If you are looking to buy new sneakers, you may find it useful to look at the new addition to the famous Nike brand. These are the Nike Adapt Auto Max smart sneakers with automatic tightening and voice commands.

The sneakers have been on the market since the beginning of May 2020 with a price of £339.95. Of course, the price is not low, but if your budget allows it and you want sneakers offering the latest technology, you can place your order.

Speaking of Nike, we must say that the Air Max are the most popular models from the manufacturer. They were first introduced in 1897 and continue to develop today with the latest technology. Nike Adapt Auto Max sneakers are one of the biggest leaps in the company’s technology.

Where You Can Buy Nike Adapt Auto Max?

Adapt Auto Max is based on FitAdapt technology, which offers maximum comfort and fit. These Nike sneakers offer two locking methods to choose from (this usually depends on the needs you have in a given situation). One for sports and other dynamic activities and another for the rest of the quieter time of your daily life.

Nike Adapt Auto Max allows you to choose between 13 different colours. You can also make them pulsate for up to an hour, and you can control all of these features with voice commands through the official Nike Adapt app for iOS or Android.

The sneakers are light with breathable upper nets, and the sole envelops your foot for greater stability and comfort. The design is based on Air Max 90, but at the same time, the new model has acquired a new silhouette through the increased profile of the thicker sole of the sneakers.

For the first time, Nike presents dynamic comfort and protection based on the Air Max platform. This will allow the sneakers to be developed and have more opportunities to move forward.

With the Nike Adapt application, users have the opportunity to make the most of the incredible opportunities that sneakers offer. As we said earlier, these smart sneakers can be controlled by voice commands using Siri or Google Assistant.

Smartwatch control is also possible, which is also a very convenient option for tightening and loosening the sneakers.

The model is available to consumers from May 2020 and is available in only a few colour combinations. A larger selection of colours is expected to appear on the market by the end of the year.

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