To cook perfectly boiled eggs, you need to boil them for a specific time. A good boil egg timer will always be useful in the kitchen. But there are models on the market with different features that instead of helping you can even confuse you. 

That’s why we’ve created a list of the best models on the market so you can make the right decision.

During the list creation process, we reviewed user reviews and compared quite a variety of products from different manufacturers. 

Our pick for the best boil egg timers

We classify each boil egg timer according to its price/quality ratio, so the list includes products from the low, medium and high price range. However, take the time to read our buying tips if you want to order a really great product.

1. Boil Egg timer LITOON

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Safe and environmentally friendly boil egg timer. Made of heat-resistant and environmentally friendly material, this model is completely safe for both adults and children. It’s very easy to use: just put the pot on the stove, the eggs and the timer in boiling water and watch it change colour from red to white, starting from the outside to the inside. You just have to wait until the timer changes colour to soft, medium or hard. When the white colour reaches the firmness you need, you can take out the eggs and enjoy.

This model can be used repeatedly. You just have to wash it by hand and dry it after each use and it will stay in excellent condition without breaking or damaging. 

It can be said that this is the most innovative boil egg timers, and is considered a more accurate version than the standard kitchen timer. It has good heat sensitivity, which helps with the necessary cooking time.

2. Joie Eggy boil egg timer

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The principle of operation of this Joie Eggy boil egg timer is the same as the first model. This orange egg changes colour by going through several stages, showing the required texture (soft, medium and hard). Joie Eggy is placed in the pot with the eggs and changes its colour to find out when the eggs are ready.

3. Color-changing timer Tala

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Very easy to use model. Just put the boil egg timer in a pot of boiling water, in the process of cooking you can follow the guidelines. Control the cooking time of the eggs and their hardness according to the colour change. It is made of safe material that doesn’t harm your health. Cheap model, but an original gift for the kitchen, for mom even for no reason.

4. Thometzki

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If you like them soft, boil the eggs exactly to your taste. And hard-boiled eggs will no longer overcook, so you will enjoy a perfectly coloured yolk and smooth texture. The lines show when the eggs are soft, medium or hard-boiled, using the heat of the water to measure instead of counting time.

5. Kitchen Timer Salter 355 BKXCDU

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When all the minutes have elapsed, the kitchen timer will alert you with a loud signal. This model isn’t specifically for boiling eggs, but this is its advantage. Also, the model is ideal for anyone who is busy with other tasks during cooking and tends to forget about it. 

It will remind you in time with a strong tone signal. This isn’t only a wonderful timer but also a good decoration for the kitchen. It can also be a good gift regardless of the occasion. Time interval: from 0 up to 19 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds.

How to buy a good boil egg timer?

Thanks to Amazon, you don’t have to worry about anything. You can choose a boil egg timer in a very simple way. First, take a close look at the models we have suggested above. Then visit the seller’s page, read in detail the description of each specific model and read the various user reviews. 

Should I choose an expensive model?

Not always the best boil egg timer is the most expensive one. But, as with many products, the higher the price, the better the quality of the product. The same rule applies to this kitchen helper. So if you want to have a good model, we recommend that you don’t be too tight, these are not expensive products anyway.

How much does a good model cost?

As we said, when buying boil egg timer, price shouldn’t be a determining factor. Whether or not you can afford a more expensive model, it may not make sense to buy one if a mid-range model can cover all your needs.

Where can I buy boil egg timer?

Amazon is one of the safest online stores to buy a good model. You can read descriptions of all available models, as well as a right of return if something goes wrong with the order.


The mrGuide team strives to provide the most objective information possible to help you make the best choice.

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