Pictures of Xiaomi’s patent and plans to produce a foldable phone that will be a big competitor to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 have appeared on the Internet. One of the most discussed features of the future phone is the ability to shoot with the front and rear camera at the same time.

Xiaomi is about to produce a foldable phone that could revolutionize the photographic section of mobile phones.

In recent years, we have witnessed great technological advances and innovations in mobile devices, especially in terms of photographic capabilities.

Smartphones with pop-up and retractable cameras have appeared on the market. We can even come across mobile devices with more than five lenses.

After so many improvements and new features, many people would probably think that there is nothing more to do to keep innovating in this area. But manufacturers like  Xiaomi are making us realize that there are still many areas for streamlining and research.

Currently, many other brands offer options for recording video and taking pictures with the front or rear camera of their phones. But they can’t be used to take the same photo at the same time, that’s something new.

The big innovation is shown in Xiaomi’s patent, which specifies a folding smartphone that can perform this photographic process.

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Same photo with front and rear camera at the same time

According to what we can see in the illustration from the patent, this phone would have a slight cut in the corner, which would allow to take the same picture with the front and rear camera. The mobile phone uses all its systems as a whole, thus saving production resources.

In fact, the phone is equipped with a total of three cameras, located so that they can serve as both a selfie and a main camera once the smartphone is folded.

We have to admit that it is one thing to see the plans of an image, and quite another to try a finished product. So far, Xiaomi doesn’t talk much about this mobile phone or its development, but the company undoubtedly stands out with its innovations.

It is uncertain whether this project will become a reality, but it could be a great success for the company.


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