid, make sure you are not applying pressure only with your wrist. To avoid injuries, use your whole hand. Keep your wrists straight, and use your entire hands to apply enough force.

2. How to open a jar with a towel

The lid usually has a smooth surface and could be quite slippery. That’s why you can help yourself with a towel that allows you to hold it better. Kitchen towel can be found in almost every household, but you can use other utensils such as kitchen paper or a napkin if you don’t have one. Suitable rubber gloves could give you a good grip too!

3. By tapping the lid

A quick and straightforward way to loosen the lid is by tapping with a wooden spoon or another sturdy utensil. You will notice that slight dents will appear on the lid’s edges, but don’t worry; this will not damage it. On the contrary, it will lead to air leakage and easier detachment of the lid.

4. By tapping the bottom

You can also tap the bottom to loosen the cap so that it rotates more easily. 

Just turn it down and tap it a few times on the bottom with your hand.

5. Using hot water

There are several options when it comes to heating the lid. Place the jar under hot water, being careful not to burn yourself. You can also immerse it with the cap down in a container full of heated water. Please wait a few minutes before trying to open it again. Hot water and steam expand the lid and make it easier to open and loosen the seal without much effort.

6. Open a jar with a spoon

Use a metal spoon, insert the edge between the jar and the lid. Then press the handle against the container to act as a lever. The spoon will help you to release the seal. If you decide to use a knife, be sure to use a service knife because it can be more dangerous with a kitchen knife.

7. Use a wide rubber band

A great way to improve the friction between your hand and the lid is by wrapping an elastic band around it. It helps the lid to rotate more easily by applying force.

8. Disposable or oven gloves

This advice has the same effect as the previous one. The glove’s material allows a better grip of the lid and can open without too much effort. If you have handy oven gloves, this can be an option as well.

In a case where gloves are not available, you can use cling film too.

9. Direct heating

If you still can’t open the jar, use direct heat. You can use a hairdryer at full power. Once the heat loosens the seal, the stuck lid will open easily.

This trick is only for metal, not plastic caps because they can quickly melt. The method is the same as with hot water. The heat will expand the lid.

10. Make a hole on the lid

The vacuum is the main reason for the problematic opening. By removing it, you can easily open the jar. Use a sharp knife or even better-screwdriver and strike the lid. When doing this, be careful not to injure yourself. It would be a pity to suffer just because of opening a can. Keep this option as a last resort, and only in case, the others do not work.

11. With jar opener

Finally, if you find your hands too weak or do not like all the methods mentioned in the article, invest in a good opener like those here.

The market offers tools that can make your life easier. A jar opener can be a perfect present for your parents or grandparents. They can even be a good gift for woman!


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